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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Request/Suggestion Thread

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    They should give us the option to spawn worlds the way we could when the game first came out for the 360, except these worlds would include the new biomes. I hate how worlds spawn. All the biomes are BORING. I'm trying as hard as possible to enjoy Minecraft, but it's literally impossible with the biomes being so bloody monotonous. It used to be you might find a bunch of trees in one spot, a field there, and groups of trees here and there. They were scattered. It was cool, you would often see a few trees by themselves. Not with the big biomes we see now. We would see subtle mountains, as well as hills, not anymore. Either it's almost too flat, or it's too extreme, there is no inbetween.

    So yeah, an option to spawn worlds the old way, but also have a chance of seeing some of the new biomes (but not integrated in the way they are now, since they're stupid boring atm).
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    I think there should be a servers tab, so you don't have to add people to play on their server.
    to make your server on the servers tab you just click the option (online server) and check it, when you do you get the option to put a catchy name like "TheGamingLemon's Hunger Game Server" and you can click on it to see the people there and other info. that way the limit of people in a world would go from 8 to 16 (or something) full servers wouldn't appear on that list.
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    I would love it for 4J Studios to separate x and y sensitivities and allow you to customize them individually.
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    -Survival or Creative mode

    * Along with colored glass, I wish to see colored blocks.
    ---With dye and a block(wood, stone, cob,..etc) you can dye blocks

    * Carpet blocks
    ---Combining a wool block and another block(wood, stone, cob,..etc) you can make block(wood, cob, stone, etcc) that have wool on the top but still only take up 1x1 block space. For example the dirt block and grass block, the grass block is the dirt block with grass, could be a model for carpet block.

    * Paint cans
    -- With 1 or more iron ingots and dye you can change the color of the surface of the block the crosshair is currently on.

    * Dual or Multi-color wool block
    ---Ability to make wool block that are 2 or more different color

    * Wool pattern
    ---Ability to design the shape or pattern of a wool block

    * NightBed
    ---Beds that change your spawn and allow you to sleep in the day until it night time.

    * More Aggressive or Passive-Aggresive day mobs
    ---New daytime mobs like bears(forest), alligators(swamp), cougars(nountain), sharks(ocean) and etc

    *Multiplayer Server
    --Just a server to meet random people and build things(I know this will be a hassle, but it could be a neat idea)

    * More plants, flowers, trees, or other vegatation

    * Ability to make light bulbs(glowstone & glass block), lamps and other light source. Also

    * Colored lightbulbs and lamps
    ---see above

    * Using milk for cake or lava for furance no longer counsume the bucket

    * Custom skins
    --Ability to create custom skins (prob wont happen, would eliminate skin packs)

    --some not so great ideas

    - a new sticky piston that will push a block and any block connected to it 1 block high or low....Enchanted pistons?
    (can only work on user placed blocks)
    - ability to sit
    - ability to crawl or lay on the ground, can fit though 1x1 space
    - rotating block or a block that allow block to be rotated with the use of redstone
    - ability to place block and rotate it.

    ** The two above ideas are different as that the first it like a mechiasm that allow connect block to move and the other is the ability to chnage the angle or direction of a place block.

    - more food * already suggested by others
    - increase the range that musicbox/jukebox can be heard
    --If in a house the jukebox/musicbox cna be heard thoughout the house but not outside

    --Creative Mode

    An item that allow you to quickly erase an area, like close off an area or access a menu where to input the x,y,z coordinates of the start and end of what you wish to clear.
    ****Note for others - I like building on maps that is not superflat, its boring

    Working Sponge

    Even though this are my ideas, I can also see the fear that some of these ideas of mine could ruining the fun of minecraft by making it similar to something like the Sims are some other similar game and runing Minecraft simpicity.
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    Capture The Flag :--+:
    I've been hearing for a while rumors about them adding Capture the Flag to Minecraft, Whether this is true or not I don't know but if it is true, I think it would be a good idea to add it to Minecraft Xbox 360 first or just as an exclusive for us. I have had crafting ideas for the flag, map designs and game rules. I thought it would go very well with Minecraft to be honest and i hope yous all agree :steve_csi:
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    Oasis in deserts, with lemons, limes, and a special tall grass!

