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    Sorry, that upward current thing is still not working as I wanted, it can activate a block of water above itself, but you can't chain these together, its really really hard to explain, I suggest you try it yourself.
    f yiure lazy, here's my half baked explaination
    stopping a water current will shut a trapdoor above it, whig can activate a water block adjacent to it.
    however, you would then need to stop THAT current of water for it to activate ANOTHER door, so basically you would have to continuously place blocks to stop the current water to activate the next one.
    at the moment I am looking to use lava as a solution, since I could release lava and water at the same time which would then react to stop the flow (the solution is really complex and WIP)
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    cool, i see what you're getting at. one point that my buddy chimera made: you could do an inverter (what i call the lava-water reaction) and hook it up to some reeds? i mean reeds will break if the water dissapears, and you can place them as high as you want. if they break, they tehn update the chunks.
    also, can you leave a DL link for your trapdoor ^ current and your mega tnt cannon? would like to see how/what they do.

    PS: it's really nice to have someone else speak redstone-ese
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    Found a solution, though not an elegant one.
    Let's just say there are two floors, floor one, and floor two.
    on floor one, there is a trapdoor with water in front of it and lava above the trapdoor. Punch trapdoor- water flows as well as lava.
    since lava is as slow as hell, the water flows underneath a second trapdoor at floor two, and then the water source block becones cobblestone causing the water to stop glowing, hence activating the second trapdoor.
    this can be chained, and while I don't mind one shot use mechanisms this has a hell of a lot of clean up after each use.
    Erm. I'm not sure how to upload screens or maps, and my stuff keeps breaking due to excessive experimentation. I'll download a superflat map and make it, pls show me how to share this.
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    um ok, wow, this is quite genius! i guess you could, in essence, dub this as a pulser, as the tick is sent out, and then turned off. i considered this before, but never tried it! this is really smart, as it solves the problem and all, who cares if it ain't elegant! I'll try to simplify it though, if you want :P

    ok, on sharing maps.
    I'm a assuming you have a jailbroken iPod, if not, JAILBREAK.
    ok, from there add any cracked repo or big boss (insanelyi, sinful iphone, you get the idea)
    then, download myfile,along with a zip filecreator/unpackager
    then, open it.
    go to minecraftpe.app under the applications folder.
    ok, then go to documents, and keep opening folders in side of one another, until you open "minecraftworlds"
    then select the world you wish to share, and send it to a zip format file.
    once you have that, select the .zip version, and press the blue arrow that has the options.
    in options, select: "send to dropbox". if you don't have a dropbox, make one here: https://www.dropbox.com/
    once you have that, open dropbox (via pc, the "link" myfile gives is broken)
    open the "public" folder.
    select the .zip file, right click, get the option "dropbox" and click "copy link to clipboard" OR, just log into dropbox.com and do it from there.
    copy and paste that HERE, and you're done!
    also, if you want to save time for us people who dl maps directly from the phone, please add the following text in front of the link: urma://
    URMA is basically another package from big boss that allows insta-downloads for maps in the correct folder and stuff, so all you need to do is click the link (with the "urma://" in front of it) and it will open the app and unpackage the zip (or rar) file for the map.

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    I have an android phone, thanks for the genius complement :)
    I'm guess i simply upload to dropbox in a zipped format and post the link?
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    Here we are....
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    Ok everything is activated by TNT or touching a trapdoor or placing a block.
    in a couple of cases (was going through the map again) the trapdoor is already shut, so if something doesnt work its because of that.
    also there is a stone house with a trapdoor in it. It's got a pipe that's got a hoop in the end. I'd forgotten to put lava in that.
    that was supposed to demonstrated the practical applications of the trapdoor (in that case mob clearance)
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    wow. thanks so much, man, this is really mindblowing! PS: i recommend you don't triple post. the Pixelator will come and take you away DX

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    Thanks (for compliment and tip :)), by the way, the reed idea really rocks, it was in the back of my mind but I was focussed on this first.
    I'll try simplifying it.
    cacti can also be used. I'm also wondering about the possibilities of torches...
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    about cacti: it doens't work very efficiently. cuz even if the cacti is updated by the addition of water, there cant be a water source at the top XD bc the update must be adjacent, and cactus cant have anything adjacent.... except a block above. so i guess it COULD work.

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    Epic tuts, RUS! :D

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    thanks broski! pshh your inferior mind can't handle the dark knowledge.. that's why you only say its cool...not what IS cool XD

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    Here is a banner i made for this talk

    I will work harder on the next one!!!!!
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    I've kinda hit the eureka moment with cacti, but reeds seem much better
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    Found an AWESOME use for cacti in adventure maps, by using your "Redstone door " idea" will upload soon
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    Made an impressive mechanism for adventure maps by merging the cacti with your Redstone door. placing a cacti block and waiting for it to grow to open the door.
    adventure map, where the cacti block is hidden in a chest somewhere, so the person has to find it to open the door to the room where they "win"
    They also have to survive while yhe cactus grows.
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    really cool!, again though, tripple posting :P
    anyways, i like the logic behind that. Personally tought of a different one. XD
    so, you know how blocks can be placed above a cacti? well, my cacti gate uses a pulser hooked up to a cacti. water destroys cacti,trapdoor is above cacti, trapdoor opens, signal.
    oh, and minecraftbroz, cool banner! one suggestion, get rid of the redstone block/line of redstone, just the banner with the dust item looks kool XD. so yeah. tahnks you all!

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    yeah that's pretty awesome, its much neater.
    will upload maps soon.
    yeah I realised the triple post AFTER I done it...
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    I'm going to using all of these techniques in one world. It's going to be awesome.
    Pssh! Signatures are for chumps!
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