Survival Mode

Discuss the Survival Mode here. Pictures, discoveries, buildings, explorations and the lot all goes here
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1.8 Wheat farm [360 WHEAT A MINUTE] [TUTORIAL] >>
by Kurty_squirty
This is easy tutorial how to get diamonds fast for new guys >>
by sSIHISs
(MiniGame!) Escape The WarrenCookBuildingInc! >>
by tipmaddevilMC
Realms Mob Farm problem >>
by Photon_Man
How to Survive your First Night in Minecraft! >>
by JonnsoYT
Realms Server needing experienced players >>
by Dougiffer
In search for a minecraft friend >>
by MinecraftSimon1
Minecraft Relam Server >>
by TripleDare
Minecraft (PC) partner >>
by beebee2014
Streaming >>
by TehYummy
Looking for a Minecraft Friend >>
by 100JKO
Hello, Xbox MineCraft Anyone? >>
by supersophie03
MELONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>
by candeecane21
Strange glowing lights in minecraft survival pe??? >>
by Cocraven2018
Server >>
by Johnmd97
i deleted minecraft by accident and i want to re download it >>
by keltonrynard
If I Delete MineCraft and Redownload, Will My Worlds Be Lost? >>
by Sweetwolf1214
help please >>
by odrutowany
Help my little brother with autism >>
by FazeScope
Original Survival Island [Recruiting] >>
by ProwL
People for Skyblock! >>
by Scout1800
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Farmer villagers incentives to farm and breed, and keeping other things active. >>
by Mehrcraft
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plugin maker >>
by Kai_Cassar
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Can create lan but cannot join lan. >>
by TheRafter
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New vanilla survival server, Compatible with the 1.7 update >>
by macksta
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by JDuns
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Minecraft freezes at done loading >>
by ninjanarwhal
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Does anyone know? >>
by TheWoopDoop
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Need friends for PS3 Survival >>
by Creatureguy
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Need gift code for brothers birthday D: >>
by jpond
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