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    Alfie finally wakes up and begins to wash and dress himself. Hearing an enormous amount of noise outside the cabin, Alfie simply ignores it because of his sleepiness. Continuing to tidy his bed and put his shoes on, he opens the door outside, his measly bat in his hand. Rubbing his eyes and yawning, he finally notices an- ENORMOUS HYDRA?

    "WHAT IN THE NAME OF-" Alfie shouts as he drops his bat. Shaking his head and picking it up again, he rushed to find someone he knew.
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    (TDman, its night and we were all at the campfire. There's more than a hydra too...)
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    I swallow hard as these beasts appear around us. At the same time, I'm kind of questioning whether this was even happening. Sure, sometimes the barrier to the camp rippled at the change of the seasons, but that was past and there had never been this many at once as I far as I knew. I was trying to keep track of the monsters; two chimeras, one injured harpy, and one huge hydra. I lick my lips, slipping of my bow, Aurelius. I quickly load and arrow, I feel a twinge in my right arm as I pulled the arrow back, it was sore from training so vigorously. I probably pulled a muscle, but my arm ached and shook, messing up my aim. I bit my lip in frustration. Dammit, stay still! I turned to aim at one of the Chimera's snake head. I let go of the arrow and before it even landed, I knew there was no way I was going to hurt this thing from so far away. The arrow sank into the grass a foot behind the Chimera. I was actually kind of lucky that the arrow hadn't impaled a camper fighting the monster as well. I would have to be more careful. I reluctantly stepped closer, inching along to get a better probability of hitting it.
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    ((Halt, this time doesn't matter, but pain is pain. Yes, Halt is tough, but with his shoulders scratched like that, movement of the arms would probably hurt as it moves skin. Just remember it for the future, as I somewhat perceived your last post as OP. No need to edit.))

    The Chimera, still tired from its previous beating, barely turned in time to see Halt. It roared as it landed on him. As his fists connected with its head, it was already crumpling to the ground. The knuckles broke its neck, and it quickly dissipated to dust.

    Edith's sword cut a scrape across the hydra's chest, and it turned and growled at her. One of its heads lunged at her from the side, and it hoped she wouldn't see it. Chris took his chance and stabbed the head of the hydra. It reared, and not having its head removed meant it wouldn't grow two more. It just had a would on its neck. It turned its attention back to Chris. For a hydra, it was rather dumb.

    Ivory's knife did in fact cut the monsters snake head off, but it pulled its tail back, and lashed it towards her, using it like a whip. Jimmy stabbed forward at the manticore's head, and it jumped backwards. The act of jumping backwards caused its tail to go off course, missing Ivory.


    David jumped off the chariot. Just in time, too, as the chariot rolled end over end, flying off the road. David pulls himself inside with Jossa, trying to make sure neither he nor his sword hit Jossa or Skale.

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    (I'm always on my phone :))

    "Gods, if the hellhounds minions don't kill us first, we'll die of our own doing," Syra mutters as she speeds up on the highway. "How much further to the next state? Grab me another shirt of mine if you don't mind, I need to get this cut to foot and it won't," she says annoyed putting one bloodied hand to her face to try and staunch the flow that won't stop.

    (I thought they were fighting a chimera...)
    Ivory doesn't thank jimmy, she can do that later when the wont most likely die in a few seconds. She sees the monster jump back and takes the opportunity to slice down with her knife in hopes of decapitating the horrid thing, carefully avoiding the tails head, it could still bite her if it was like a chicken running without its head.

    (Why does you location say you're in Egypt for latitude and longitude? I thought you lived in America for some reason...)
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    ((Sorry, I've been away for a while because of Summer holidays and I couldn't catch up properly. Just void my post, and my character will sleep through this. It would be tedious to bring him into it.))
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    ((Yeah I got that sorry. I was already planning on making him pass out from exhaustion and the snake poison after this move. Will post on this spot))
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    Seph grabbed a nearby stick and set it ablaze with the first one. He tossed the second stick towards Chris and shouted "Catch!" Before he could see if he caught it Seph ran to the opposite side hoping to confuse the hydra. Did hydras multitask? He thought. As he reached the hydra he swung his sword in he direction of the far head holding the burning stake ready to catorize it.
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    (David's not there grey. He's on a quest in Arizona I believe at the moment...)
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    Quote from farehaven

    Name:Tom Raiden
    Personality:slightly arrogant,adventurous,fun to be with
    Appearance:refer to my profile pic and make him human..ish
    Strengths:tatoo on arm (specific time of use)
    Weaknesses:whenever i'm 4 feet close to i cant breathe
    Bio:I lived in London for the past 6 years when a satyr came to take me to camp, i didn't comply I was a bit vague at the moment then i saw a few telkhines when we were getting close the satyr sacrificed himself so i can run in and thats where i start...
    Godly Parent:Apollo
    Have you been claimed yet? yes (refer to tatoo on arm)
    Weapon:dual daggers

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    Halt grunted in exhaustion as he fell to the ground, the bronze dust falling over his shoulders like snow. There was a numbing feeling spreading up his leg from his knee. His shoulders were on fire and the adrenaline left his body drained. This moved had sapped him of his strength. Fully exhausted from having taken on a Chimera himself, Halt passed out face first on the floor.
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    Jossa climbed back into her seat, "Well wasn't that exciting?" she asks. She slips her glove back into her pocket and puts her sheath on the ground, tired of having it hang and pull at her waist. She fills her cup up with some cold water, sipping it and gazing out the window like it was just an ordinary car trip.

