Deadliest Mob!

Poll: Which mob is the deadliest in Minecraft?

Deadliest Mob

Which mob is the deadliest in Minecraft? - Single Choice

  • Cave Spider 11.7%
  • Spider 2.5%
  • Zombie Pig 1.8%
  • Ghast 6.1%
  • Lava Slime 0.6%
  • Zombie 1.2%
  • Skeleton 8.6%
  • EnderDragon (coming soon) 24.5%
  • Enderman 3.1%
  • Creeper 39.9%
  • #41
    Obviously creepers.
    But lately, zombies have been a trouble to me. I mean, if you play hard mode with no armour, they can easily KO you in a few hits before you can act if your back is turned.
  • #42
    Creepers, especially in 1.9. I was about 6 blocks away from a creeper when it exploded with full diamond armor and it did 4 hearts T_T
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    I hate the ghast with a passion because of the way they control my movement habits in the nether. they are the only enemy i actually have fun fighting nowadays, haven't encountered those things that drop blaze rods (and thus the enderdragon) yet. maybe it's because i don't bring arrows into the nether, killing them with swords is just so much more rewarding.
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    Writing time.
    Skeletons: Sure, they can snipe you and put a dent in your shiny diamond armor, but they are inaccurate.
    Zombies: They're slow, weak, and only good in hoards, much more do I have to say?
    Spiders: These dudes can climb any and everything. They can jump faster then you can walk. So? They're easily cut off by an overhang on a wall.
    Creeper: They may have been powered up more, but bow + creeper = dead creeper in seconds.
    Zombie Pigman: Now, these are the first powerful mob I'm writing, not alone, but in those giant packs they spawn in. Punch one, get punched by all.
    Enderdragon: This one...It doesn't even attack you. It flies around healing itself by obsidian spikes while you destroy them and shoot it. Not much.
    Enderman: These those little dudes you see hiding in the corner in the overworld, but in the End, these will murder you if you just look at one. And not enough for that they are insanely strong, dodge arrows, teleport away from water, have 20 hearts and teleport to you. These are some of the best.
    Ghast: Now, these are like endermen, except you don't have to look at them for them to woop you. They may be inaccurate, but they'll send you crying back to your pet doggie Bob.
    And last, the Slime: Okay, these dudes are fudgebags, not only do they split up, but if you're not careful they will brutally kill you.

    So for me, it's either Ghast, Enderman, or Zombie Pigman.
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    dose anyone not remember that Herobrine was REAL in alpha!!
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    Definitely ghasts. They are basically flying creepers that can blow stuff up an unlimited amount of times.
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    Damn, that's a lot of grass growing at the top of the poll. Oh wait, that's the creeper vote count :dry.gif:
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    Skeletons, the only mob I have trouble fighting.

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    no contest, definitly the enderdragon
  • #51
    Fking sheep man, Especially the black ones.

    (I joke)
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    I believe it is the Enderdragon (although I never killed one).
    Hah, I was yesterday in Nether at the first time in my life. I gotta say, first I just dag a place I could hide in, but soon I was killing Zombie Pigs and Ghasts. I thought Zombie Pigs would do much more damage in the Normal Mode, but no, they were really easy.
    Hm. I need to think about something I could write in here =P
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    It's always been the creeper for me.

    I bought Minecraft when 1.8.1 was released, and creepes didn't worry me too much because I play on Easy Mode (yes, I'm a wuss) and even unarmored a creeper blast would not kill me. Now with the 1.9 pre-release, they still sneak up on me at the worst possible times and because their explosions are stronger, I cannot escape their blast even if I sprint. If I am wearing anything less than full iron armor, I get killed instantly, which really annoys the heck out of me because easy mode is supposed to be f#@%ing EASY! >.>

    So yeah, the most evil, bloodthirsty mob in Minecraft for me is the creeper, because it will literally kill itself to kill you.
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    Enderman because you hit it it goes away for like 30 secs and it comes back while you're fighting a bus load of mobs. also blocks are slowly being removed.
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    Spider because they have insane agility,following,and climbing skills, which will ultimately lead to you falling off cliff,when youre being attacked by a spider and another mob is hitting you its pretty painful if not deadly.

    Those bastards threw me off cliffs too many times. :angry.gif:
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    Sure. Creepers are deadly if you got no arms and legs.
    Cave spiders have always been a *****, and they poison.
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    Skeletons, damn aimbots...
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    Lol if you ask me creepers are not that strong or do a lot of pain lol.
    Without armour, an enderdragon can almost kill you with one hit.....
    Creeper's gonna creep...
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    I've got to choose creepers, since I think most of my deaths are because of them.
    Cave spiders can be a tough enemy too, but they never killed me.
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    Quote from kombijack

    I think the worst mob is the pig......with those..those creepy creepy faces.

    you are right... they are creepy somehow.
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