What was your FIRST reaction to Minecaft?

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    Hey I'm starting a new topic to see what was your people's reactions.

    Mines was - meh, ill try it anyway.

    Then I loved it. The end. :3

    Oh and also the Minecraft version? Mines was 1.7.3

    My laptop I had then ran minecraft at 1fps :P it was crappy but then i found optifine and it improved to 13fps so I lived with it :D Now it works great with a new computer
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    At the start i tried out minecraft classic and then i also tought, meh i'll try the survival, and i loved it. <3 I started at Minecraft alpha 1.2.5 :)
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    I started playing in pre beta 1.8. At first I thought aaaaaaaaaargh the lags because my laptop wasnt very good but now since I fixed my lag its great
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    My very first thought upon starting up a Minecraft world was: "Wow, this is really blocky!" But I kind of knew what to expect, so I wasn't too surprised. I was pretty much hooked right from the start.

    I don't remember which version I started with, but I know it was before Wolves, so probably 1.3.
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    I played on a friend's account, and almost immediately lost interest. Then, he showed me another friend's multiplayer server. I've loved Minecraft ever since.

    I think I started somewhere mid-Alpha, I don't really remember.
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    First saw it in early alpha and was like how could this ever be fun? Then I tried it (still early alpha) and loved it ever since, although to be honest I still prefer to play alpha/early beta over the current releases as minecraft was all about exploring for me. The current generator lost all the glory the old ones have. Playing with mods that return the old generator/alpha itself mainly now. Still love it.
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    Been playing it since very very long, all the way since Indev.
    I didn't really have a reaction as I was quiet exploring the world.
    What a feeling it was, minecraft... is just so awesome.
    "There is a world we cannot see, a world where all our imagination, dreams and fantasies lay true with no limitations and endless freedom. It is there as we speak, and it will always be there. Our world will never be able to connect to the other, but we will know that it is there, beyond this world. Those who you have lost in this world is there, and you will meet them when you are no longer part of our current world."
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    I started up a new world, saw the graphics, asked "what is this ****?"
    googled it, watched Ethos first 10 episodes of his letsplay in one sitting, have played ever since (This was in Beta 1.3)
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    I watched my bro play MC when it was just updating from B1.8 to 1.0. Then i was like: I need a account. When i first went into the world i didnt know what to expect (i never heard of a creeper,enderman, or silverfish before), until i got murdered by a creeper. then i upgraded my account. After that this only went through my mind when it came to minecraft: best game ever.
    Look at the endermen. I dare you. Also below:
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    Me alone or 1.7.3 was one of the best updates?

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    Quote from xZooBLeZ

    minecraft... is just so awesome.
    Kinda makes me wanna break into a song.

    On topic:I saw it in the internet and fell in love with it immediately, haven't played with it after I first saw it though, took me 1-2 months before playing it.
    Hey guys, I have an idea! let's be negative and a total ass towards the game developers! that will make them listen to us!
    Note the sarcasm.
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    My first view of Minecraft was from a Youtube video where 3 friends spend the first night in Survival Multiplayer... At first I thought: WTF, how can a game be so poorly made... But I kept watching since I had read something about Minecraft as the ultimate sandbox game somewhere, and then the video goes on with them building a small wooden shack and trying to sleep in 3 beds squeezed together as the zombies keep waking them up in the middle of the night, and then I understood why all the fuss about Minecraft, because it looked so damn funny, and I felt the need of download it right away.
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    Thanks for replying everyone! :D

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    When I first heard about minecraft, I was like "Omg this game sucks, lego is for little kids". But when my friend let me on his minecraft world, I was hooked immediately. I started playing minecraft in beta 1.4, right before 1.5. The multiplayer was great, and I still love the game as much as I loved it back in those days :)

    Proud to be a M.C.P.E.U member :D
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    Well, I had a confused; in a nice way, reaction.
    I loved finding out there were more stuff I ever knew about, and I also loved finding out about the nether while stumbling through the wiki for the very first time!
    I made 3 different starting worlds, because I kept dying at the start.
    I know this might make me sound like an addict, but in one word? It was magical.
    I first started in 1.3 Beta and made my first house under a tiny 10 block deep slice through the ground, which stayed my home forever ;D
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    My first reaction was "wow, what saddo would spend his life playing a game with graphics like this? LOL"
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    Quote from xOsC

    My first reaction was "wow, what saddo would spend his life playing a game with graphics like this? LOL"

    Exactly what my brother said then he watched the yogscast and was convinced

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    My first reaction: ...oh!
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    I had heard about the game from a friend at work, and I did some youtube video watching to see what the fuss was about and was intrigued enough to try it, watched a few minecraft basics videos to get the gist of what I should do in this game and the basic mechanics of it. When I first played, it took me some getting used to the controls and moving around. And my first whoa moment was "what? it's getting dark already and I hear zombies.... Not good! Must build shelter or dig a hole to hide in till morning" Come a long ways since that first day playing but have become addicted to this game like the rest of us on here. I've learned a lot here and on the wiki and through experimenting in the game.
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