    Edith sees Chris take care of the Hydra head that had turned towards her and she muttered a quick, "Thanks," before looking up at the scratch she made. She needed more power, something that will at least harm it better. She looked at the tail, she couldn't climb that, she wasn't nearly as nimble. Her gaze landed on its belly. On all creatures, wasn't their belly the weakest point? She hefted her sword up, backing up then running forward, trying to gain some momentum as she swung her sword up, aiming for anywhere on it's stomach.
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    ((Wulv, I'm still not going to reply to yours because your post still doesn't make sense. You threw the stick, yet you still have one...))

    The hydra screeched as Edith's sword plunged into its stomach. Two of the heads lunged down at Edith. On was shot in the eye bye the se Apollo camper that shot the Chimera fighting Halt, and the other was cut off by Chris. As the monster pulled its cut off head back, Chris grabbed onto it, landing in the hollow between two of its necks. Chris raised his sword overhead, and plunged it down into the beasts heart. Right as he did it, a head nipped his back, giving him two cuts and throwing him off it. And as a final act of revenge, a head lashed out at Edith as Chris hit the ground, and the hydra was already dissipating to dust.

    Bobby stood over the manticore, who was currently turning to dust. His spear had pierced its heart, and Bobby had recieved a few scratches along his chest as well. He stared at Chiron, who was standing a few feet into the fires light, not doing anything. He knew the centaur had something to do with this. The fact he hadn't moved since the attack made that clear.

    Ivory's knife cut a deep gash in the Chimera's head. A killing blow indeed. The monster howled, and fell to the ground. It disappeared in a poof of dust. "Nice job." Jimmy nodded to Ivory, and looked around to see if any more monsters needed killing. That's when he noticed Chiron clapping. "Well done!" The centaur had a large grin across his face, and jimmy couldn't help but mimic that smile. The monsters had been more training.


    David claimed up into the front seat, and reached down into his backpack. He tried to grab Syra's bloody hand, and wipe the blood off, before holding the shirt up to her cut. "Just, focus on driving. Maybe I should heal you for a change." He chuckled at his joke, trying to lighten the mood.
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    ((Halts passed out and he got bit by the snake. Will Chiron heal him or what gonna happen?))
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    "It's funny, I can heal you guys by giving energy, if I don't have enough I can take the injuries and feel the pain myself, making you guys good. But I can't heal myself. It sucks," she laughs taking her other bloodied hand to wipe on her jeans before putting them back on the wheel. "So much further?" She asks.

    Ivory pants slightly before laughing as she sees Chiron and jimmy smiling. "You're a crazy centaur, you know that?" She asks smiling over at him as she sheathes her knives and looks around. She sees Chris and her smile dissapeared. "Chris," she shouts running to him as she sees the cuts on his back.
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    ((I'm going to wait for people to post. Tambar, don't worry, Halt will get taken care of.))
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    Halt groggily raised his head up. His knee, calf and thigh were on fire and the gouges on his shoulder was bad, although what worried Halt more was the horrifying numbing feeling from the snake bite. He dimly heard the centaur clapping and talking. Halt grunted and spat out blood before darkness clouded his vision and he passed out once more.
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    I looked up at Chiron, realizing what the purpose was. Dear lord, I thought, he's finally gone insane. I watched the dust blow across the scene before disintegrating and disappearing into the wind. I was speechless, I mean, what do you say? It seemed like the supervisor of the camp just tried to kill you! I swallowed hard, and slipped Aurelius back on, still kind of shocked. Well, it did explain how this many monsters made it into the camp. I looked past Chiron, hearing a grunt of some kind. I saw a body sprawled on the ground in front of where one of the chimeras had previously been. I rushed over, landing on my knees next to the body. I recognized who it was, judging by the muscles and height of the body. It was that boy I'd met on the shore of the beach. He was exercising, what was his name again? Halt. Halt was his name. I attempted to shake his shoulders, trying to get him to wake up. Although, with Halt it was more like shoving him since he was rather enormous. I looked over my shoulder at Chiron.
    "Chiron? Could I get some help?" I asked since Halt looked like he had blacked out.
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    ((Woah, sorry for not posting. Let me catch up. I promise I'll post soon.))

    David shrugged. "No idea. Just, follow the signs to Phoenix as fast as you can. Getting to California after we're done looking in Phoenix will be easy. Just follow the signs." He shrugged again, and looked back to Skale, Xing and Jossa. He grimaced a little at the fact that Skale was still asleep. "They better get to Hypnos, and fast...." He sighed.


    Chris quickly sat up, brushing the dirt off his shirt and jacket. "I'm fine," he spat, a little more rudely than he intended. He showed no sign of regretting it, and stood up, grabbing his sword as his legs lifted him up. He held the sword in his left hand, almost as if to passively keep Ivory away. "Crazy old centaur..." He mumbled. Chiron looked around. Some campers were smiling, other grimacing, and a few even nodded knowingly. After hearing the shouts and howls die off, and Chiron's voice, people were filing back into the arena. "Hardly crazy. Now I know all of you can handle a monster." As he said that, horse hooves could be heard clomping into the arena. The party ponies.

    ((Sorry Halt, forgot you.))

    As Xenia spoke, two Apollo campers were already moving towards Halt. One of them kneeled over him, placing a hand on his injured knee. He whispered something under his breath, and the poison sept out of the wound. He flicked Halt's nose, lightly. "Wake up. You need to go get bandages."
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