What was your first reaction to a hostile mob?

Poll: What was it?

What was your first reaction to a hostile mob?

What was it? - Single Choice

  • Other.. 39.3%
  • Help me!!! 3.6%
  • Ahhhhhh!!! 7.1%
  • Far out!! 1.8%
  • FARKING HELL!! 12.5%
  • Holy Crap! 26.8%
  • Leg it! 8.9%
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    Hey guys, What was your first reaction to a hostile mob? (Spider, zombie, skeleton etc)

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    Well, since I had watched a few tutorials before I didn't really care too much, I just hid in my house, until being blown up by a creeper the next morning.
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    I believe it was "OH SHI-" followed by a sprint to lock myself inside my house and stare in terror through the door window. I still hate them Q_Q
    ...But that's just my opinion.
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  • #5
    I was wondering why the green man was hissing. When I figured it out, it was too late. The initial explosion didn't kill me, but it knocked me off a cliff.
  • #6
    Mmmmm... "Oh god, what the hell are these?" Sssss.... Boom me dead!
  • #7
    I just started punching the damn thing until it died. Then a skele came and killed me.
  • #8
    Panic and turn to peaceful
  • #9
    a creeper came out of no where jumped off the top of the hill to my cave i belive my reaction was *FALL OFF CAHIR SHOUTING FK FK FK*
    it was a nice cave
  • #10
    let's run to the house and stay there
  • #11
    What I did was *talking to my brother* Hey whats is that thing it looks said should I go over to it? And I o over to it and hes like NOOOOOOOOO! and I heard sssssssssSSSSSSSSSSS and Im like what the AND I DIED AND IM LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOO COME ON!
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    The first mob I encountered was an Enderman. Let's just say that it's now unlikely for me to play Survival on any other difficulty than Peaceful...
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    The first mob I saw was a skeleton in a surface entrance cave, I was thinking to my self. "What in the fudge hole is that?!?" Until it shot me with an arrow and made me jump when the player jumped when he got hit.
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    My cousin: ...so there are these things called mobs. There are hostile ones, passive ones, and neutral ones.
    Me: Uh-huh?
    My cousin: I'm ganna watch you play now.
    Me: OMFG GIANT SPIDER!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..its not attacking me...
    My cousin: *laughs head off*
    Me: Look! A zombie with no arms!
    Me: Wtf-
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    It was my first day and I fell in a cave and a zombie came out of it and I started beating the hell out of it
  • #16
    "oh hey, these green penises aren't that bad. looks like i didn't have to make a 5 block thick wall of obsidian after all."
    I never made a meme before, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
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    Back in Alpha, a creeper blew up behind me and i had no idea why the world suddenly exploded.
    It took me 2 more days to find out it was tose green things.
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  • #18
    A Creeper stalked me when I went outta my house, well I was like damnit after the creeper exploded from behind.
  • #19
    I watched a few videos, so i had some idea of what was going on. I trapped a creeper in a 2 deep hole, then was seeing how close i could get without it exploding. Not smart.
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    The first was a creeper hiding under under a tiny cliff created by a water spring. I jumped in to the water.

    "lolwut, was that a creeper?"
    *starts walking again*

    When I actually SAW a creeper, I just stayed inside my house. When I was ATTACKED by one, I attacked it back... but I didn't back away in time. Took a lot of damage.
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    I knew about skeletons, creepers and zombies. Nobody ever told me about spider jockies. What are the chances of the first hostile mob i see, be one of the rarest. I thought it was a glitch so i restarted minecraft. Then turned and ran the other way, into a creeper.
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