The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread

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    Man of Steel - Craft a full iron armor set.
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    Pew Pew Pew - Shoot 15 arrows in a row without hitting a mob.
    Bombs away! - Craft a TnT
    Pure Dedication - Try to mine bedrock for a minute.
    I can't refuse that offer! - Trade with a villager.
    I can smell it! - Smelt a cobblestone
    Great Job, Steve. - Eat an apple.
    Roadkill - Hit someone/thing while in a minecart.
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    Quote from DaTree

    Pure Dedication - Try to mine bedrock for a minute.
    How will minecraft know its a minute?
    Great Job, Steve. - Eat an apple.
    WAAAY too easy.
    The other ones are ok.
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    I have one:

    So Close...
    Get killed ten blocks from your bed.
    Quote from nightworld115

    The other ones are ok.

    You think Mimecraft doesn't have time? It just times how long you mine. And that's the point of the apple one, to be easy. It is sarcastic.
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    Here are some I though of:

    Explorer - Find a Mushroom Island
    Block Protector - Build an Iron Golem
    Snowball Fight!! - Build a SnowMan
    Swapper - Trade with a villager.
    Trader - Trade with a villager 5 times.
    Customer - Trade with a villager 10 times
    Finders Keepers - Find a chest in a Abandoned Mineshaft.
    Dungeoner - Destroy the mob spawner in a dungeon and raid all the chests.
    Green Thumb - Use bonemeal to grow grass and flowers.
    Astronaut - Build up to block 256.
    Playin' Hardcore - Survive on Hardcore for 1 night.
    Pro - Survive on Hardcore for 5 nights.
    Music? - Make a skeleton kill a creeper and gain a music disc

    Suggestion: How about adding Multiplayer Achievements? I also have some ideas for that:

    Bow Battler: Kill another player using a bow.
    Winner: Kill another player.
    Warrior: Kill 5 players.
    Assassin: Kill 10 players.
    Whoops!: Hit another player off a cliff or into lava.
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    Third time's the charm-Die in hardcore mode twice.
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    Trilingual - Change the text to three different languages
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    Quote from H_Man247

    Third time's the charm-Die in hardcore mode twice.

    This wouldn't work. Minecraft saves achievements to worlds, and when you die in hardcore, you lose the world. Thus there would be no way to tack this.
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    true, but I also tracks per account as well, that's how it knows how many games you've started.
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    Dance Party- Create a jukebox and play a music disc
    All Aboard-Create a minecart and put a mob in it
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    Licensed Driver - travel over 100 blocks by minecart or boat
    Coffee-obsessed - go for 5 consecutive nights without sleeping
    On the Run - go for 10 consecutive nights without sleeping
    Ultimate Fan - make your pet dog kill 10 mobs
    Get Creative!! - place 1,000 wood planks
    Get your permit - crash 5 boats
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    Doggyslaughter - Have 20 pet dogs that have died

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    Noob - Place Over 1000 Blocks of Dirt Or Gravel
    Not Quite your Day - Die Over 10 Times in 1 Day
    Enchanteer - Use Every Enchantment Once
    Greifer - Use over 100 Tnt
    Cooker - Make over 100 Cooked Meat
    Wheatie - Make over 100 Bread
    Matrix - Dodge 20 Arrows Shot From Skeletons
    Team Kill - Watch a Mob Kill another Mob
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    The Pet Master - Tame a dog, a cat, and a horse
    Trick of the Trade - Trade with villagers 20 times
    Cheers! - Drink 20 potions
    Indestructible - Wear full diamond armor
    Bon Appetit - Make and eat every single food at least once
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    Death is just a state of mind - Hit dat respawn button.

    Tailor-made - Dye a piece of leather armor.

    Series of unfortunate events - Get combo'd in any way (Example: Taking blast damage from a creeper which sends you off a cliff dealing fall damage) Death is not a requirement.

    Birth Control - Destroy a spawner cage.

    Superior Spelunker - Mine 50 coal, 25 iron, 15 gold, 5 diamonds, find a dungeon (come within 15 blocks of a spawner) and find a mineshaft (come within 15 blocks of a natural-spawned rail), without rising back to sea level for a surface break in between.

    Gonna buy me an island - Mine an emerald.

    Some assembly required - Build an iron golem.

    Arf Army - Have over 20 wolves tamed at once.

    Kitty City - Have over 20 cats tamed at once.

