Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:LOAD OF NEW CTM!] (1.7)

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    After the 1.2.5 update, the game looks like this:

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    Quote from Vattic

    Titanic reply time

    I said I'd be going back through all the posts I'd not read and I finally got around to it. If you've made a post and not got a reply from me lately you'll want to look through this. I skipped some posts if I answered in others. If I missed your post and you can't find an answer in this long list please repost.

    I want to thank those providing stop-gaps yet again so Cheers! :Diamond: .


    I'm looking into this but last time I checked the upload feature on that site was broken.

    Nice work!

    I've made a note of this. Cheers for flagging it up.

    1. I think it's some kind of laser weapon / mining tool and a sonic screwdriver, Dr Who style, but I don't know about the blue orb.

    2. Good to know it's not a problem with the pack.

    I haven't added them to the OP yet but Narzuhl has made some really nice textures for that very mod. Just look here.


    The main pack is supposed to stay faithful to the original graphics but I take more creative licence with mod support. As great as Eloraam's original items are I wanted to make them more similar in style to the MC gems. I could tweak their colours and have made a note to experiment some. Cheers for providing constructive feedback.

    I coloured them how I did because that's how they are in 16x16. I have been considering adding a little shading but worry it might detract from the look. We'll see. Cheers to you too for posting constructive criticism.

    I've made a note of the request.

    I'll happily have a look.

    Nice work as usual!

    I too prefer your buffer corners.

    Your banner has two mods now, right? Want me to make a note of both of them?

    Forestry is well desired mod with a fair few requests. If you do a search of this thread you'll find that a few people have been working on it and have some of it done. I also intend to work on it myself when I find time. I've added the BC/IC2 mod to my notes.

    For some reason the upload always stalls for me with Megaupload. I am looking into this.


    Mostly it's because they come thick and fast and I usually am working on them from when I know about them. People always kindly provide stop-gaps also, I'm really not sure why so many don't want to use them.

    Nice work as usual. You are correct with that last bit.

    She has spoke of liking doom guns or similar before. Glad to know I recognised the sonic screwdriver in all it's 16x16 glory.


    You are correct. Hopefully we'll end up with the best of both. Nice work again with the Railcraft stuff.

    Not a no but I'd like a link to your mod.

    It's been requested before but the list is down at the moment.

    For Railcraft I suggest you use the search function on this thread. For Steve's Carts I have a load to do yet before I release this.

    I mean to work on EE but haven't had time.


    His mod isn't directly supported but that doesn't stop you using this pack. It just means you'll be stuck with it's 16x16 graphics.

    Nice one! You'll be credited when I add this to the OP.


    Search the thread and you'll find what you're looking for.

    I have to look through all the mod stuff and figure out what needs updating.

    I don't understand what you are asking. If you want to use stuff from this pack that is fine so long as you are clear about what you've used, give credit, and link back to this thread.

    This is because he switched from using separate images for the items to using one large sheet. It's another mod pack that needs updating. There is even a few new items to do for it.


    Made a note of all these.

    I will be updating the customizer if the site will let me upload now.

    Added Ender Chests to my list. What needs doing for NEI?

    Nicely done!


    Made a note of it.

    I've added it to my notes, but is it still being updated?

    It's nice to know it's supported natively now. I'm working on an improved set of connected textures at the moment.


    JamieH93 has the truth of this. I also prefer the one being used at the moment. It's less harsh by far. I guess it's a matter of taste.

    I wasn't for a while.

    I've made a note of it.


    This isn't a problem I've heard about before. Is there some way I can package things to make them mac friendly? I would put them all in one zip but some mods might clash.

    If you do a search some were submitted. I haven't had a chance to look at them myself. I did wonder about animations but I can't think of much to animate. So far I thought of that the lit furnace's fire could move and gold ore, diamond ore, and glowstone could have sparkles.

    It's added to my notes now.

    Nice I'll add it when I get the rest uploaded elsewhere.

    There are instructions inside every mod support .zip.


    I would have sworn it was already requested but it wasn't until just now.

