SP Mods will work for LAN ?

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    All mods will have to be SMP compatible, Considering the fact that SSP and SMP are now one and the same

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    Im sorry but U can also use hamachi on your LAN server

    so other people can join your LAN server while not on the same network
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    You can use SP mods on an LAN server, but anyone who joins needs to have the same mods as you installed. I tried it myself, so don't say it doesn't work.
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    Just Tryed This It Works With My Mod In Lan But Your Friend Has To Have The Mod To Or If They Dont Have The Mod Installed And They See The Items From The Mod They Will Crash
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    Quote from smaltz

    it will scan for the LAN worlds near your area.

    It will scan for LAN worlds on your LAN.

    That is- connected to the same router.
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    Quote from smugkitteh5

    deathrune, you sir are an idiot.

    as for the post, does LAN work if your friend is, oh idk half way across the country? :S

    The audacity of some people is a simply amazing. Personally, I think you're an idiot.

    Try looking up what LAN means - Local Area Network. Without getting into any sort of technical definition, does it seem logical that someone 'half way across the country' is local?

    I'm not typically one to reply with such a remark, but you openly label someone an idiot with no apparent justification (perhaps I'm a hypocrite).

    I find Deathune's questions to be reasonable.
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    With the modding API, I suspect that servers (possibly including LAN servers) will be able to push out mods tot he clients much like they already do texture packs.

    I expect that Minecraft multiplayer is going to be VERY shaken up by this.
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    Just use this http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1538598-reallan-better-lan-servers/
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    Quote from DEATHUNE

    I payed £17.03 or what ever the price is for a game that doesn't support LAN. Mojang are millionaires right now but they still limit their development to 3 people. And the game is still selling today.

    You would think such a game and such an acclaimed multiplayer experience would support game modifications for multiplayer.

    I appreciate Mojang and Minecraft, this game is not childish but the democratic who play it are 11 years old and when I join a server it is spam full of pathetic scripts and linear game mechanics such as no pvp or player house raiding. It feels like you are playing a non gui game like on ms dos because there is no textures but just logs on the bottom left corner.

    Interesting that you would call the target audience "11 years old" and yet confuse the word 'democratic' with 'demographic.' It may be unnecessary to pick on such a mistake, albeit a... childish one.

    Furthermore, could you elaborate on what you mean by 'linear game mechanics'? You've said so far that Minecraft seems not to support multiplayer game modifications. I would like to present, off the top of my head, examples such as Mine Z, Herocraft, Skyblock, and the like. These change the subdynamic of the game, as well as using coding that I doubt you could manage by yourself.

    And no, none of these servers really use 'pathetics scripts... [or] logs." While I disagree with you, I suggest that you understand what you're talking about before you go and make a false statement.

    Quote from DEATHUNE

    What ever no one understands my point. The game is a sandbox and I'm just saying it would be nice to have multiplayer mod support I don't see how it's not possible for Mojang to implement this feature, it's not like it is something insignificant.

    I would predict that Mojang or Notch wouldn't want this because then the modders could make Minecraft 2.0 two years before them and mpjang not get any credit. But when they give up updating minecraft notch will add the mod support, or give them the source code for the modders to mod it.


    Actually, Notch has said in several tweets that they fully encourage modding for Minecraft, while they don't necessarily endorse it. In fact, several updates in Minecraft have been based on mods and user suggestions, such as the recent Enderchest.

    In addition, Minecraft does, in fact, have multiplayer mod support. I believe you mean multiplayer support for SSP mods, but -- wouldn't that simply make them multiplayer mods? Please clarify before presenting your 'case'.
    Quote from DEATHUNE

    This was the kind of logic I wanted to hear, I am new to minecraft modding.

    That's right, you're new to Minecraft modding. So please, get to know what you're talking about before you try to push your crap onto others, not simply putting out your opinion -- which there is nothing wrong with -- but even going further to try to push your views onto others, and displaying your ignorance with posts like "whatever, no one understands my point".

    Nothing wrong with what you're doing, just make more sense, and actually try to understand what you're talking about. Thanks.

    tl;dr - You're being stupid. Stahp.
    Quote from AwesomexxSlayer

    Just Tryed This It Works With My Mod In Lan But Your Friend Has To Have The Mod To Or If They Dont Have The Mod Installed And They See The Items From The Mod They Will Crash

    We meet again, Captain Capital.
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    Quote from Hybran

    I love how you will immediately call a game a childish one if an optional, not even required thing gets added to a LAN service which we are getting for free.


    What are you doing here? xD
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    Simply have your mod eg. (mo creatures + balkons weapon mod) installed on your host computor and your other computor. if you are playing lan then the mods will work exactly like singleplayer provided the host and you ave the mod. i have Mo creatures, jammys furniture mod, balkons weapons, special armours and heaps more and me and my friend play lan with them all.
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    Quote from Black_Drath

    Not a lot of games support mods at all. In fact, Minecraft technically does not (although Mojang does). Not until the Mod API is released anyway.
    So what you are saying there doesn't make sense. Many games with "acclaimed multiplayer experiences" don't support modding so why is it a surprise that minecraft doesn't?
    Also, the demographic is not 11 years olds. Sure, many 11 year old may play it, but many adults do too. Minecraft is a game for all ages.
    See Post

    Also, Notch doesn't really update it, he just mods his own game.
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