Hypixel Adventure Map - Herobrine's Mansion

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    This Is..... MOTHER OF GOD EPIC! :Sheep:

    still, i dont have friend to play... if yes,he must create a cracked or hamachi server :(


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    Quote from CalinXStelistu

    Another proof that he's real ;)

    It's just an adventure map, made by a community member.

    Also, I hate to be "that guy", but shouldn't this be in the Modding and Mapping section?
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    Dinnerbone you better not be ­ing with us. I will only like the map if it works!
    I am working on a texture pack. Place your bets on how long it takes for this message to update!
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    Cmon, Herobrine is too scared of the outside world to build himself a small wooden shed.
    Guess he's not jerking around anymore.
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    By far one of the best maps ive played! keep it up, Hypixel!
    i really hope we get more maps like this from you and the rest of the community

    check out my youtube page for a set of videos on this map, which will be uploading soon!

    (sorry if that link seems like spam or anything, just trying to get out to you guys that i have a video on the map uploading soon)
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    I'm having trouble beating Zathos at all. How can I fight one I cannot see???
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    I want to play this with someone. Anyone have a server to do this.
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    Quote from Hypixel

    I thought about it but I'm a bit shy and my english isn't 100% hehe :)
    But you're awesome! People would LOVE to see your videos on how you do it! I would give 100000 views if you uploaded a video on how you spawned the monsters and such! Of cause i can't help you if you're shy, but I don't think people would mind your english at all, if the video is as awesome as your map :D
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    OMG epic map but i cant download the texture
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    Quote from TrigonometricG

    I want to play this with someone. Anyone have a server to do this.
    me too! but i wanna be cracked,not vannila :SSSS:
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    Cool map!!
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    Well I'm blown away!
    I dont even know how to get armored mobs!

    Well I'm blown away!
    I dont even know how to get armored mobs!

    Please help with armored mobs!
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    Awesome Map!
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    Gives massive Diablo 2 flashbacks.

    This map's quality is incredible. I gotta say, I wondered if it suffers from hunger bar disbalance (when the pace of its depletion is not balanced with the amount of food the player receives), but the ability to trade flesh and bones for food is simple and genius.
    I played this map alone, and eventually my inventory got flooded by loot. I kept everything I could, because I thought I had to manage weapon durability and spend experience to combine damaged weapons using an anvil, but it seems I was overthinking it.
    The design of the mansion itself is gorgeous, to say the least. You've managed to create a believeable replica of a huge mansion even on the inside!
    Skeleton King's knockback was impressive, but as soon as I met generic skeletons with essentially the same knockback, SK's reputation diminished. There's nothing, er, 'kingy' about him, but I guess it was hard to make him unique in more ways than adding a crown ontop of his head.
    By the way, those zombies in black armor and with skeleton heads. Those guys. My first thought: "Israphel?"
    Also, random Endermen inside the mansion feel out of place. At first I thought it is supposed to be Zatho (which makes sense, a tall creepy man teleporting around, of course it's a dark mage), but once one of them died, I realised they're here for nothing.

    Overall, you did a great job. It is the map I will remember forever, one of the megaliths of MC adventure map design. :Diamond:
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    Well I'm blown away!
    I dont even know how to get armored mobs!

    Please help with armored mobs!

    look up somee of SethBling's videos. He has some filters for MCEdit that show you how to do it.
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    looks epic!
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    This is a freaking epic map, but my computer can only run it at 5 fps, and down to 2 when monsters are attacking. Also I had a panic attack when a baby zombie attacked me o.o
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    So... i fell in the void and now i'm stuck, anyone knows how to fix or is it a bug? :\
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    Hypixel, if you DID make this map, Then where's the Witch? I've been looking for her (Forgot location) And just found Herobrine... sigh!
    Quote from DukeNukemII

    There's a problem with Zatho. When I beat him, I was still blinded regularly and teleported back when I left the room

    Did you get the disc? Zatho's abilities will stop once you put it in the player.
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    Creative, Scary, Difficult and Mind Melting.
    One of the best Adventure Maps in Minecraft's history if I can say.
    As many says the wither is hard, it shouldn't be if you use your brain a little more.
    For what you know the wither can be easy to defeat or it can be hard depends which side you see it from and which side you want to see it from.

    • Creative
    • Difficult
    • Great Work
    • Intelligence needed.
    • Nice buildings.
    • Great editing of mobs and blocks.
    - Bee-M-Edits.
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