    I use Photoshop but using it for this is overkill. GIMP or Paint.NET will do just as well. I will consider making that as an alternate texture.

    That's because the support pack is for an older version of millenaire. I plan to update but don't know when I'll get to it.

    The customizer site was, or maybe still is, bugged and not letting a number of people upload new textures. I'm yet to try again. As for thicker swords: It's something I'm thinking of changing in the main pack. They look better in my opinion a bit thicker.

    It's been suggested before.



    Nice work. You'll be credited for whatever of yours I use.

    I use Photoshop. I use a few different methods to make things 32x32, the main one being a combination of tracing and freehand. Could you link me to those mods?


    I've added ExtraBiomesXL to my notes; I was looking at that mod this morning.

    I've made a note of it.

    I've made a note of it.


    Thank you for these :Diamond: but I've already got most of them done myself.

    Copy and paste using an image editor that supports transparency, not paint, GIMP or Paint.NET will do.


    Thank you both for these you'll get credit where it's due. :Diamond: .


    Hopefully the more recent one is to your liking? It really was bad.

    I try to but whenever I post I felt the need to reply to all the comments I've got and this often meant I just didn't post.

    I owe you my thanks once again.


    Nice. If I use anything you've done I'll give credit.

    I will upload some alternate door item icons. I don't quite understand the second request as they are as big as the original disks. Thank you for posting constructive criticism.

    Water, lava, fire, and portal animations is something I want to support properly. The problem is that they are generated procedurally by the game. I can program a little java and went digging in the source. I found the lines that generate the animations but they are beyond my abilities. If I could get them out of the game I would. If anyone can help with this I would be very grateful. I'm even thinking of paying someone to help.


    Cheers again :Diamond: .


    Nice work! Credit will be given. :Diamond: .


    Nice work! I'll likely use the wood texture as alternates. :Diamond: .

    There are things I like about both of yours so I'll likely merge ideas from both. Credit will be given of course. :Diamond: . Where do I put these anyway? I can't figure out where they go in the .zip...


    Nice work! It's not completely faithful to the original but it's a far better than mine. After editing it a little it was included in my last update and credit has been given. :Diamond: .


    You don't need that any more.

    I was going to do it myself but I haven't had as much time or motivation to work on things lately so be my guest!


    You want me to use some of your work? If that's what you're asking then post it here and it might get included. If it does credit will be given of course.


    Weird. Can you take a screenshot or describe in more detail?

    Nice work as usual. I have already made my own versions of them, though, so I don't think I'll be using them. Wish I'd noticed your post before making my own.


    I haven't released an up to date pack for RP2 yet but if you search this thread you'll find one. As for the round moon and sun: I'm aiming to get all that uploaded before the weekend is out.


    Cool any news? I can let him know exactly where to look if he'd like. I found the lines that generate the animation but lack the skill to make it output to a file.

    Already requested.

    Nice. :Diamond: .

    Cheers. :Diamond: .

    I haven't had a look at yours yet but you might want to search the thread. Narzuhl already made some excellent graphics for this.



    Nice work. I've already got my own versions done otherwise I'd of used yours. :Diamond: .




    Cheers for the offer but he reappeared; Turns out he is as if not more busy than me lately.


    Cheers for these :Diamond: . Credit will be given when they're added to the OP.

    Thank you for the offer but it's sorted out now.


    Not bad at all. Might use it as an alternate if you don't mind?

    I've never heard of that problem before. Are you still having the same issue?


    Thank you for flagging this up. I'm not sure what I can do about it but I've sent him a message requesting he remove the ad.fly link. Don't really want to have to contact YouTube over this.

    Cool. I'll definitely consider linking it in the OP.


    I would be using medifire for my mirror but the upload get stuck at 23% for some reason. If you do upload a mirror I'll happily link to it in the OP.

    Already requested.

    I haven't had a close look yet but they're looking great! :Diamond: .

    This is also nice :Diamond: . If I do use it I'll want to tweak it a fair bit.

    That site appears to be down. Is it uploaded anywhere else?

