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JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]

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    You need to use THE LATEST MCpatcher in order to fix all the bugs related to "HD" textures
    (like flames on gold/brick block, water in the Nether and so on)

    (click on the screens to download the maps)

    Download for Minecraft 1.4.2:
    JohnSmith_V9.7 (1.4.2) (updated 10.25.12) (mediafire
    Alternate link (Hotfile)
    //!download" target="557p1">2nd Alternate link (rapidshare)

    I've paused the development of this pack, for an unsure amount of time.
    If you want to get an updated version corresponding to the latest version of Minecraft, you can find a communauty updated version of this pack here:

    John Smith Legacy Thread

    Note: if you're looking for the old lighting, grab the file environment/lightmap0.png from V9.6 and drop it in the new version of this pack (environment folder).


    Mods Support:

    Check the awesome XRDBlade's thread (support for Better Than Wolves, Too Many Items, etc...):

    Decorative Mod (by Pibblesworth):

    And not sure if it's still updated but you can also check Lilyo's thread as he was supporting many mods for my pack.


    _More CTM support (Brick top,sides, stairs, gold block, cobblestone top, stairs, mossy...)
    _Tweaked the lighting (more colored & less contrasted)
    _New textures for 1.4 content: carrot, potato, anvil, Flower Pot, etc.. (I still have to create the nether Star, beacon, Item Frame, and some others, so it will come with the next update..(default textures included as placeholder)

    _Lots of CTM textures support (mainly to add more diversity to the world by randomizing the textures) - and that's mostly the big thing in this update.
    _Some new textures too (new Iron Door, New ladder, and I'm sure some other new things to... but my memory is failing) (if you dont like them, you can give a try to as I've updated it - tell me if I missed anything)

    _Fixed colors for Wood Slabs/Stairs
    _Added some more skeletons for RandoMobs

    _Added new sky effects for "Better Skies" from the mighty MC Patcher
    _Added Ender Chest Texture

    _New customizer in complement of the one created by Flying_Sheep
    (there is not much textures in it yet, but there should be more later)
    _New villager skin (only peasant)
    _All new textures for the recents snapshots (emerald, tripwire hook, GUI, etc)
    _New sandstones (pillars) (will make some hieroglyphs-like for the customizer later)
    _New Wools
    _New Brick
    _New Ice (slighty animated)
    _New wood plank for the customizer (good for fences, not so good for buildings..)

    V9.3 (updated)
    _Added 1.2.4 woods
    _New default wood bark (removed)
    _Removed lianas from jungle tree barks (removed)
    _Tweaked Cobblestone
    _Fixed pitch black lighting bug

    _More & more colors tweaks (Fog, Sky, and most blocks colors are now affected by biomes)
    _New "HD" clouds
    _2 new (subtle) animated textures
    _Included all previous work from previous snapshots

    _Tweaked lighting (less dark and red)
    _Added new sapling + potion from 12W04a
    _Added Fog/sky color (requires MC Patcher)

    New lighting colors (a bit more contrasted than the default & warmer torch) (Require MCPatcher) (if you dont like it, just remove "environment/lightmap0.png" from the zip)
    Added BERYLIUM FONT created by Nuin (Require MCPatcher)
    All items done
    All armors done (although Diamond & gold are just a (temporary?) recolor of the iron
    All terrain done (apart Mushrooms..)
    Fixed swamp colors (Require MCPatcher)
    New Randomobs (cow, chicken, pigs)
    1 new animated Texture
    Some UI Tweaks
    New Menu + background
    Added jungle Trees

    _New animated Textures (torches, furnace, glowstone, pumpkin) (more to come) (require MCPatcher)
    _RandoMobs now supported (only creeper & zombie atm, some of them are still WIP (will give them different colors later)) (require MCPatcher)
    _Many color changes in Terrain.png + some tweaks here and there, overall the world should be less "dark"
    _New Enchantment table + gui

    _Added Minecraft 1.9pre4 default textures
    _Fixed ores stone color

    _Compatible 1.9 pre3 (lots of textures are still the default Minecraft ones)
    _New Mobs Skins (spider, pigzombie)
    _Reworked Creeper, Skeleton & Zombie skins
    _New Nether Textures (netherrack, soulsand, brick & glowstone)
    _Some Nether items done
    _New rain & snow
    _Tweaked some colors in the terrain.png
    _Tried to fix swamp colors, still plenty of border bugs but I dont want to try too hard as this will maybe change in the final 1.9 release..
    _Added Mushroom terrain (very WIP)

    _Fixed ores
    _Fixed biomes colors (might still needs some tweak)
    _New 1.8 GUI (xp bar+ food)
    _Bookshelves + music block tweaks
    _including missing particles
    _Removed sheep texture
    _New clay
    _Fixed thin glass side
    _And some other stuff I can't remember...

