Changing the image of minecraft one texture at a time.

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    Looks pretty good from what I can see.

    Keep it up, man :smile.gif:
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    For your reply problems change your OP get some in-game pictures. show pictures of how they look in game its okay looking at them flat, but better to see them being used...

    The last thing people want when they go on a thread is a wall of text as the op,

    But it is looking good. love the jars of inks.. (why didn't I think of that)
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    ever since the new update I've been on a texture binge. So I stopped the old texturepack, since it was crap anyways. Here's the new items texture. I've only made the first 2 swords, but everything is still the same as my old texture. This texture is for high def packs.
    I changed 2 swords and changed the chicken into KFC!!!

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    New update. Changed iron sword and gold sword.

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    Looking pretty cool, gotta commend the fact that it blends with the defaults well :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from gretar123

    bump Feel sorry for ya :rolleyes:
    But awesome looking tools
    Specially the double bladed sword :Pig:

    Very much agree! ;D
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    Here's a fresh update not even 30 minutes later. I updated the diamond sword. Sorry, I liked the double bladed look too, but here's the new diamond sword.

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    I'm so sorry about the wooden pickaxe. Apparently while I was making the wooden axe I didn't realize that I was doing it on the pickaxe area and not the axe area. So I made a makeshift pickaxe for wood users, sorry. You'll have to deal with that until I fix it.

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    BTW, if nobody noticed yet, I'm making a Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 texture pack. :3
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    Here's another update. I replaced the gay wooden pickaxe with a stone pickaxe until I actually get to that part.
    Also, I've finished all of the axes. Please enjoy.

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    Quote from dr_pootis

    My jaw dropped the instant i saw the tools.
    As or everything else edited, pretty cool :cool.gif:, and I like how the dyes are in jars :biggrin.gif:
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    AWESOME TEXTURE PACK! Is there a dawnload link?
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