[WIP]Fire Emblem 16x texture pack

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    maby have the diamond armor look like a general
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    This account is now inactive.
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    Sweet. I never thought a Fire Emblem texture pack existed.
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    Do you know what you should do? until your finished with this texture pack you should make a texture pack with JUST the changing to the weapons that you have already done because it looks REALLY cool. like the swords, axes, and the bow. oh but if you do that you should make a new armor texture before that. but still so far its amazing and good work good job :D
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    Because of the so obviously dead thread, I may finish the pack myself or just do it entirely lol, pm me if you want it, if I get enough pms ill work on it and try to consistently update it
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    where is the downloa?
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    First of all, this is an amazing idea. I actually found this by searching Google for a texture pack based on FE. Secondly, I have a few suggestions for the weapons/tools:
    Gold Sword: Killer Sword
    Gold Shovel: Killer Lance
    Gold Axe: Killer Axe
    (And if you aren't going to stick to just classic FE, here is a good suggestion for Diamond Sword)
    Diamond Sword: Falchion (FE: Awakening)

    Lastly: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: Love it.
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