Gollum Competition

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    Ok guys i've got a mission for you! I'm working on a Lord of the Rings map (http://www.minecraft...f-the-rings-map) and from now until December 24th we are holding a competition for a skin design for Gollum

    the winner receives:
    -A character named after them
    -A Pre-realise beta experience of the map
    -a special behind the scenes look at the map on the server
    -An exclusive banner
    -20 exclusive mine-craft Middle Earth Skins
    -Exclusive edition of texture pack(the staff copy)
    -A house in hobbiton named after them

    So go ahead and submit your skins here OR via email to [email protected]

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    Sounds like fun. I'll see if I can get around to it.
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    come on people its a simple contest with good rewards! join on in!

    I'll even throw in a BONUS PRIZE!

    the winner also gets to design a secret room for the map
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    Cool good extra prize. Go in the comp or sign up for the map now!
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