    I risked my life for this... - Receive a tool from a fallen monster with 15% durability or less left.
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    Here is my idea. If they have already been suggested, sorry I didn't want to read through 120+ pages.

    Killer of the Clergy: Kill 5 preist villagers.

    I would love a more creative name, but not being christian I don't know much about the Church.
    Please critique me.


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    Here's an achievement.

    'Master of Disguise' Put on a Mob or player head.
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    How about this one:

    -mine 64 diamonds
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    Sniper Joust: Kill a spider-jockey's skeleton with a bow and arrow while either on horseback, pigback, or riding in a minecart
    Requires: Sniper Duel

    Now I've seen everything... : Slay the legendary Chicken Jockey! (Just the zom-baby part counts)
    Requires: Monster Hunter

    It won't work here, genius... : Place a beacon in the Nether.
    Requires: Beaconator

    Hell on Earth: Using either superflat presets or hacking the game, cause the nether biome to appear in the overworld.
    Requires: None. This achievement is always hidden until the game detects the player standing in a "Hell" biome while still in the overworld. Can be considered both an easter egg (if gotten through superflat presets) or being reprimanded for hacking nether chunks into the overworld.

    A Sword Named "Anna": Rename an item with an Anvil
    Requires: Acquire Hardware

    ...And I shall call him "Bob": Name a passive or neutral mob with a nametag. (Pigmen, Endermen, and Neutral Spiders don't count.)
    Requires: A Sword Named "Anna"

    Inversion!: Name a mob "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" with a nametag and watch the magic happen.
    Requires: ...And I shall call him "Bob"

    My Arch-Nemesis: Name a hostile mob with a nametag.
    Requires: ...And I shall call him "Bob"

    ...With a Herring!: Mine a wood block while holding any kind of fish.
    Requires: Delicious Fish

    U.N. Owen was Sword?: Obtain a sword with 3 or more max-level sword enchantments. (Any combination of Sharpness V, Smite V, Bane of the Arthropods V, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, or Looting III)
    Requires: Enchanter or Overkill, whichever seems better.

    Harbinger of Death: Wipe out the entire population of a village because you're a sadist. (or let the zombies do it for you.)
    Requires: Time to Strike!
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    Quote from Superintendent

    This wouldn't work. Minecraft saves achievements to worlds, and when you die in hardcore, you lose the world. Thus there would be no way to tack this.
    Probably should have thought of that. Anyway, I came up with several new achievements and here they are:
    Robin Hood: Kill 10 enemies with a bow
    Katniss Everdeen: Kill 50 enemies with a bow
    They Call Me Rambo: Kill 100 enemies with a bow

    Now here's some trails off of existing achievements:
    This achievement trail: Diamonds to you
    Richie Rich: Give 5 diamonds to another player
    Bill Gates: GIve 20 diamonds to another player
    The Godfather: Give 50 diamonds to another player

    This achievement trail: Monster Hunter
    Monster Killer: Kill 5 monsters
    Monster Masher: Kill 20 monsters
    Monster Demolisher: Kill 50 monsters
    Monster Obliterator: Kill 100 monsters
    Monster Hit Man: Kill 200 monsters

    Now for some nether based achievements:
    Home Field Advantage: Kill a wither in the nether
    Burning up: Get killed by a blaze
    Roasting: Get killed by a blaze 5 times
    Rotisserie: Get killed by a blaze 20 times
    Family Barbecue: Get killed by a blaze 50 times
    Hold on, we're going home: Leave the nether
    Acne: Collect 64 nether wart while still in the nether
    In the lava again: Die in lava while in the nether
    Quartz collector: Collect 64 nether quartz

    Now, for some completely random achievements:
    Gold Rush: Collect 8 gold ingots
    Pimp: Collect 20 gold ingots
    Ooooo Shiny: Collect 50 gold ingots
    Klondike Flashback: Collect 100 gold ingots
    That was awkward: Accidentally kill a villager
    I can't stop: Kill 5 villagers
    Murderer: Kill 10 villagers
    Serial Killer: Kill 20 villagers
    Dexter: Kill 50 villagers
    Hannibal Lector: Kill 100 villagers
    Stone age: Obtain all stone tools
    Iron Man: Obtain full iron armor and tools
    The 6 Million Dollar Man: Obtain full diamond armor and tools
    Rage Quit: On the respawn screen, click "Back To Title Screen"
    Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater: Make a survival world with cheats enabled

    And finally, A revision to my first achievement:
    3rd time's the charm: Defeat the Ender Dragon on your 3rd try
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