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    Awesome survival island seed im trying it out.
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    How many blocks high is a (Two Story House) because I have no clue what so ever.

    Please tell me :huh:
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    Hey nice seed! Do you mind if I play this seed with mods? If so, i have some challanges for the Jammy Furniture Mod (The mod i have :D):

    Craft a table.
    Craft a chair to sit at the table.
    Make a washing machine.
    Make a cooker.
    Make a Kitchen.

    If you need the mod look it up.


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    Yeah pretty cool!I would like to make a multiplayer co-op YouTube with someone on this island!If intrested PM me.
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    I must say, a great find! Me and my friends are having a great time with the island on our private server ;) (I regret to say I traveled to the mainland to find leather for books).
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    Yup, gonna use that
    So.. how about dragons?
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    Great work, I'm going to try it out tomorrow.
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    Quote from SuperCreeperGirl

    Awesome seed! I connected the dungeon/ 2 caves behind the waterfall and made a multi-story house with a mob grinder! You might want to set some goals though, like (these were some of mine:)
    -Make a sugar cane/ wheat farm.
    -Discover another island.
    How do you mean ''another island'' ? there are like 10 little islands in the seed!! :o
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    Quote from Varyhurtful

    How many blocks high is a (Two Story House) because I have no clue what so ever.

    Please tell me :huh:
    Meaby 6-8 blocks tall should be okay
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    Quote from Vissers998

    FINALLY! The ultimate SURVIVAL ISLAND seed including:
    • Only one tree!!
    • An easy to find dungeon
    • Many natural resources like DIAMOND!
    • Sugercane
    • Useable in MineCrafts latest version: 1.3.2
    The seed is: 2475069397829075708

    I´ve uploaded some pics:

    Some people requested challenges, sow here they are:

    This challenges I made by myself.

    1. Create a shelter
    2. Create a block-deleter
    3. Make an fireplace
    4. Create a lighthouse
    5. Let an Iron Golem kill 20 zombies
    6. Get all archievments
    7. Obtain an music disk by an creeper killed by an skeleton
    8. Get 8 Enderpearls
    9. Get an diamond sword with SMITE

    1. Make an diary
    2. Make an mobtrap with an tripwire
    3. Get an enchanted golden-apple
    4. Craft an Enderchest
    5. Kill an Zombie pigmen in the overworld

    The map is tested in 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 sow enjoy playing in minecrafts new version ;)

    Cliff Vissers

    how can i make a iron golem, when there are no pumpkin seeds?
    and how can i make a book for bookshelves and enchanting table- to make enchanted diamond sword, when there are no cows to get leather to make those books :(
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    That's a fairly good sead, especially with the sugar cane
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    I like the seed! These are the only things I don't like:
    1.No chicken, so I don't have the feather I need to make arrows with,which means that I have to kill skeletons.
    2.No animals, so I have to eat zombie's meat to live.
    Anyways, great job!
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    You can't make a diary or enchantment table because you need leather for a book

    Also, there's no pumpkin seeds for an iron golem.

    Are we supposed to spawn these items ourselves or are they in chests in the cave, like in an abondoned mineshaft? I haven't found one if there is
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    Thanks for the seed its the best i just made an account to thank you
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    Thank you for this! This seed will be used for my upcoming custom map, which i will be posting about later today!
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    I love this seed.
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    i cant find the dungeon help plz
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    Looks sweet what are the coordinates of the dungeon?
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    This is the best seed ever!
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    Cool Map! I came up with some challenges for the map:

    -Have 64 wood (not planks)
    -make a wheat farm and get 10 wheat
    -acquire diamonds
    -enchant something
    -Go to the nether
    -have full iron armor (chestplate, leggings, helmet, and boots)
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