Minecon Location 2014

Poll: Do You Think Other People Should Get A Chance To Go? (ex: Aus, A

MInecon Location

Do You Think Other People Should Get A Chance To Go? (ex: Aus, A - Single Choice

  • No, NA and E ONLY 33.9%
  • Yes, Different Regions 66.1%

This poll has ended as of 5/15/2014 5:50:00 PM

Poll: What Location Should be for Minecon 2014

MInecon Location

What Location Should be for Minecon 2014 - Single Choice

  • Hobart,Tasmania 0.2%
  • Osaka,Japan 1.9%
  • New Dehli,India 0.2%
  • Rio de Jainero,Brasil 3.1%
  • Honolulu,USA 4.6%
  • Kenya,Nairobi 0.4%
  • London,United Kingdom 36.6%
  • Chicago,USA 43.3%
  • Sydney,Australia 8.2%
  • SIngapore,Singapore 1.5%

This poll has ended as of 5/15/2014 5:50:00 PM

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    Minecon 2014 should be in Chicago!!!!!!
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    Quote from Phicksur

    From what I have heard mentioned:

    Miami, FL
    I've heard that as well as New York. Let's keep our eyes peeled.
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    Quote from SickLizard84

    I think this is racist, everybody who says no is basically saying,
    no we want minecon all to our selves, forget those other nations.
    bad poll man, bad poll...

    How is it racist?

    rey-siz-uhm] race is superior and has the right to rule others.

    a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such adoctrine; discrimination.

    hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
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    Out of curiosity; you put down two Australian locations as Sydney and Hobart. I can understand Sydney as a good area for Minecon if it come to Australia, but why Hobart? Why not Brisbane or Melbourne (For the fact that they are in the top three most populated cities in Australia)? Why not Adelaide (Some of the better convention centres here)? What does Hobart have over those locations?That being said, mind, my vote goes to Sydney albeit I'd love to see it in Melbourne.

    SDM and Squid Army fanboys/girls. You're as ridiculous as each other. Gold=Butter=Gold. Why do you harp on about something as trivial as what people call it?
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    Dear Notch, please Chicago, that would be so damn convenient.
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    I think it should be in Yorktown Virginia. It would be very awesome.
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    now that I thinks about any where out of N.A or E.A would be different.
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    I think the British should get a go. I mean there are many British minecrafters and Youtubers and it hasn't been in Britain yet. It'll come to Chicago eventually anyway, I bet it'll be this year, or somewhere near it.
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    London 2014 Then Australia, Perth 2015 then Asia 2016 :D
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    I think that Minecon should be in Germany or London. They are 2 great and nice looking country's Europe should be the place. You would have people from the USA travel to Europe and then while there visit Minecon and see the local historical sites. It would make for a great trip. Most american make it to Europe. This makes people want to go there. One of the most famous people to go to Minecon is Notch and the Yogscast the have easy access to the area. It would make it more likely for them to come. Minecon could also join or make a injunction with Comicon so they can come together to give people a very good trip. But that may only be my opinion.

    Thank you,
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    Quote from TheZorgyBaby

    I don't understand why they cant have more then one in different regions of the world in a given year? like there are a ton of fans in the USA and Europe! they surly would make a ton of money by having 2 in one year.

    They don't do it for the money; in fact, they said that overall they made a loss last time (and all of the tickets sold out so they couldn't have made more money anyway)
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    Somewhere in Montana obviously

    It''s the head of the continuous 8 states lumber export, and the number one mining state in the lower 48!
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    Minecon 2013 has not even started yet and your all worrying about 2014!

    *On topic- Lets have it in Stockholm! Origin city of Minecraft!
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    I think it should be in uk as for I never get the chance to go and it has rarely ever been there :l
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    They should host it in my Houston-area house.

    pls jeb
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    Las Vegas in 2011 (USA), Paris in 2012, (EU), somewhere in the USA in 2013, so that means it should be in Europe for 2014, and because of the votes, in London.
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    Johannesburg, South Africa please! Pretty child-friendly city in my opinion and shouldn't be too far away for Euros/North Americlaps/Aussies.
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    Sorry to say but minecon is not up to you all :/ Its up to mojang. sorry to say that but its true :/
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    Quote from Phicksur

    From what I have heard mentioned:

    Miami, FL

    This. Please this.
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    My backyard, California.
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