Starting a MCPE Realms Server

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    How long have you been playing MCPE: I have been playing mcpe since 0.4.0
    In game name:cubelegacy
    Device:Iphone 3Gs
    Extra information: I know how to build houses,mansions,farms,and a great spawn
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    Age: 14
    Device: Samsung galaxy tab 2
    Youtube: Kevin Duffy (all I have is two stupid videos
    Other information: I can build almost anything and I'm a social person
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    Age 14
    Minecraft pocket edition name : kincheong123
    Samsung galaxy tab,ipad 2
    16 05 12
    I play every single day
    Thanks :)))))
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    Username: Charropdaphoenix
    Full version: Yes
    Platform: IOS
    :DPA: :DH: :Flint and Steel: :VV: :Bench:
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    Age: 10
    Minecraft Name: Leo_is_awesome_l
    Device: ipad1
    Time on Minecraft: Everyday
    YouTube: Leo is awesome555
    Thx a lot:)
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    I'm 14
    My real name is Cory
    MCPE name CorythekidRS
    I'm playing on a iPhone 3GS
    And I've been playing for 1 and a half years
    Thanks and hopefully you will let me on your server
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    Age: 18

    Mojang name: alecclarke

    Device: Nexus 7 (firmware: 4.2.2)

    Youtube: RedTeamSniper

    How long I've played MCPE: About seven months.

    Skype: sanic.schanno (Hardly use skype though)
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    Im 13, I play minecraft almost everyday if im not playing on my pc, ive played since 0.5.1, my youtube is tellis0719! I play on an android device and I dont have skype! You should add me because I like playing with people, and im very good at building stuff around a house or anything else! Please add me, my username is T_y_Elliot! Thank you for ypur time and consideration!
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    age 14
    mcpe name: Eddulika
    use Samsung Galaxy S2
    13.01.2013age 14
    mcpe name: Eddulika
    use Samsung Galaxy S2
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    Age - 12
    IGN - FuzzyPineapples
    Device - iPad Mini
    How Long - I've been playing Minecraft PC version since 1.2 came out, or to be more specific the 18th of February 2012. I play on PE mostly everyday and know alot about it. I play on the PC version not very often, although I am a very experienced player and know pretty much everything there is to know about it.
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    Age: 11
    Minecraft Pe: Full
    IOS Device: Ipad Mini with retna Display
    Been playing MCPE Scince: September 2012
    Minecraft PE account: 123Charliebacon
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    Mojang: KittyCrafting
    Age: 14
    Play Time: Since 0.4.0
    Skype: TheKitty999
    Utube: (Planning to make): KittyCrafting
    Other: Gamer, I Have PC version,
    Note: Err I'm not exactly used to the new realms thing and don't
    Know how the whitelist works.

    Country: NZ
    Oh and device: iPod 4G
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    Device: iPod Touch 4G
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    Age: 14
    IGN: GreenZebra
    Device: Samsung Galaxy S Plus
    Playing Since: from 0.2.0
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    Age: 14
    IGN: kubinuni
    Tablet: Archos Arnova 7b G3
    Playing Since: From 3.3

    The problem is how can I do this with the online spielen.Ich realms not can you help me would like to play: (MCPE 7.1 Latest)
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    I am 18 years old. My username is JasonMinesMCPE.My device is a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 ,Ipad2.I have been playing since Mcpe 0.2.1 My skype is jasonrecio.If you add me to your server I would love it Iallways use skype and i am a good builder pleeaaaase add me I dont griefe if you add me i will make a tribute and an advertisment on youtube about your server realm
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    I'm not sure if a Minecraft PE Realms server can whitelist more than ten people...because more than 10 guys here are posting, but never realized if MCPE Realms servers can hold more than ten people.
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    Username: 1raging_nacho
    Device: Xperia play
    Info: I love to play on survival and i am great at making houses and farms !
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    Uh, do u have a realm or you'll make one when it comes out, then you'll add us?
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    Username: TheEnderKid5
    Age: 10
    Been playing since 0.5.0
    Devices: iPhone 3,1 (regular AT&T iPhone 4 model) and iPad 2,1 (iPad 2 with no cellular)
    Info: Loves to explore caverns, dungeons, Nether, etc.
    Other: Plays PC with Single Player Commands, TooManyItems, Optifine, Modloader, and Bettercraft. I'm really not sure if that helps though.

    But I thought I was 0% noob :'(…
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