    Yes, and capture the flag.
    It had been said that this may be added, and that it would first come to XBox version before anything else. It said that on the minecraft wiki, and I hope it is true.
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    This may seem a bit rushed, but I really want my ideas out there;
    • Crossbows
    • New Biomes
    • New world designs
    • 2 man boats
    • Chain mail armour
    • the ability to join up Mine-carts
    • The ability to put TNT into Mine-carts turning them into traps
    • Capture the Flag
    • New mobs such as new fish, bears, birds, sharks, whales, horses and Deer
    • New Dimension; The Moon :steve_sillyface:
    • A new ore, found in the Nether
    • Rubies
    • Copper
    • Mods and Texture packs
    • Trap Chests
    • The ability to craft Mossy cobblestone
    • Shields
    • Dual-wielding
    Just a few ideas and stuff, I may post again later and go into more detail with my ideas! :Pig:
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    Redstone Blocks, Colored Beds, Mummies that spawn in Desert Temples, Penguins that spawn in Snow Biomes, Tropical Biome with Palm Trees (which can be planted on sand), Chocolate Milk (Made from 1 Milk Bucket, 1 Cocoa Bean, and 1 Sugar) which cures Wither Effect, Peach Dye (made from Orange Dye and Bone Meal) which can be used for Peach colored wool, Gun Powder can be placed on the ground which is used for setting off TNT and Fireworks, Fireworks can be placed on the ground and must be activated by line of Gun Powder, Copper Ore which is brown and can be smelted to create Copper Ingots, Texture Packs, Mods, Apple Sauce which is made from 1 Apple and 1 Bowl, Chocolate Cake which is made with the same ingredients only using Chocolate Milk Buckets (see above), Emerald tools and armor, stackable potions of at least 16, Being able to spawn the Ender Dragon by using a Dragon Egg and the player can ride him, Squid Sounds, Anchors so you can park your boat and not have it float way, Quick Charge Enchantment for Bows which allows the player to charge their Bow faster, Hot-Air Balloon for air travel, Giant Mushroom Blocks available from Silk Touch and Creative Mode, Natural Disasters such as Tornadoes, Earthquakes etc., Message in a Bottle, made from a glass bottle and paper, can be written in and placed on the water and will float away so someone can find it, and a Drinking System so there's a use for drinking water. If you see this 4J, please add some of these ideas. ‚Äč :steve_csi:
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    I could make a long list of everything I want, but honestly I'd be happy with stackable potions.

    Quote from RADIOACTIV56

    Actually that could be possible, because Xenominer has that, and Xenominer has frigging HD texture packs and infinitely spawning terrain. They should add glowing crystals of different colors, and a second slot in the furnace to alloy materials. If you mine the crystals and smelt them with the sand, you should get colored glass. There should be a craftable lamp that involves one of every color, and it constantly changes color.

    Correction, Xenominer has colored Crystals, not glass. However Blockworld has a dye which can be used to color any block, including glass. The reason Xenominer has HD textures and infinite spawning terrain is due to the fact that it''s an indie game. It plays by a completely different set of rules, and isn't limited to the strict guidlines Microsoft puts on all Arcade titles.
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    I have an idea on how the map could work if the world was expanded. First off, you will only need the one map and it will show the entire world. On the map there will be a square cursor which can be moved by the d-pad. If you then press left trigger it will zoom in on the section you have selected (which will make the map show a normal size picture of the world).

    Hope you like my idea.
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    I would love to be able to lock doors and chest. And firecrackers. :steve_lol:
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    we should have a way to choose what enchantments we want but only in creative mode.
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    Quote from baconfan514

    Option to disable the new Caption at the top of the screen that tells which item you switched to

    There already is...
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    Some creative mode only features:

    1. Control for mob griefing like there already is for PC
    2. An option to just turn off mob spawning altogether so they don't get in the way
    3. A control for the time, helpful for people who want game time to pass so they don't have to wait for an hour
    4. An "Always Day" or "Always Night" option for someone who either likes it dark (for some reason) or if someone is creating a structure they don't have to go to bed every 10 minutes to keep it light

    That's all I have for now.

