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Glimmar's Steampunk v15 Hybrid - UPDATED 29/1/14 - 1.8 pics pg563> - GS Alt Textures v15 UPDATED - New Mod Support

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    You know what should be done? A magical creative server in which, using this texture pack, epic constructions could be built....
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    To anyone wanting to add to the epicness of this texture pack, I am working on a language pack for this and am asking for people's input. You can locate the topic //www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1120973-steampunk-language/" target="">here"]here. Seriously, this pack is awesome, and I would love to get this "language" done, to add to its level of epicosity.
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    Quote from Glimmar

    Howdy my good friend. It's very good to hear from you and see you are still alive and kicking too! :D

    My son, who still uses your texture pack over mine (I can forgive him his disloyalty, because it's you, and because the theme is educational! :D ) and he mentioned that you were only on Planet Minecraft now. As I'm hoping soon to upload Glimmar's Steampunk there too (if only to try and deter the odd theft of my pack) I'd be interested in what prompted your move there over the Minecraft Forums?

    As regards your work on that monstrous sounding steam engine...why do you get all the good jobs?!! :D Truly sounds amazing. Show us some pics here for inspiration if you get the time, but take care you don't step back into some enormous wheel or something! :)

    It is a very hard engine to take pictures of, since its jammed into a ship with very little space around it! I do have a picture of it from when it was built in 1888(or so) though! For a scale of the size of the thing, that flywheel on the left end of it is about 6 feet in diameter.

    I chose to go to PMC since it is easier to update and to advertise, as well as to post pictures, videos, downloads, etc on the pack. I was going to use the forum in conjunction with PMC, but I am usually too busy to check forums often.
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    ironicly i have avoided this pack, i never understood steampunk when i saw it first. i didn't like it much at all.

    but i realized i have been looking for this texture for a long time.

    the diamond pickaxe i saw in a screenshot on another site, photobucket maybe. and for the longest time i was hunting for the texture pack with those awesome tools, if i would have swallowed my damn pride i would have downloaded this pack way back when.

    and as i looked it over i can't ignore the amount of work put into this, and with 600+ alternatives for terrain. you honestly have my respect as an artist. that is a crazy amount of work, with this i'm sure i can find a look i like. if i can't there is no hope for me.

    but basicly i'm going to stop judging texture packs based on past events, downloading this for sure.
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    Yes, I know I said I'd try to get an update to the mod compilation sometime soon, but busy with homework. However, I did look at Zeefu's language pack work, seems interesting. Suggested a couple things for him to add to it. If I get his permission, and if Glimmar think's it's a good idea, I could add it into the compilation.

    Anyway, while suggesting things for that, I came across the below picture and thought that it could be the basis for one of the other axes, with the Diamond one being steam powered while the other (maybe the Iron or Gold) be hand-cranked. The below is actually a bone saw, but it could still be used as a basis for an axe.

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    Glad to be of help to the items in this texture (albeit indirectly :P). And, you doth have my permissions to incorporate it (when finished), assuming of course that Glimmar is ok with it.
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    Quote from ksheep

    Try this link. http://www.mediafire...sttg63vbhzb3jia

    Looks like Glimmar just copied the text the last post with this, but the link was shortened. Copying the shortened version made it not work. So, heads up, Glimmar: Next time, make sure the full link gets copied.

    Also, I should be uploading a newer version in the next couple of days. Incidentally, the mod spotlight of the day reminded me that I hadn't added the Clay Soldiers into the compilation. I'll try to get those into the next set.

    Thank you
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    Quote from ksheep

    Anyway, while suggesting things for that, I came across the below picture and thought that it could be the basis for one of the other axes, with the Diamond one being steam powered while the other (maybe the Iron or Gold) be hand-cranked. The below is actually a bone saw, but it could still be used as a basis for an axe.

    I now imagine that being put onto zombies as their arms for some reason. Animated of course. That mental image just happened. Not like I wanted to sleep tonight.
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    Sort of back, but some commission work to finish off, then I'll finish the new planks and update:

    Deepblue686: What a slave driver! :D Yep...still a ways to go on various mobs and guis. Oh yes...wanted to find time to work on the stone and ores again. However, once I start on those I'm likely to get sucked in, but they do require attention.

    haxjagarn: Center my sig? ...but I'm a 'left justify' kind of person. :D

    pralfred: Trip was great!...glad you like the pack (and thanks for saying), will update as soon as I can. :)

    Dryad: re: Mod compilation download. Yes! Sorry 'bout that. Not that I'm noted for my careful posting, but no excuse for getting that wrong! I am admonished. :(

    ksheep: Not sure how I fluffed copying your link! My abject apologies, but all is fixed now. [hangs head in shame] :D

    Deepblue686: re: ksheeps diving helm pic. Lol! Yes, that's a cracking pumpkin! (just what have I started?)

    MrGoph3r: re: Steampunk server. I need to create a server section for the top, especially for this: RetroFuture Also Pipehead (he of fantastic epic sized airship constructions - see my OP) has a more exclusive server for friends.

