Pocket Edition seeds?

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    Try this seed:

    You spawn in a snow biome
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    Here is a good seed: underwater. No period at the end It spawns you on a strip of land near water, surrounding you are forests
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    A really good one for building is Jeb_. No Period and yes a Capital J and an underscore. Look around and you will fin good flat land.
    UBER H4(K5
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    Seed: doomsday. Huge cave/hole near spawn point, its a great sight to see!
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    try rapeseed its really good mountains and a few really nice islands and 1 with a lavafall :biggrin.gif: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava:
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    Mgville: My relatives and I had a lot of fun with this one in multiplayer, there's a large ocean, and a considerable snow biome, with some good mountains thrown in and a lavaflow near one of the corners.

    Nitsua: Large but manageable lake, with many other small lakes, connections,and islands. Also has some fairly good mountains/hills.
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    Seed: Trlololol
    It has very beautiful landscape.
    Seed: Trololol
    You spawn next to a huge body of water.
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    Try s**t :tongue.gif: (No censors or caps!)
    * A nice cliff behind you (you have to walk a bit) with a lavafall.
    * A nice big snow biome
    * A few beaches
    * Waterfalls!
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    Hunter is a good seed. Spawn u in a hollow mountain

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    I know theres a few above but anyone know one with a good balance of mountains/water/forest and lava?

    Im making a dwarven kingdom and getting lava/water down into it is going to be a challenge since alot of the seeds have little of each. I guess i could run a channel from under the ocean into it, so waters not as hard to accomplish as lava.

    But the lava i need to channel down into a forge (lake with a few lava falls) so somewhere where there are lavafalls near either waterfalls or a body of water would be great.

    Ofcourse this is all pointless if its not near/next to a mountain, as although a large part of it will be underground the entrances ect need to be somewhere.

    Any help is appreciated
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    Try using the names of bands for your seeds. Capitalize the first letter too.
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    Quote from Billith

    Any good seeds in minecraft pe? I've only found forest biomes and no caves. Light hills and thats it. Anyone found anything better?

    I was messing around, spending at least an hour trying to find the perfect seed. It's better than v. Turn left from spawn and keep walking for a few seconds to see the mountains. The seed is...

    I'van the railroad track

    Another seed I found is...

    hair-breathed Shark

    This seed has huge incuts into it's mountains.
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    Start next to a lava fall. If you turn round and are quick see a huge lava fall down the side of a mountAin start a forest fire
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    Try: blah, infinity, NGG (explore.. :biggrin.gif:), Supersecretseed, S**t (replace the stars with, h and i. :biggrin.gif:), 94. (No Period)

    More to come. :smile.gif:
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    how do you put seeds into minecraft pe anyway? :mellow.gif:
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    Quote from HuntressXL

    how do you put seeds into minecraft pe anyway? :mellow.gif:

    Type: nyan
    Into the box that says seed, under world name
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    Try " callzombies707" islands, nice for bridges, the tops are flat, also good for multiplayer buildings connected with bridges. Also has lots of ice, some places with sand, and snow.
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    Mashing buttons got me some epic seeds lolAlso Nether has a lava flow and lots of sand an mountains
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    Seed= monkeybutt

    This is the first map I've found that has a naturally formed cave! Cave is located in a huge mountain and Inside the cave is a waterfall. As for the rest of the map it's mostly flat grass land with trees.
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    seed: ecsel
    I know this sounds big headed but lets face it we have all tried it :rolleyes: EPIC HILLS AND VALLEYS I don't like to toot my own horn but b33p b33p, NOTE: when you spawn turn left a little then walk forward away from the edge of the map, enjoy =D :GoldBar: :Diamond:
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