    EDIT: Also for survival we should have a sleeping bag (made out of wool) and it functions exactly like a bed except it doesn't change your spawn point (the spawn point remains at your permanent bed). I say this cause I like to go around exploring a lot and I keep a bed with me that I sleep on at night and when I break it the spawn point disappears so if I die before getting home then I have to start out at the original spawn point. And on one world I was very far from the original spawn point so it took a while for me to get back home.
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    I REALLY hope 4J sees this. This isnt really a suggestion but a request. For TU7 and its new breeding feature, could you guys please please patch all the animals from jumping non stop and glitching through the fences when they are surrounded by fences? Ive been having a lot of trouble breeding each type of animal because a majority of them keep jumping and glitching through the fences and escaping. ive tried double stacking the fences but that doesn't help. :( So please could you guys patch that? Id greatly appreciate it. :)
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    you know what will be awesome if 4Jstudios added horses or a back pack where you can hold alot of stuff morebthan a.inventory :)
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    If any of you noticed, Minecraft Xbox edition is lacking of exclusive features.
    I thought of something that would be called the "Xbox Update" or the "Xclusive Update" where the stuff on the update is only exclusive to Xbox Minecraft.

    -Capture The Flag (it was mentioned on the forums that this mode will be on the xbox minecraft first)
    -Using kinect to play Xbox Minecraft (Optional but fun. It would be easier for people that are not used to the controls of the xbox controller to just use kinect instead.)

    [New Blocks]
    -Coloured Glass/Glass-Panes (a lot of people are requesting this. I suggest coloured glass should be made on furnaces with the fuel as the dye.)
    -Cloud Block (only from the cloud biome. It is see-through.
    -Solid Cloud Block/Stair/Slab (Fluffy solid clouds from the cloud biome. Crafted using 4 cloud blocks. Also found in sky villages.)

    -Redstone Shoes (crafted just like other shoes but using redstone. Redstone shoes activate anything redstone-related by a radius of 2-5 blocks away.)
    -Stopping Rail (A rail that blocks your rail path but does not push you away. It functions like a gate and when it's activated, it will open for you and you can proceed.)

    [New Features]
    -Usable Torch (If you are equipping the torch, it will light up the area. Just like real torches in medieval times.)
    -Sky Bed (Crafted just like a bed but instead of wool, it's solid cloud block. When sleeping, you are not disturbed and can sleep there even if there are hostile mobs nearby. Have a quiet and peaceful night!
    -Sky Villagers (Check below for more details)

    -Cloud biome (A magical cloud on the sky. Very rare biome. Contains the cloud block, white jade ore, solid cloud block, solid cloud slab, solid cloud stair, sky-bed, sky villages, sky villagers from the Sky Tribe, sky golems, dark angels)

    -White Jade Ore (Found on cloud biomes. Only mined with diamond pickaxe. Smelted in furnaces to make White Jade
    -White Jade (used to craft armour, tools, weapons, white jade sculpture which is for decoration, a solid white jade block.)

    [Sky Villages]
    -They contain structures just like NPC villages but instead, the materials used are solid cloud blocks.
    -They also contain Sky Villagers which look like NPC villagers but they look more like they are from the sky. They function like NPC villagers, which means they trade but with more rarer items and no common items. Their currency are white jades.

    [Mobs and Golems]
    -Dark Angels (Hostile Mobs that rise at night. Only found in cloud biomes. Their weapon is a white jade sword or a white jade bow.)
    -Sky Golem (Made just like an iron golem but with solid sky blocks instead. They can fly. Their weapon is their white jade bow. They are also naturally spawned on Sky villages to protect the sky villagers.)

    -White Jade Sword
    -White Jade Pickaxe
    -White Jade Axe
    -White Jade Spade
    -White Jade Bow (Uses arrows still but the range is twice as far.)

    That's all for now. I might add more ideas. :)
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    I would like to see more potions.
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    I think they should replace the new villager with the pigman. In the PC version the villagers were originaly going to be pigman. Go to minecraft wiki and search it.
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    1. is 4j reading this???

    2. i would LOVE to be able to have single/mutiplayer commands so i can make it day/night toggle rain ect.

    3. i would love to have the features of tekkit/tecnic implemented as a special game mode??{mabey idk exactly} (not a mod btw actualy meant to b in game)

    4. add more potions like you could use a feather and the swiftness to get potion of flying

    5. add corn and butter nuff said

    6. it would be cool to be able to have a host privlage to let you shape shift into any mob you want and have thair abilitys like the chickens can fit into 1x1 areas and fly and creepers can blow up (it would be cool to be able to turn into a creeper and scare my friends by blowing them up lol im a troll)

    7. the ability to choose how much of what biomes there is so i could have kind of a half mushroom half plains world mabey??

    8. and if you are reading this, keep up the good work4j
    gimmie A piece of tnt :D
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