Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:LOAD OF NEW CTM!] (1.7)

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    Quote from MincraftWero

    uhmm vatic sorry to bother you but I'm the creator of the bacon mod MineDesingCraft made the forum thread but its actually my mod just letting you know :D

    Sorry about that; It's fixed now.

    Would you mind putting that quote inside some spoiler tags at least?

    A double resolution graphics pack that stays faithful to the originals.
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    Hello vattic i have a problem i download both mc patcher and the optifine mode for the faithful pack but some of the stuff like armor or tools are weird like its just looks like a skinny white square block. Is there anything i need to do to fix it. I'm sure i followed all of your instruction.
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    Quote from minecraftfriend0

    Hello vattic i have a problem i download both mc patcher and the optifine mode for the faithful pack but some of the stuff like armor or tools are weird like its just looks like a skinny white square block. Is there anything i need to do to fix it. I'm sure i followed all of your instruction.
    You can't use MCPatcher and Optifine together. One or the other.
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    OK ill delete one of them see what will happen.
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    Quote from Vattic

    Update Time

    I was going to make another update last weekend but my sister started playing MC and I ended up spending my whole time on a vanilla 1.3 server making a home and a skin for her.

    This update is no doubt going to be controversial. I've finally made a version of the planks texture I am happy with and so it's going in the main pack. Anyone who wants the old version can get it from the customizer. I have also made my first attempt at the new gravel texture but I'm not completely happy with it but again you can get the old gravel on the customizer.

    New in the main pack:
    • Planks (All three)
    • Crafting Table
    • Jukebox
    • Note Block
    • Wooden Door
    • Trap Door
    • Boat
    • Sign
    • Chest (Both)
    • Back of Paintings
    • Gravel
    New on the customizer (not including everything above):
    • Crafting Table (Spruce, Birch, Jungle)
    • Nether Brick, Chunky with Thin Mortar; Thanks go to EarthBoundNess :Diamond:
    • Cobblestone like on furnaces but without the border (requested ages ago)
    I'm pretty sure I've forgotten to add some other textures to the customizer that were either sent or requested. If you know what please speak up.

    The new planks will clash with mods that have textures based on the original planks. Luckily the textures are similar and so I can slowly replace them. At first I will only provide alternate original planks on request. If requests are common I'll start releasing them alongside the new planks. This is just to make sure I'm not wasting time on something nobody uses.

    I've also been working through all the mod support files you've all been sending me. Unfortunately a few of the mods have had major overhauls (I'm looking at you IC2 Modular Force Fields) and so there is less on this list than I hoped.

    BaCoN v2.5 by MincraftWero [1.2.5] (Mod Topic) (Faithful32 Download)
    New! Thanks go to Drakynnan for these :Diamond: .

    Green Stone Wire v2.x by Przezuwacz - Frozen [1.2.5] (Mod Topic) (Faithful32 Download)
    New! Thanks go to nick248 for these :Diamond: .

    IC2 DeFence v1.10 by F4113nb34st [IC2:1.97] (Mod Topic) (Faithful32 Download)
    Nothing new but thanks still go to DZCreeper for rearranging these :Diamond: .

    IC2 Gravitation Suite v1.2 by SeNtiMeL [IC2:1.97] (Mod Topic) (Faithful32 Download)
    New! Thanks go to Alexmania :Diamond: .

    Mo'Creatures v3.7.1 by DrZhark [1.2.5] (Mod Topic) (Faithful32 Download)
    New! A common request. Just the items. Not sure when or if the mob skins will be done. Thanks again go to Drakynnan :Diamond: .

    Multi Page Chest v1.1.1 by CubeX2 [1.3.2] (Mod Topic) (Faithful32 Download)
    New! What it says on the tin.

    Plugins for Forestry v1.2d by denoflions [1.2.5] (Mod Topic) (Faithful32 Download)
    New! Thanks go to Alexmania :Diamond: .

    I still have a fair few more to work through.

    Haven't had time to go through all the posts since my last. I'll try and get to that later today or tomorrow.

    Thank you for the continued support.

    Sad face you never added my Thaumcraft2 textures oh well next time maybe.
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    ok i deleted mc patcher but i still have the same problem
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    Very nice job on the Gravel! To me the new wood planks look a tad bit to plain but overall really nice
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    Would a PAMS Combined Mod texture support be too much to ask? :e
    "The Impossible Will Become Possible"
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    o never mind guys i found the solution i had the death chest mod shelf mod and the modloader with the tmi mod and those interfered with the optinefine (i guess) and now it works no skinny white blocks. I guess im going to have to say good bye to those mods but this texture pack so awesome im willing to sacrife them. anyway thats all.
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    Please fix the download links for the Mod textures. ERROR: HTTP 403 "The site refused to show this webpage"

    EDIT: All the downloads seems to be broken except the Mediafire mirror.
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    No problem with download links for me
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    Can you make textures for Metallurgy 2? http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/744918-132forge-metallurgy-2-beta-203b-8302012/
    I'm Starting my own YouTube channel, click here if you want to check me out>http://www.youtube.com/user/MBVxGAMING?feature=mhee
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    Lovin the update man. Great work.
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    This is sick!
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    My brother would say the new gravel looks like cobblestone. But he says that about everything. He thinks the stone in DokuCraft looks like cobblestone! Personally, I like the new gravel. You did a good job on it, Vattic. =P
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    After playing with it for a bit, I've decided the wood looks a little "plastic-y". Not sure how else to describe it.
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    In addition to the Thirst Mod and Forestry for 1.3 that I suggested earlier, can you do the Sound Packs mod, too? It adds some menu icons.
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    Hmm... I'd really like Metallurgy to be added to mod support?

    And maybe Gems+, the link is here.
    Good texure pack BTW! Really like it!
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    I love the new gravel texture you made, keep up the good work man :)
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    can you update this texturepack to the last snapshot?
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