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Minecraft 1.6 Is Out!

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    Quote from Malmeky

    The irony of this comment is delicious.

    Seriously though, you Mojang apologists need to stop being so hostile. All we're trying to do is point out bugs and give constructive criticism for the benefit of the dev team, and you keep jumping down our throats as if we're some sort of horrible troublemaking trolls. When you insult us with ad hominem attacks merely for expressing a dissenting opinion, that's immature. Please, take a step back and look at what you're doing.

    Amen to this sentiment. The issue here is that while some bugs were fixed, it seems as many more were created in the process. This update did make for a worse experience for the players on a number of levels, and broke some key parts of the game, which is sort of why the resentment was here.

    A great many of these bugs could have been caught by testers, and should have been.

    BTW, in terms of the software being in beta, I think we all get that the software is going to be buggy to an extent. Still, when this software "goes gold" and leaves the beta stage of development (previously announced for when that is happening BTW), bugs of this nature should not get even this level of toleration. If there was to be a perpetual "Beta testing" branch where hardcore players would "bless" a release as good to go before it became generally accepted as a stable release, perhaps the criticism would be justified. Beta testing implies that bug reports can and ought to be filed by the "testers", which in this case is the users of the software. That is precisely what is happening here.

    Simply put, if you want the stable release, stick with 1.5 as the 1.6 branch is currently very unstable. Those playing this game need to realize that, and the warnings to backup save files are very much justified. Don't trust the software because this particular branch is not ready for prime time yet and in fact inferior to the earlier version of the software.

    I've seen this kind of thing happen with other game development companies where they do the public bug testing where key issues simply weren't considered before its release. Money is being paid here, so customers are justifiably upset that they are receiving an inferior product. You can debate if players should pay for updates as a separate issue, and then people would be completely justified for being pissed about this update.

    I appreciate that Notch is hard at work (as evidenced by four subsequent rapid patches on the update), but he shouldn't be given a total pass here either. Telling people to shut up and stop complaining about bugs is perhaps the worst thing that can happen right now.

    Version 2.1 now updated for MC 1.6.2
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    I have found a new bug... if your right-click while wielding a pick or a shovel then it disappears.
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    And after seeing 4 patches and 100's of new bugs today... this is why I never allow my Minecraft to download on patch day - too much mess :smile.gif: I'll check again in a few days and maybe allow it to download the patch then...
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    Quote from NitrateNoxious

    My TooManyItems Mod doesn't work. Help??

    Maybe it's because you have downloaded the 1.6 update. 1.5_01 mods don't work with 1.6.
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    My TooManyItems Mod doesn't work. Help??
    They have to update the mod.I found something intresting :Notch: Look at the Drill and Leave-less Sapling
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    Quote from thndrchld

    Fixed that for you.

    Dude, it's a fracking BETA. You absolutely purchased the game -- When it's released. Until the game is officially released, you are not a player, you are a BETA TESTER. It is your job to find the bugs in the game and report them. That's why you were given a discount on the game: in essence, you are working for Notch right now.

    Stop grousing about the fact that there are bugs in the game. It's annoying to me, too, but I have an understanding that, while acting as a beta tester, I am essentially a member of the development staff, as is every single minecraft player until Nov. 11. Don't whine that the game has bugs. Report them, but don't whine about it and attack the staff.

    Also, take a look at the scale of this game. Now take a look at the list of people actively involved in churning out code. Now back to the game. Now back to the list. This is a huge undertaking, and if you feel you can do a better job, I invite you to write your own massive creative sandbox game.

    While Java is a platform independent language, there's absolutely no way to foretell how changes to code are going to react on every single computer out there. They're too different. The only way to be sure is to write it, do some minimal testing, then release it to the beta community to test the ever-loving crap out of it in as many different configurations as possible. Why do you think there's a beta plan at all?

    The patch was engined for weeks and was tested approximately 12 hours before release. This is virtually nothing.

    It's obvious that most of the "new features" are taken from the mod community. Hopefully with their agreement.

    4 updates on a single day speak for itself.

    In case you and "Konfuzius" didn't read and didn't understand, I have to express it more seriously so you maybe do. Patching a patch for 3 times on a single day is incompetent and I'm pretty sure they did not even understand what they do, when implementing thoose mods into their patch. I'm also sure they made it "learning by doing", but unfortunately this philosophie was backfiring at them, because the "doing" exceeded the "learning" curve. I've tried to say it gently, but obviously your "omnipotent wisdom" has made you guys blind to the reality...:wink.gif:

    I'm aware of the fact of being a Beta Tester. I don't have any problems with being a Beta Tester. I'm used to this because I own games from Bethesda (all of them). The problem is, patches that render the game unplayble simply suck. And if patches suck so hard that I've got to go deeper into detail to find out why they suck so bad, and then find out that it was because the patch got rushed, packed with obiously wrong and overloaded content, engined without any decent testing and ontop of that announced as something more holy then the holy grail itself...I'm pissed...easily.

    And now for the part that you and Konfuzius totally omitted to give your arguments more weight, and only because of that: I'm not only a Beta Tester, I'm a customer too. And in case of Minecraft I have the right to get a game in playable Beta stage...if it's unplayable, then it's not even worth to be considered as Alpha.

    Why in gods name was a patch rushed for MC and at the same time a MC version engined for a handheld console? And now...the answer...because Notch lost the trail. He's rich now. He can do anything he wants, even quit MC and try something else. And since I am part of the community named fanbase that made him rich, I have the right to decide who was grateful and who wasn't. And this still not fixed patch, wasn't very grateful. Period.

