Zombie Apocalypse 1: The Beginning (ACCEPTING) (ALMOST ACTIVE)

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    if i don't have to download anything, i'm all for it
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    I have a powerful enough server for it then, does anyone know of a good program? I might be able to write one up, but it wouldn't be as good unless I spent a lot more time on it than I have.
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    OH! If you mean a chat server like xat or something then I suppose it would work, I just assumed by 'server' that you meant an MC server. But xat or something would work then.

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    And I should probably mention that both people (1b and Wasp) are accepted.
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    I've been searching online, anyone have any suggestions? We need one kind of like a blog, so people can go back and view past events.
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    Ah, yes we do. xat wouldnt work, then, would it?But apps will be done here (and I mean it! Any apps on the server will not be accepted).

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    Might as well just keep the server private and don't tell them the ip and stuff until they get accepted. It would help kee th arcives clean EDIT Also, does xat have archives? Like can you access stuff from a long time ago?
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    No, I don't think xat has long-term memory. Its just for the time that you're on really. I did see one thing but you need to pay £30 in Britain and probably $30 in America as well. Also I havent looked at all details but from what I've seen it isnt a blog-type thing so I'm not prepared to pay for something if it turns out to be really ****ty and not what we want.

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    Well if we look we should be able to find something for free. There's a lot of open-source programs like that out there, I'm sure.
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    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try searching on youtube. The majority of results is 'How to talk on a Club Penguin chat server with Ultimate safe chat' HELL I AM NOT INTERESTED IN CLUB PENGUIN! I mean, sure, I do like CP but if it clutters up my search results, well, its just silly!

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    Lolz. I think our best bet would be looking on RP/D&D forums for something that's designed for D&D or something, and we could just adapt it to our uses. EDIT: I found one that is really nice, but it has no logs. It has username/password functionality though, and everything we should need but that. The only thing is I'll have to save occasionally, and if there's ever a power outage or something on my end, we would lose a bit of progress. But that shouldn't really be a problem. Also, it isn't free. I think it would be a good alternative if we can't find anything better. It is $60 USD
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    Ok, but whats it called?

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    It's called easy chat server. I am testing the free 15-day trial now. EDIT: There's also anither one called mIRC that's $20 USD that I'm testing.
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    Ok, I was thinking are there any good ones that dont cost money?

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    I don't know, that's what I'm looking for.
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    Got anything yet Wasp?

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    A few ideas, but not really what we're looking for.
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    Ok, 1b got any ideas?Still, more people gonna join now?

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    i'm at a loss, i can't think of any thing and i've exhausted my googling powers
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    Come on, in all the internet, isn't there SOMETHING?!?! We've been searching for this long and still haven't found anything? There's gotta be something! The world conspires against us. -_- Or maybe it's the ZOMBIES! They don't want us to learn how to defeat them :o
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