How far do hostile mobs have to fall to be one hit kill?

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    These things are a pain to figure out so I made my skeleton exp farm 22 block drop lol, but if your dealing with zombies should be the same thing. Good Luck and many little flashy exp balls to you.
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    23 blocks to severly damage mobs 24 to kill them
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    this was very helpfull thankyou! :lol:
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    Thank you, everyone who posted here because I am a sky block player and this was very helpful for getting xp.
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    Quote from AbeTheBlackFox

    23 blocks? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :lol:
    I've seen hostiles fall down a ravine and survive! -_-

    To get them to die on impact, you're building a fall essentially from the top to the bottom of the world. That's a garaunteed kill. B)
    You sir are very wrong it is between 22-24 block to insta-kill
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    What other people aren't saying is that its two hits with your hand, but you can get it down to one hit if you use a stone sword. Since they practically cost nothing, I have no problem with making a lot of them, and then they always do one hit kills from that height.
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    Calculation stuff:
    How falling damage is calculated: (# of blocks you fell) - 3 is the amount of half-hearts of damage you take.
    Most mobs have 20 hp or less, so 23 is good enough to kill nearly any falling mob besides chickens and blazes and golems and enderman or enderdragons or withers.
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    Quote from Ronar1

    Perhaps you are washing them down with a water stream so they are slightly higher than they should be.

    Then just make sure the hole they can fall in has an opening of 2 blocks high. Then the flow won't matter.
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    Depends on the health of the mob. a 3 block fall will not hurt mobs, a 4-block will do half a heart of dmg, 5 block, 1 heart of dmg, and so on...
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    I actually tested it out on my map.

    Skeletons, Zombies, and Creepers: 23 blocks for 1 hit kill-Skeleton and Creeper, 2 hit kill for Zombie

    Spiders: 18 blocks for 1 hit kill

    What I do in my mob grinder is I sort the tall mobs from the spiders, if you'd like more information I could post a picture.
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    I think 30 blocks?
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    Quote from Ronar1

    Perhaps you are washing them down with a water stream so they are slightly higher than they should be.

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    Very big help :) Though, my spiders wont die of the fall. I made them drop 20 blocks, but not all of them die. (I want them dead since the spider farm I only want for string.)
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    doesn't 23 blocks kill skeletons and creepers?

    and if spiders touch a wall they will climb--> not "falling" for the whole distance.

    What I've been using is

    :soil: :Leaves: :soil:
    :soil: :Bench: :soil:
    :soil: :Glass: :soil: x21
    :soil: :soil: :soil:

    Where :Glass: = air, :Bench: = sign, and :Leaves: = vines.
    This seems to make zombies and creepers 1 hit. Zombies 1 or 2.
    I use a drowning trap for 2x2 spiders (really easy to sort these out).
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    24 will kill most mobs, 23 will leave them with half a heart of health.

    Most mobs follow this rule except for endermen which have double the health of normal mobs (48 to kill, 47 for half heart).

    Boss mobs are different too of course, but I am hoping you are smart enough to know that much (Since they can't you know... fall).
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    Why all the speculation? There is this wonderful website called, with wonderful pages that give you wonderful information.
    Let me tell you how it works: You go to the website and write what you need information on into the search bar in the upper right corner as briefly as possible. If I wanted to know how falling damage is calculated I would just write "Falling damage" into the search bar and that would lead me to this page. Now that I know how falling damage is calculated I would type "Health" into the search bar, that would lead me to this page. I would scroll down to get a table with all the mobs and how much health they have. Next step would be to use my brain and see how many blocks a certain type of mob has to drop to get down to how many hearts I want it to have.

    Now for real, should have a link in the launcher, there is so much information on there one couldn't even keep it in mind.

    P.S: This thread is so old I don't think that anyone who has posted in this thread in 2012 will ever be looking at it again.

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    Quote from Schtauffen

    and if spiders touch a wall they will climb--> not "falling" for the whole distance.

    ohhhhh... Then I should be able to fix my trap :D Thanks! ^^ Im new to minecraft so still learning a lot about the game hehe.
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    I have no idea. Maybe around 15-20 blocks. No idea :(

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    Does it affect it depending on the difficulty you have it on?

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