Redstone suggestion: Redstone tunnel block!

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    It is a nice idea.
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    This is a really great idea, hope pepole in mojang likes this same as all we others do
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    Bishizump foreals, yo.
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    Wow, that's a great idea. I fully support, even going to put on the siggy.
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    I love this idea, could improve building traps and compact redstone designs so much.

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    this thing is awesome, I always ahd trouble hiding my redstone wires
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    Will it be in 1.8


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    I could give it a try sometime, but because of pure laziness, could I just make the WHOLE block function as a wire?
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    Quote from WTFClock

    Bishizump foreals, yo.

    Your avatar is gross
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    I support this idea, even though it is possible to hide redstone, because it is just so simple, and so amazing, perhaps this chould even be a way to control which direction your redstone faces.
    :stone: :stone:
    :stone: :RFlower: This makes a block that directs redstone right.
    :stone: :stone:
    :RFlower::stone: This makes a block that directs redstone left.
    :stone: :RFlower:
    :RFlower::stone: This makes a block that directs redstone in all directions.
    (Were the Rose stands for Redstone of chourse)
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    awsome idea
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    How about we take out the junction block all together and make them like Rails. They will automatically make a junction when you make a corner, T Shaped or + Shaped section
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    No way should they auto-align like regular redstone does, they player should have complete control over direction VIA crafting.

    Even at the expense of maybe using more redstone & whatever material it needs to be constructed, this alone will not only allow much better trap and hidden redstone, and will allow for very compact design if the player controls the redstone junction's direction.

    If it auto-aligns then you could never create Parallel redstone wires that don't connect to eachother.
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    This maybe like fences? I mean, when i put it like:

    :White: :White:
    :White: ::

    The corner one makes an L so it can fit with the others
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    Quote from Ygdrasel

    That'd be useful.

    I still vote to make redstone vertically placeable before anything else, since that's my biggest difficulty with the stuff.

    Vertical redstone would be a god send, I don't particularly care about digging under the floor to place redstone the only troubles I end up with is having the redstone set up so I can get the switches in the right place above ground, so vertical redstone would be amazing!

    Perhaps something like:- :RedShroom: = redstone
    :: :RedShroom: ::
    :: :|: ::
    :: :RedShroom: ::

    Would make a redtone tube which can be placed vertically.
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    I must say that this is one of the most ingenious ideas I have seen.
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    I thought the same last night.

    Creepers explode your houses. DEAL WITH IT.
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    This is just great, i hate having to always go to amazing lengths to hide my redstone, and this would make it so easy
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    Why not just have it so you can craft blocks to be conductive?
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    I just can't stop saying that this is really epic idea! :Diamond: s , :Diamond: s and more :Diamond: s for you :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

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