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    As much as I'd love the idea of giant mobs I think it'd be trouble to make work right. Especially picking up groups of blocks.
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    How about, This,

    You kill the enderdragon and think your safe! :D
    but then... the portal home gets destroyed! and a giant Ender Colossus spawns! and somehow with modding api and stuff make it pick up the obsidian pillars and throw then near you that crush you! and it crushes endermen, and get this! The enderdragon, WAS THE ENDER COLOSSUS,S PET! and now you must kill him to get home! when he dies his whole body glows! and theres like a nether portal leading home! you step out, and it is done your home! :D

    And maybe an extra, if you a fountain out of diamond blocks with an egg on top and fire in the bottom, it roars and then you get lifted up into the air by the ender colossus! and it throws you and the block your on into the land! and it trembles off and trys to kill you and ALL MOBS! even creepers skeletons! and things, and then you team up with the monsters to kill the en... ok this is starting to sound like a story..... so yeah lets just go with the top thing
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    How about this:

    After beating the Ender Dragon and the Wither, a new boss can be made with the Nether Star and the Ender Dragon Egg. Thing is, you need BOTH bosses to be killed once in the world for the Colossus to spawn. (Colossus, short for Ender Colossus)
    " />
    You need to right click the Egg with the Nether Star to spawn the Colossus, and It will grow from the size of the structure to the normal size when spawned. Once the Colossus is spawned, the vital points are the horns and head, all needed to be struck by a sword. You must avoid the blocks thrown at you, and any of his limbs being swung at you. One twist is that night time, water, and lightning heal him. Once he throws 2 things at you, he'll kneel down, smash his head at the ground, turning it all to obsisian, and his horns will spawn Endermen. That's you're cue to start swinging your sword. Any arrows fired will bounce back at you, any TNT that you prime will be blasted back, and if you use potions on him, you'll just get the effects of the potion. First you must strike his horns. Once one horn is gone, the other will spawn Endermen more rapidly. When a horn is destroyed, the horn will drop as a one time use weapon for striking the Colossus's head. One strike from the horn will take out half of the Colossus's health, and will force him back up on his legs.
    Continued on another post...
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    I know, the image failed. Just use this link:
    Now, one the Colossus is back up on his legs, he'll do the same throw-stuff-and-then-fall-on-his-knees-thing and start spawning endermen again. Once you take out the other horn, insted of staying there and then letting you hit him, he'll get up and then smash his fist on the ground. He then turns into obsidian and let's you climb him to his head, with Endermen, Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons attacking you. You must climb him and then use the last horn on the Beacon that spawns on his head when he turns into obsidian. And you win! The Colossus will then teleport you to ground and then start falling block by block into the void through the ground. When he is gone, there will be a chest nearby your player to give you:
    9 Full stacks of Bottles o' Enchanting
    1 Ender Colossus tombstone
    2 Full stacks of Diamonds!
    And 1 Full stack of Emeralds
    Oh, If you die, you'll respawn at the Colossus's feet with a Diamond sword and whatever you died with. And when 1 day passes, the Colossus will shrink back into the structure with a Nether Star in a chest at the structure if you want to go again. The Tombstone is placeable, and at the cost of another Nether Star, you can fight him again for more levels, diamonds, and emeralds.
    That's it. Some ideas were taken from the people that posted before me. I credit them for inspration. So, does it sound good?
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    Nice Ideas. I just hope someone from Mojang or modders read this.
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    nice idea you have here.. but dont you think that maybe the endercolossus would be a little too destructive? and it would be awful if your new house would be picked up and thrown at you then turned into rubble.. :(

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    Maybe after the enderdragon dies, these would start spawning in the end, to prevent the end from becoming one big safe enderman farm, and still being dangerous.
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    Quote from Ramona

    Or... after you defeat the Enderdragon, the Endercolossus will appear to fight.

    Wouldn't that be a bit of a troll move? Mojang would have to weaken e Enderdragon by a lot to make it into a miniboss.
    Anyways, I like the idea, but the whole 'picking up like 20 blocks' thing, I have to disagree, because huge cube shaped holes in the ground would just look like chunk errors, on my opinion I just think it should be able to make explosion sized wholes in things by punching.
    I also think that it should be spawned by the player summoning it, with use of a shrine or another specially-built structure. As for Thunderpow's structure, I don't think it should use materials that will involve you entering the end first.
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    ummm this would be interesting <_< on hardcore maby as a boss fight or somethign but just randomly puting this in minecraft would be a bad idea causing manny deaths for noobs and probably me although it dose sound fun i dont think you should just add it in there btw just use the mod
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    I'm not sure what context this would fit in. But how about if the Ender Colossus, instead of moving around 1 block like an Enderman, moved around a very large block, like 10x10x10 blocks or so. That'd certainly make things interesting, especially if he appeared in the over world.
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    Theres a reason we don't have giants in survival.

    Personally, I don't like the idea. This is a cheap, supersized replica of an enderman with no purpose in the game whatsoever. Explain how he fights? How about some drops? Maybe a REASON for this to be incorporated? Just saying "I watched this vid, and think it should be added to mc" isn't enough. Put some effort into it man, no support.
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    I quite like the idea of having it only spawnable through spawn eggs or command blocks that way you can have a adventure map with say... a town/ village with a castle and you have to defend the castle or something along them lines but i wouldnt say it would be amazing for normal single player mode (you would get caned)
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    Because something that complex can be added in such an interactive game.

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    This would be a ridiculous mob to deal with. Why did they stop Giants from naturally spawning? Because it caused lag. I can easily see it happening with this too.
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    This would be a ridiculous mob to deal with. Why did they stop Giants from naturally spawning? Because it caused lag. I can easily see it happening with this too.

    They didn't really stop it from spawning. More like they never let it start. It was never fully implemented. It's not even done. They hadn't even fixed the hitbox. So they didn't stop it, they just never finished it to let it start.

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    Quote from Ramona

    That's an extremely rare occurance but is impossible. Endermen teleport when it starts raining.

    Instead,you have to craft The Ender Stone. If you place it,and set it on fire,a Ender colossus will spawn 100 blocks away,and still see you,and come towards you. The world shakes a bit when it walks.If it touchs you,you instantly die. But only if touched by an attack or when its walking. it will pick up large chunks of blocks,and your house. If you have a pet inside,even if it is sitting it will sprint out of the house and to you. it has 600 hearts! *Or 1200 health.* They could add the Wither colossus from another animation.
    The Wither colossus would have 1500 health,or 750 hearts. These immense beast only spawn on hard or hardcore,otherwise you waste your Wither or Ender stone.
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    I was thinking about a new dimension that is called ''Colossus'' when you are in the dimension everything is 5 times bigger than normal and of course you are 5 times smaller.
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    Wow. This... is surprisingly enough, the second time I've seen an Ender-Colossus suggested, with that video on the page. The last time was about a year ago as a boss in the End.

    But anyways, no support. Imagine you're walking along with your stone pickaxe and wooden sword, and then oh no


    But yeah, no support. The suggestion is also vague. How much HP? How much damage does it do? Can it only pick up the blocks an enderman can or more?
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    No. This is way too overpowered.
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    What about the Ender Colossus hatch's from the dragon Egg and where ever the egg is when it hatches in three moons after the ender dragons death the land increases and he spawns and starts attacking all mobs...
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