How to wear a skin on MINECRAFT PE for iOS (may work for Android)

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    How to get a skin on MINECRAFT PE


    PC or Mac
    Mobile Device (Android or iOS)
    Minecraft PE (full version)
    char.png file


    1. Connect the mobile device to PC or Mac.
    2. Open iExplorer.
    3. Click on the device name > Apps > Minecraft PE > > char.png
    4. On the mobile device, make sure you have .png of the skin you want to use.
    5. Refresh the page on iExplorer.
    6. Replace the char.png with the other .png you are to use as your skin.
    7. If you want to keep the original skin, rename the original skin as char1.png.
    8. Eject your mobile device properly.
    9. Open Minecraft PE.
    10. Open or create a world and go to third-person view.
    11. You have a new snazzy skin on you!

    Hope you found this procedure easy to understand. Comment if you worked this out.
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    Does this work on the demo?
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    Thanks man!
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    Is anyone available to test some block images I've edited? They replace the original block images (256x256). Also, I've just done an effect to each of them, they haven't been redrawn or anything. They literally took a minute to do, so don't be expecting anything exquisite :D The effects on each can be put onto whichever blocks etc. I'll happily give good rep for each one tested&screenshot :)
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    This was just sharpened up slightly:

    Added sepia effect:

    Just a random colour change:

    I'm guessing they'll all look awful, I'd try them myself if I had access to a JB device at this moment in time. I can work by pixels, but the effects were just added to the whole block page.

    Edit* All 256x256
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    Will People Be able to see your skin In MultiPlayer?
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    Quote from Arifmarwan111

    Does this work on the demo?

    Yes i try it once an TP i work very well.
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    Will People Be able to see your skin In MultiPlayer?
    no they wont. I have a troll face skin so on multiplayer every one is a troll face
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    It doesn't work for android. only iOS

    You can also change texture packs with it!
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    Use astro to edit the apk (android) or use pockettool
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    Use astro to edit the apk (android) or use pockettool
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