Healing Crystal (Extended Health Bar)

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    Give the dude a chance! He might not come up with the best suggestions but they could just be tweaked a little to make them better.
    He might come up with a bad idea but that doesn't mean we should say anything.Yes we should.If this can be tweeked please tell me how.
    Personally I think that if you set it to hardcore it stays hardcore so then it could be possible that the gems are only found when on a difficult mode.
    You do realize that is impossible right?Generation depends on the seed and options selected.Not the difficulty.
    Let's say we are playing minecraft, you are in a cave it's not safe several creepers are around the cave and skeletons are aiming to shoot you.
    When they die, they more or less learn to make armour not that they have to do it but that is what minecraft is all about. Learning Mining Crafting.WHAT!!What is this mining and crafting you speak of? Though the ore is hard to find so its not too OP Diamond is OP as heck even if it's hard to find.Rarity doesn't detirmine how overpowered it is. but I think health should be lowered from 20 full hearts to 15 No just no.It's hard enough to survive when you've got 3 or 4 mobs after you.That would make it worse.The problem is that difficulty doesn't deturmine how many mobs spawn.

    All of the stuff i say is a pretty BOLD statement.
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