    Zeefu1234: Glad you like Glimmar's Steampunk and your language pack sounds excellent. I would probably put it in the mod section with instructions on how to use it, because at this stage for any newcomers I don't want to confuse things any more than necessary. However, I think it's a brilliant addition for those who want a richer steampunk experience. If we treat it as a mod, then it can go in the 'mod compilation pack' with clear instructions on how to install it in the pack. Many thanks for the effort. :)

    StugAce: Now that's what I call a steam engine!

    jetfox: Many thanks for those kind words...glad you like the artwork and the pack. All the effort is worth it for a few encouraging words. :)

    ksheep: Now that's what I call an 'extension'!

    torturran: Now I'm sharing the same nightmares regarding zombies and whirring extensions!!
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    Epic pack!
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    Quote from Glimmar

    jetfox: Many thanks for those kind words...glad you like the artwork and the pack. All the effort is worth it for a few encouraging words. :)

    no problem, this actually taught me a few things. anyway i now get what steampunk is kinda, it seems to be a merging of old tech and new tech. and i am a huge tech and machine nut,and though i love minecraft for it's creativity and art aspect, i still was missing that machine and tech aspect, now with this texture pack i finally have the best of both worlds. i have the art side of minecraft and it has a more tech or machine-like look and feel to it. and honestly this is now my top fav texture pack no contest. other textures are good as well but this one adds the one thing in minecraft that i was starting to miss.

    and i also started to get ideas in just the few hours i was walking around for a story or a history of sorts for minecraft, i'm going to keep thinking about it but i may get back to writing, i had writers block for a long time there.
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    Getting things ready for another version of the mod compilation. Trying to get the most recent textures from the various people working on this, and I'll probably give them a couple days to get back to me. Expect to see it posted Wednesday or Thursday.

    As a side note, I want to make sure I know who all is working on retextures. Here's who I can figure right now, and what projects they're on:
    _Greenleaf_ - Forestry, ComputerCraft (completed), RedPower, Mo' Creatures (dropped)
    Mordus - Equivalent Exchange
    CuZnDragon - IC2
    Dazqo - Clay Soldiers, Portal, Zeppelin (completed)
    torturran - Aether
    ksheep - Buildcraft, RailCraft, Weaponmod, Nether Ore (completed)
    Zeefu1234 - Language Pack

    Please note, the list of mods being worked on may not be entirely accurate, being partly based on memory and partly on speculation.

    I am also trying to get in contact with Lady Eternity, who said she had worked on a few retextures but has as of yet not posted them and has not given me explicit permission to include it in the pack. I'm hoping that she'll get back to me shortly.

    If you are working on a retexture and would like to be included, please let me know. Also, if you see anything wrong in the above and would like to set me straight, don't hesitate to tell me.

    EDIT: I should probably list all the textures I currently have a copy of. If you have made something that you don't see here, let me know.

    RedPower Lanterns
    Missing Blocks
    Zeppelin (x2)
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    Just as a heads-up to CuZnDragon (and whoever else is working on IC2), I took the liberty to add a reinforced glass, door, and stone, as well as the scaffold. Please see the most current block_0.png that I have. If you've made other changes since this, I'd be more than willing to add them.

    EDIT: I also added the metallic generator side as the basic machine block top (2nd texture, top row), as that texture is used for the top and bottom of the Nuclear Reactor, as well as the sides of the solar generator. You may want to either use that texture as the basis for the basic machines, or rework the nuclear generator to fit whichever texture you have decided to use for that spot.
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    Quote from ksheep

    _Greenleaf_ - Forestry, ComputerCraft (completed?), RedPower(?), Mo' Creatures (on hold)

    I did finish ComputerCraft, Forestry is almost complete (the block sheet is finished and some of the items are finished) and for redpower, its in "Beta" as im still getting ideas for it.

    Here is some forestry pics

    Working on the items and the other blocks other than the block sheet,

    Thanks, -Green
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    Ooh I hope you update this texture pack soon it looks AMAZING and I SO want to try it out! :D
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    I finished Redpower (World part) heres the pics

    Sorry the pics are so small :/

    Thanks, -Green
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    Quote from _Greenleaf_

    I finished Redpower (World part) heres the pics

    Sorry the pics are so small :/

    Thanks, -Green

    Managed to get the pics a bit larger (see above). Not all that familiar with tumblr for image storage, but I did find out that the last part of the URL is the size. Unfortunately, I can only find one with size 250 and one with size 500 through trial and error. There may be larger versions on there, I'm not sure.

    Personally, I use ImageShack for photo hosting, as it's fairly straightforward. However, to each his own.
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    I love and miss you all


    "This may hurt a little, but it's something you'll get used to...."
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    Quote from Gestankfaust

    I love and miss you all


    We miss you too! Hey, wanna join the "retexture ALL the mods" club? We could always uses more help, especially with mobs and GUIs.
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    Quote from JesterMailMan89

    What exactly did you try to edit (I know rain but what else and how) because I have never had this problem with my Mac and I custom edit a lot of files.

    I just applied using MCPatcher with HD stuff enabled and Randomobs... in 1.2.3.
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