Minecraft News - 1.5, Holiday Goodies and More

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    This week, David and Toby cover 1.5 teasers, the Mojang documentary, awesome adventure maps, and more - check it out!


    As an added bonus, enjoy this Minecraft-themed parody of "Whistle", called "Hissin'", made by ModernPrestige. Emnjoy, and happy holidays!
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    Looks good!
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    Meh, 1.5 doesn't really interest me yet, and everything else is pretty much old news.
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    Pretty awesome! Thanks, Sacheverell!
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    "oh let's kill those modders again!"
    just hope it wont be as buggy as 1.4.2 and 1.4.4
    mcapi? forget it
    sadly, this is how you'll fall, mojang.
    do you really think minecraft could have come this far without mods?
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    Can't wait!
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    Wait. You guys must be reading that wrong. It can't be all about the redstone. It just can't. It was supposed to be all about the API, wasn't it? January is what they said, wasn't it? What're you telling me, that NO ONE has a handle on the API? Again? But hey! At least we got super cool fireworks, right? That'll keep us busy a while, right?
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    One big deception after another one, isnt it? Mojang seems to be turning into a normal gaming company after all, and thats sad :/
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    Seems exciting! wish this guy> :Notch:
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    "those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it"

    Maybe if don't purchase the mojang documentary, I can go mad from purchasing copies of minecraft... over and over again. :Notch:
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    I dont like these specific updates , I liked it when they youst to add something to every area of the game , now each update satisfys one group instead of everyone
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    A release date for 1.5 would be good. It's getting boring waiting for that dam date.
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    Just trying different approaches to get their attention.
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    Heh. Emnjoy! Love it.

    Also, not looking forward to redstone being changed. I just finished fixing contraptions broken by the piston timing changes!
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    Quote from UKdeccy

    I dont like these specific updates , I liked it when they youst to add something to every area of the game , now each update satisfys one group instead of everyone

    Actually, this is how they used to do it. At least from when i joined Alpha very early on. The Halloween update that gave us Nether Portals, jack-o-lanterns, etc...
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    My friend Sean is the redstone guy of my group, so for him it will be pretty amazing update. What I'm really interested in is the new ore that is being added and what things will go along with it. I really hope it's something "useful" in the common game. Maybe a new "better than iron" ore? Or the fact it could be a nether ore maybe one that makes armor that is naturally resistant to fire and lava. That would be really epic, but I'm afraid it might be another ore "like redstone" since this is a redstone update.

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    Somewhere along the line, someone at Mojang mentioned a new Nether ore for the new redstone blocks. I hope it gets added. The Nether needs to be expanded. A lot.
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    on the note of someone saying "redstone block", I say "solid redstone block like the blocks of diamond, lapis, emerald, etc. please." preferrably if it still works like redstone dust or at least glows faintly when powered. hell, they could go lazy and make it look like red ice, even.
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    Why don't they just come out and admit they are never adding the modding API?
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    Many of those amazing map makers will love 1.5, as for myself not a redstone fan.
    Hope it's more than just redstone in this update...
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