[16x][v1.2.5]aTempesT's Textures (v9)

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    aTempesT's Textures
    v9 for Minecraft 1.2.5

    Last Update: April 18, 2012
    Download Link - Mediafire [v9]

    Welcome to the thread for aTempesT's Textures!

    I love feedback positive or negative, please leave a comment. =D

    MCPatcher is recommended for the best experience! This includes animated water, animated lava, custom biome colors and animated blocks! You can get MCPatcher here: http://www.minecraft...f=1021&t=252531


    (Map from Nettesweib2011 at PlanetMinecraft!)

    The terrain.png!


    Alt Textures:

    Download Link - Mediafire [v9]


    *Added New Blocks
    *More Custom Biome Colors
    *Added Boss HP Bar
    *Animated Diamond Ore
    *Animated Redstone Torch
    *Animated Powered Rail
    *New Animated Lava
    *New Enchanted Glint
    *New Sky for the End
    *New Mob Egg Overlay
    *New Boat
    *New Rose
    *New Log
    *New Red Mushroom
    *New Brown Mushroom
    *New Stone Bricks
    *New Mycelium
    *New Birch Sapling
    *New Iron Bars
    *New Mossy Stone Bricks
    *New Cracked Stone Bricks
    *New Cake Item
    *New Giant Red Mushroom
    *New Giant Brown Mushroom
    *New Underside of Mushroom
    *New Mushroom Stalk
    *New Cauldron
    *New Sun
    *New Ender Crystal Beam
    *Tweaked Moon
    *Tweaked Reeds
    *Tweaked Bookshelves
    *Tweaked Sandstone
    *Tweaked Floaty Enchanting Symbols
    *Reverted to Older Iron Block
    *Added 1.0 Blocks
    *Added Exp Bar
    *New Bedrock
    *New Cobweb
    *New Dirt
    *New Mossy Cobble
    *New Stone Brick
    *New Cracked Stone Brick
    *New Mossy Stone Brick
    *New Pine Leaves
    *New Lapis Block
    *New Glowstone
    *New Sponge
    *New Sticky Piston
    *New Red Mushroom
    *New Mob Spawner
    *Tweaked Snow
    *Tweaked Cobble
    *Tweaked Stone
    *Tweaked Ores
    *Tweaked Biome Colors
    *Removed Armors
    *Added 1.8 Blocks
    *Added Health Bar
    *Added Armor Bar
    *Added Breath Bar
    *Added Flame Particles
    *New Bed
    *New Bedrock
    *New Birch Logs
    *New Brown Mushroom
    *New Cake
    *New Chest
    *New Cobweb
    *New Diamond Block
    *New Dispenser
    *New Fern
    *New Furnace
    *New Gold Block
    *New Gravel
    *New Ice
    *New Iron Block
    *New Lever
    *New Logs
    *New Mossy Cobble
    *New Natural Sandstone
    *New Note Block
    *New Pine Logs
    *New Pistons
    *New Pumpkins
    *New Redstone Torches
    *New Side Snow
    *New Signs
    *New Snow
    *New Sponge
    *New Stone Slab
    *New Trapdoor
    *New Wood Planks
    *New Wools
    *New Workbench
    *New Yellow Flower
    *Tweaked Bookcase
    *Tweaked Brick
    *Tweaked Grass Biome Color
    *Tweaked Lapis Block
    *Tweaked Mob Spawner
    *Tweaked Record Player
    *Tweaked Top of Logs
    *Switched to Alternate Glass
    *Organized alternates file somewhat/Added Second File
    *Changed Menu Background
    *Various other small tweaks

    *Added Piston Texture
    *Moved Bed and Cake textures so they would work
    *Fixed missing shears icon

    *Added all 1.6 Blocks
    *New Custom Animated Water
    *New Custom Animated Lava (Temporary)
    *Changed Netherrack
    *Changed Brown Mushroom

    *New Rain
    *New Rain/Wolf Water Particles
    *New Grass
    *New Side Grass
    *New Biome colors for Grass and Leaves
    *New Flowers
    *New Redstone Dust Overlay
    *Tweaked Leaves
    *Added all 1.5 Blocks
    *New Custom Animated Water and Non-Animated
    *New Dirt, Side Dirt, Tilled and Hydrated Tilled Dirts
    *New Wood Planks, Chest, Workbench, Noteblock and Ladders
    *New Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone, Stone Slab, Furnace and Dispenser
    *New Mob Spanwer
    *New TNT
    *New Sapling and Reeds
    *New Netherrack and Soul Sand
    *New Cloth
    *Tweaked Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Block and Obsidian
    *Tweaked Sand and Clay
    *Tweaked Minetracks
    *Tweaked Cake
    *Recolored Pine Leaves
    *Simplified Version Names[Major Updates Go Up a Whole Number, Minor Updates Go Up .1]
    *Revamped Thread
    *Added Redstone Delay and Bed Block
    *Re-did Aspen Logs
    *Re-did Pine Leaves
    *Added Border to Lapis Lazuli Block
    *Custom Animated Water
    *Added Alternates image file to pack.
    *Fixed side grass and flower blending.
    *Added sign and door items into item file.
    *Changed Dispenser.
    *Changed top of furnace/dispenser into plain cobblestone until I can make it look decent.
    *Changed version naming into an actually logical method instead of random.
    *Added Update Log text file to pack.
    *Added all 1.2 blocks.
    *Added window to wooden door. Left original as alternate in the terrain.png, also have windowed iron door as alternate.
    *Changed bookcase, left original as alternate.
    *Changed halfsteps, left original as alternate.
    *Changed Clay slightly, left original as alternate and added a pink clay and blue bricks as alternates.
    *Added alternates for diamond, lapis lazuli, and iron.
    *Added alternates for iron, gold, and diamond blocks.
    *Added clouds back in.
    *Changed glass to light blue 'glassy' border.
    *Added gui.png.
    *Removed clouds.