    You caught me before it's ready damn you :P .

    Thanks again everybody.

    Link for the mods:
    Elemental Arrows:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v125-risugamis-mods-everything-updated/
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    I tweaked the textures (mostly the connected sandstone) because of my ocd and this is the result:

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    i just ahve to drop the contents of the mod-packs into the original zip, right?

    nevermind, i was blind
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    The Better Than Wolves textures should be updated.
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    Do love. Been looking for a higher-def but still mostly vanilla pack for a while. Found a few, but this one is my favorite. Great work
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    Wow, this is amazing! Just what I've been looking for, for ages! A default texture pack with a higher res!
    Many :Diamond: for you, sir!
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    Quote from nixoninajar

    After the 1.2.5 update, the game looks like this:

    The reason for that is because:
    1. The texturepack does not support 1.2.5 just yet.
    2. The newest version of MCPatcher (if there is one for 1.2.5) is not installed.

    Downgrade to 1.2.4 to use the texturepack, and it should be fine.
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    Quote from PureOptic

    The reason for that is because:
    1. The texturepack does not support 1.2.5 just yet.
    2. The newest version of MCPatcher (if there is one for 1.2.5) is not installed.

    Downgrade to 1.2.4 to use the texturepack, and it should be fine.

    1. 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 are the same/no new textures added(read mojang update log to see changes before saying things)
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    Quote from YukonAppleGeek

    Same thing i said.

    The lava and water texture in vanilla MC are hardcoded into the game, not included in a texture
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    Quote from MattThePadawan

    Maybe portal mod has an incombatibility with mcpatcher. Or optifine. Which ever one you use.

    I have no problems with it and optifine

    this texture pack is actually the hd version of the default texture pack :steve_csi:

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    Can someone please help.
    For some reason when I use this texture pack, the bricks have miniature flames in them and I can see through them.

    P.S. I am using Optifine to run this
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    hye i had a look at the terrain pic in the OP and i couldnt find the new wood textures, are they incorporated in the texture pack?

    herp, nevermind, i just saw it was in like the fifth line of the OP my bad
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    Hey everyone, the maker of this pack has not released a version of it with the wood variants so I made them myself. All credit goes to Vattic who made it originally. Again, I ONLY did the new wood colors.
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    Quote from pokepoke10

    Can someone please help.
    For some reason when I use this texture pack, the bricks have miniature flames in them and I can see through them.

    P.S. I am using Optifine to run this

    You did not install optifine correctly or not at all because that only happens if your game is not patched. Make sure you put the .class files into the minecraft.jar file.
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    Quote from DarkTetsuo

    Hey everyone, the maker of this pack has not released a version of it with the wood variants so I made them myself. All credit goes to Vattic who made it originally. Again, I ONLY did the new wood colors.

    Vattic already uploaded the pack with the new wood, he just hasn't updated the image on the OP
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    This weekend I'm going to work on a little page for the site and get all the alternate textures and mod support files uploaded. I'll also see if the texture customizer site is still bugged and if not I'll update there as well. I've been working on textures for the mods in tekkit, the server I play on uses it, but I'm not sure how to release them. Tekkit doesn't use the latest versions of the mods so I might have to provide multiple downloads. I also need to go through a load of replies here still. So much busywork.

    Any possibility of potentially releasing a "smooth" variant of the pine, jungle, and oak wood, such as the one that had been made previously for the standard wood texture?

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    Quote from PAKAM45T3R

    Vattic already uploaded the pack with the new wood, he just hasn't updated the image on the OP

    Oh. I didn't see that. Well I made it anyways.
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    Hey, I just want to thank you for this great texture pack, and also ask something.
    I have been working on a modern styled texture pack, in the spirit of moderncraft, but in 32x32.
    I used your textures as a base, as this texture pack is what I normally use. I was wondering if you would let me upload my texture pack here, with proper credit, noting that much of the natural textures, such as cobble, stone, ores, have remained the same. I saw what you said in the OP, but I think this may be a special case.

    Thank you for your time.
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