Minecraft fans DDoS attacks Cube World (too much competition one fan says)

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    If you go to the website, it states that there is on and off DDos attacks. There ya go. And by the way... why is this in MINECRAFT Discussion? Shouldn't this be in general gaming?
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    Quote from will1982

    If OP is correct, then I'd be really dissapointed. I thought the MC community was better than that.

    Don't blame a whole community for a few idiotic fans but anyway, there was a disgruntled fan over on thier forums who said they deserve to be hacked/attacked because he could not access the game due to the ddos attacks.. Yep thats the logic of these people folks. lol
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    Quote from Nuralise


    It's the same group of people, which I have on good authority

    Not quite. Cube world is more rpg based while Minecraft is survival. Two different types of gaming.
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    right because ALL of us hate cube world right? WRONG! My guess is the roblox community did this
    I mean they lost to one voxel game (minecraft) they don't wont to lose to another one
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    Quote from Nuralise

    Well with that logic I would have to sit in the persons lap and record a video while this is taking place, which for obvious reasons is impossible

    Again, why should we believe you?
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    Quote from Nuralise

    I know from good sources that DDoS attacks are being made from hardcore Minecraft fans, fearing too many people will migrate to this newly released alpha version, vosel based game.

    Is another voxel based game out there really that scary for you guys, you have to resort to this kind of tactic?
    can someone explain what a DDoS attack actully is? to be honest i dont know what it is im not very good with computers
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    Quote from Mathy

    Cube World is a voxel-based RPG.
    Minecraft is a voxel-based sandbox.

    Two. Different. Games.

    And even then they run off voxel based stuff differently. Cube world uses lots of tiny cubes as well as bigger cubes. Minecraft has cubes that are basically one size for ALL of the,.
    Quote from cubeworldRox

    can someone explain what a DDoS attack actully is? to be honest i dont know what it is im not very good with computers
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    I've played Cube World a bit and I don't forsee Minecraft players ditching for CW. The games are completely different
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