    Previous Releases -
    http://www.mediafire...jcx7r1donuqfndb [v8]
    http://www.mediafire...n0x0i1f3tprxotu [v7]
    http://www.mediafire...ec3u64uhewyt8ee [v6]
    http://www.mediafire...3dndyean403f2c8 [v5]
    http://www.mediafire...lvx2z5xeduj0nz2 [v4.1]
    http://www.mediafire...5skfnhswurd8r47 [v4]
    http://www.mediafire...8rfrq0yjspsq1ka [v3]
    http://www.mediafire...bk0jbc8lsvgmdmc [v2.1]
    http://www.mediafire...kh2drbozgbj5ye2 [v2]
    http://www.mediafire...te962gd9bj2v27n [v1.1]
    http://www.mediafire...go183nbh841klgf [v1]

    License: http://creativecommo...s/by-nc-nd/3.0/
    Last edited by aTempesT: 6/22/2012 5:31:51 AM
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    I love it! Especially your pumpkin! Your cobblestone so pwns mine... T.T but thats a good thing for this pack, I am now downloading it and will be using it next time I play! :smile.gif:

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    I love it! i also love the dragon's texturepack XD I want both!
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    Thanks guys! :happy.gif:

    @Athdaraxen: Your cobble is really good too, yours just belongs in a darker pack while mine belongs in a lighter one. :happy.gif:

    I added some more general screenshots to the first post and included a link to MrMessiah's Ambient Occlusion and Better Grass mods which are awesome.
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    Oh my. This is really quite good!!
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    I like the gloomy atmosphere, it reminds me of sunrise/sunset. All the details are nicely put together as well! Good job
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    Thanks guys. :happy.gif:

    So the glass is one of the ones I'm not 100% happy on. I have actually made several different versions of it so far.

    Which one is the best do you think? Or is there maybe something else I need to do to it?

    Some of the other blocks I'm not quite happy with is the sides of the grass (stupid biome colors), the bookshelves (I think I want the double shelf with more books like usual), and mud (too simple). Any ideas on what I can do to get the grass sides to look decent in all biomes and some kind of detail to add to the mud? (I'm not too big on the screaming faces myself)
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    This is awesome, one thing Im using better grass (might be that not sure), but the grass doesnt match the grass colour on the side of the block where its dirt with grass near the top. Other than that its awesome !
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    The cobble, sand, and cactus really wowed me. Are you going to do tools too?
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    Regarding the glass I prefer the lighter frame.
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    Quote from craggsy »
    Regarding the glass I prefer the lighter frame.

    Agreed. :smile.gif:

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    @craggsy: The side grass color isn't the better grass. I kind of stopped working on it for a while because I don't know how to get it to look good in every biome. I've got one theory that I'll have to try out, but in the mean time if anyone has any ideas on how I can get it to work with the grass, I'm all ears.

    As for the glass, do you mean the fourth from the left on the top or the second down and to the right (the blueish, or the stone?)

    @Captain Crazy: Yes, I'm planning on doing all the items, I've started a little bit on them, though I'm not happy with them yet. They seem to hide a bit in the inventory and chest screens. Here's a little preview of what I have so far (none of which are final):

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    Glass top row one on the far right, only white.
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    I prefer the window without a frame and only has the light cyan-colored edges (top row, far right)
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    Posted an updated version in the first post.

    Update includes:

    Changed glass to the light blue 'glassy' texture.
    Removed clouds.
    Added gui.png:

    What do you think of the gui changes? Any ideas on what I could/should do differently with them?

    Also I'll be working on the hearts/armor/breath next. Any suggestions for those would be great. :happy.gif:
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    I've been working on the items the last couple days. I hope to have them mostly done by the end of the week, though my new project may make me miss that.

    Here is a little preview:

    Also, I tried editing the watch, but it didn't change it at all. How do I go about changing that?
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    Looks really nice and very simple.
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    Very nice, I like.
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    Gui change is nice and simple thumbs up !
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    Wow, I love it. Simplistic, but not solid colors like the others. I know what my new texture pack is :smile.gif:

    *EDIT: Well damn, I shoulda seen this before I got it. I only have one minor pet peeve. I prefer for my doors to have windows :/ I guess I change that myself, but it just kinda bothers me with having a windowless door.
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