    Older versions






    V9a (minecraft 1.1 & 12w04a) (updated 01/28)

    V9 (1.1 & 12w03a) (much more contrasted lighting, which might still be interresting to use in creative mode) (mediafire)

    V8.4 (1.0)

    V8.3 for Minecraft 1.9-pre-x: (do not use with 1.8) (Mediafire)

    Download V8.3 for Minecraft 1.8.x (no bright green bug): (Mediafire)


    _Font created by "Typodermic Fonts" and imported to Minecraft by Nuin. Modified to include some missing Letters by Frank_Hooligan
    _"connected textures" (ctm.png) by Cuackes:


    If you want to use my textures in your pack:
    You can use, edit and share my textures as long as I'm credited
    You are not allowed to make money with my work
    And you are not allowed to use my textures in a customizer or in any other games else than Minecraft.

    Also since many people ask me through PM if they can use my pack (or a modified version) in their adventure maps, of course you can! :) (all I ask is credits and ideally a link to this forum thread)

    Finally If you like my work and want to support it in a stronger way than, you can donate here, thanks!

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    Those screen shots look amazing! I'm going to Download them and give em a try.

    Edit: Almost 2 years later and still one of my favorites. GOOD JOB!
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    The only thing i can complain on is stone it looks more like cobble or brick than normal rock/stone you would find in the ground ^^
    The rest is amazing especially the items
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    This is really high quality work! I am very impressed!
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    This is seriously the most impressive texture pack I've seen so far.

    edit: it reminds me a lot of Uncharted, which is awesome.
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    Didn't know MineCraft could look this good... Wow.
  • #8 showing the remains of my house after an fire accident ^^ ... asdled.jpg some farming + fire Should it be purple on all sides except one ? :tongue.gif: i just thought it was bugging that it wouldn't animate properly but not that it's purple :tongue.gif: some terrain and finally the start of my new house under the old one :tongue.gif:
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    this looks great keep us updated i abandoned my project cuz this one just looks way better
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    WOW! I am definitely saving this pack. Awesome job. :smile.gif:
    R3 for 1.8 & Pre3-1.9
    ^^^ Click for more info. ^^^
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    In for later.
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    I really love the quality of this texture pack but it kills me that you made the natural smooth stone man made doesnt make sense. The quality of it is amazing though but I won't use it unless thats changed.
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    For those that don't want the smooth stone to be brick, I threw together a rough fix until (or if) the original author changes it or adds an alternative. :smile.gif: (Also the ores, as their background was also oddly brick).
    (Save As: terrain.png, as ImageShack changes the file name to avoid duplicates)

    Otherwise, I love this pack! Although I noticed a significant fps reduction and lag. Also, since the items are high res, they have the unbearable glitchiness on the sides. D:
    R3 for 1.8 & Pre3-1.9
    ^^^ Click for more info. ^^^
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    ^^Nice I might have to give that a try.
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    This looks really awsome.
    I like the contrast and the style, most blocks loop very poorly though, like grass, dirt, leaves. Cobblestone and stone also have strange dark edges on top and bottom, I also don't like that natural stone looks like cobblestone.
    The icons are amazing though.
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    The regular stone and the fact that you swing the shovel's handle at the ground are killers for this. I'm probably going to have to manually fix the shovel thing. haha
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    Nice. Shovels are the wrong way round though and smooth stone looks too bricky. Great work, like the mob redesigns too but I prefer default mob skins.
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    Oh god this is amazing.
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    i love it but i need help, my trees turned into this
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    ""i love it but i need help, my trees turned into this""

    Run it on fancy graphics. your using the fix i guess? if you look in the terrain.png it's like that.
    Not sure if it's like that in the real one to.

    meh i failed with the quote when i removed the pic :tongue.gif: oh well ^^
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    fancy worked :smile.gif: thankyou
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