Documentary of Mojang Available!

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    I don't even understand the point of this. Minecraft became successful because Notch made a little time-waster of a game that scratched an itch people didn't even know they had. It's not like the game is successful because he's a talented programmer (he isn't), or that Mojang AB is some kind of nexus of game developer talent (it's alright.)

    Now, I've been impressed with some of the things some of the better-known modders have come up with (including but not limited to TerraFirmaCraft, Better Than Wolves, the various shader mods, and several Forge mods) and I'm interested in seeing if the general Minecraft concept ever makes its way into AAA games, but I don't necessarily see its success as being directly as a result of competence or incompetence on Notch/Mojang's part.

    I mean, Notch and the rest of the Mojang people all seem like pretty nice people, and I'm glad they've found success, but they would not be on the list of big names in game development, and probably not even close to the top.

    I'd be far more interested in a documentary on game developers which have had a definite, lasting impact on gaming as a whole - Looking Glass Studios, Black Isle Studios, Ion Storm, Blizzard, freaking Valve, and so many others that I'd wager many Minecraft players haven't even heard of.
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    I watched it, it was fantastic. Money well spent for anyone who has been here since the beginning and loves to know everything they can about Minecraft.
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    It Looks amazing :D
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