    And, we have a bonus question. If the Beta is ment to be tested by us Beta players (testers), how am I supposed to do this if the game is unplayble in it's current state because of the incredible annoying lag?
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    Quote from thndrchld

    Fixed that for you.

    Thank you. Seriously. But I was making a different point.

    I get that this is a beta. I know I'm a beta tester. I'm not complaining about the fact that there are bugs in the game, because that's a given. Many people built their worlds around bugs that made, say, parallel minecart boosters work. Then Notch makes 1.6, parallel minecarts go away, and I'm okay with that because it was bound to happen sooner or later.

    What I'm *not* okay with is Notch releasing something an update this monumental (if I may call it that) literally *one day* after he finished his whole to-do list - and in so doing letting slip bugs as colossal as a CPU load error (if I may call *that* that as well), which he was able to replicate on *his* computer (I assume, given that he was able to identify the problem), the point being that this is not an isolated error and is platform-independent, yadda yadda; in short, it was there all along. Probably nobody saw it because there wasn't enough time. I don't know. But today alone he has had to release three additional updates to rectify this single bug, each of which, from the looks of it, has in turn failed to work.

    That's my problem. Nothing else. I know Minecraft is a huge and ambitious project. I'm grateful that Notch has decided to dedicate these particular years of his life to making it. But seeing this... thing happening, it's like watching a video of some extremely talented guy making elementary mistakes in a game or project because he's too rushed or too enthusiastic or too whatever. You slap your forehead repeatedly while you watch him rushing around trying to fix things. It smacks of sloppiness. You want to look away.

    So, to summarize:
    - I am *not* complaining about bugs (in general).
    - I am *not* complaining about 1.6 ruining my game.
    - I *am* complaining about 1.6 containing a flaw so basic and so detrimental to gameplay, I don't know how it was overlooked (if you do, please enlighten me).
    - I *am* making the suggestion that maybe Notch would like to take a little more time on epic bugfixes? - maybe one or two days - so as not to release updates with embarrassing bugs like these.
    - And maybe push the version release date back if need be?
    - I *am* supportive of Notch and his endeavors, and I think he is doing a wonderful job overall, excepting this one slip-up here, which
    - I *am* willing to overlook IF it doesn't happen again.

    That's all. I do have a working brain, you know, even if it doesn't run in the patterns you're used to.
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    Drill + New Sapling
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    I'm not updating from 1.5, simply because Notch nerfed my water elevator and minecart boosters.... Wasn't it bad enough he nerfed the water ladder? Now ALL of the old fast transportation is slow.
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    Is it just me, or does fire spread further?

    I logged on and an entire district of my town was on fire. They have fire places, but I've never had an issue with the buildings setting on fire, and they kept relighting when I put them out, so I ended up taking out the fire places and now it's stopped :/
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    Texture pack?
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    Quote from Frontsalat

    And now for the part that you and Konfuzius totally omitted to give your arguments more weight, and only because of that: I'm not only a Beta Tester, I'm a customer too. And in case of Minecraft I have the right to get a game in playable Beta stage...if it's unplayable, then it's not even worth to be considered as Alpha.

    Just a quick comment:

    The way I see it, thndrchld is right in that we're not *fully* customers until the full version is released. Whether Notch can just up and leave and roll around in his money with impunity is a question for a lawyer. But customers or no, we *are* still That Guy who Notch asked to maybe take a look at his drafts, it's nice and fun and totally worth our while? And if there are problems, could we also tell him?

    The fact that we handed over money complicates things a bit, but one basic premise still holds: it has to be worth our while. Like any editor, copyeditor, critique partner, or beta-tester, we take time out of our already busy lives to assess and make suggestions on Notch's work. In so doing, we and Notch agree implicitly that whatever work he hands us is professional and presentable and well thought-out. If Minecraft were a book, and Notch gave it to me with the pages in wrong order or paragraph breaks missing or formatting done incorrectly, I would have every right to throw it back in his face and say, "Don't waste my time. Come back when you've fixed that."

    Just because you're a beta-tester/critique partner, doesn't mean you should take everybody's crap.
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    I'm not saying people should stop complaining, but constructive criticism and bug reports are the way to go here, not screaming like little girl that lost their virginity.
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    My characters hat skin dont work, is it only for me or what?
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    :Skeleton: The wooden and stone stairs textures aren't working for me anymore.

    But other than a little problem, this update is awesome.
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    Quote from prefix

    I'm not saying people should stop complaining, but constructive criticism and bug reports are the way to go here, not screaming like little girl that lost their virginity.

    Well, I'm glad we've come to an agreement. I'll even forget the part where you implied I didn't have a functional brain.
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    You have it absolutely right, thank you for a bit of sense. I am having a very annoying bug were i am taking damage every time i log on, but it will be fixed in time, and the full release date is still some time away, lets give the guy a little time to learn from mistakes, and fix them, instead of jumping all over him, have a little compassion.
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    I would love to see it possible to make trapdoors of iron, as atm if one is in a state that makes unable to get to point B you just punch it yourself instead of using the lever
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    Well, I loaded 1.6 this morning and now the game just crashes when i try to open it. Yes, I made sure that Java was updated and my drivers are also up to date. I sent in the crash report, hopefully there will be some resolution.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    could someone tell me how to completely clear mods from my world (i mean modded items in chest aswell) also how to fix the "saving chnks" error?
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