Today in Minecraft - Pocket Edition, Gift Cards, & More

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    Quote from ElephantBroham

    Whats a nether reactor??

    Read Post #8.
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    When is the cards coming to Australia?

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    lets all go to walmart
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    Someone should notify my local Target and Wal~Mart that Massachusetts is within the US, and that they should carry these, being that neither have heard of them. Hell, a search of 'minecraft' at the target site results in nothing but Legos.

    Luckily, I found a friend who allowed me to use his PayPal (moneybookers turned down everything I threw at them.)
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    What about pre-paid cards in Brazil, the kids here would be glad (specialy a bit cheaper).
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    I'm looking forward to the Pocket Edition updates, especially the Nether Reactor one.
    Glad to see there's an update for PE coming out soon. :)
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    Gift Cards coming to Europe? awesome, just be sure they come to Bulgaria as well. :)
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    will the pre-paid cards ever make it to Australia?

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    Target does not sell minecraft gift cards in store or on website and i work at target Surianaceae.
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    What is Nether Reactor?
    The nether reactor is a machine that spawns sugar cane, mushrooms, cacti, and exclusively, Glowstone dust. It is similar to the nether portal, but it requires 36 gold (4 gold blocks), 6 iron and 3 diamond (for the core), and 14 cobblestone. But, there are consequences of using the reactor.
    1. It can only be used once.
    2. It spawns Zombie Pigmen which are like players in Pocket edition unlike the PC and XBE, and they are angry (They drop gold ingots, by the way)
    3. It turns the day to night, or reduces the light level to nearly 7 or less

    A couple of interesting facts, cobblestone turns red and there is an obelisk of obsidian when it "burns out"

    TL;DR - A$$-kicking Tekkit in Pocket Edition xD
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    When will buckets be added?
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    Very excited for the PE update.
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    Restore hearts when sleeping in bed

    That... uuh...
    That's simple and genius, actually.
    Makes me think why PC Minecraft hadn't have this feature before the addition of hunger bar.
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    Quote from Naao

    Luckily, I found a friend who allowed me to use his PayPal (moneybookers turned down everything I threw at them.)

    I agree, it took me a couple weeks going through Moneybookers to buy an account (tried 3 credit/debit cards, I finally had a friend try for me, his credit card worked and I paid him cash). What a pain.. I am so glad they have gift cards now!
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    cool! i've been waiting for this!

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    Never really liked the pocket edition for minecraft. It's like a little small computer screen in your hand. It would be nice on the iPad I guess. Overall, I don't really like it. Minecraft on PC/Mac FTW!
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    Minecraft PE just sucks so bad.
    I'm back on the MCF again!
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    Usually things come out in US, then Europe, then Australia... but it's usually games, and Japan gets them first... maybe the sweepstakes don't happen in Australia because we got the Star Trek movie first? Nah... my friend has always wanted premium, and he's in Australia too, and my dad won't buy him a gift code, his mum won't, so these will be good... haven't talked to him in a while...
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    when out of the update 0.5.0 minecraft pocket edition??????
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    when the update comes out minecraft?? pocket edition
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