[Modeler/Tool] MCModeler v1.1 -- Mac GUI fixed!

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    Yay a downloadable now.
    Please keep the other up if its not to hard.
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    I was working on the model for my new mob, the creepy slime (or the slimey creep) and learned that the textures are really stretched out wrong...

    As apposed to the outside, which has no texture offset:

    this is the mob texture I am using:
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    thank you! this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! :RFlower:
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    uhg. im having problems installing java3d. Im pretty sure im doing something wrong in my environment variables...
    i have this in Path. is
    C:\Program Files\Java\Java3D\1.5.2\lib\ext

    and all of the .jar files like j3dcore.jar in CLASSPATH..help?
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    were do i get textures rofl ^.^
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    Ah um, erm, how do you make textures?
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    Could you add a tutorial on how to add AI, animation, and other special features so we can add the model into the game? that would be awesome!

    What came first, the creeper or the egg?
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    How to animate my creature?
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    This is a great Idea I support this 100%!
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    Quote from MiningCrafter

    I was working on the model for my new mob, the creepy slime (or the slimey creep) and learned that the textures are really stretched out wrong...

    As apposed to the outside, which has no texture offset:

    this is the mob texture I am using:

    Mind showing us how you even got that far with the textures?

    also, feature request, the ability to export a texture map!

    EDIT: Texture mapping like FMCModeler!
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    Quote from AnonymousJohn


    Mobs and other entities are essential to the atmosphere of Minecraft; if there weren't Creepers running around blowing things up, what fun would it be? Anyone who's tried to make a new mob or entity (or anything that requires a model, for that matter) knows the frustration of having to type in code blindly, then wait 5 minutes just to compile and test that code only to find that it didn't turn out quite as you expected and that you have to go back and retry with different values. Unless, of course, you're a modeling god who can predict exactly how your model will look just based off of the values in your source code. :biggrin.gif:

    MCModeler is an open-source, cross-platform program made to ease that process a little by letting you create and test your model in an instant-response environment; results are immediate! You can even test your textures without leaving the modeler! Using this tool will save you a lot of time, coding and frustration when creating your creature (or your new vehicle). This tool is also for those who just want to mess around. "What would it look like if...?"

      [*:20sjqv6b]Easy, intuitive interface for building your models!
      [*:20sjqv6b]Easy texture previewing!
      [*:20sjqv6b]Save your model and pick up on it later!
      [*:20sjqv6b]Portable -- it'll run on any compatible computer! (Current known compatibilities are Windows XP, Vista and 7. Linux/Mac users, I need you to test my compatibilities!)
      [*:20sjqv6b]Copy/paste for easy duplication!
      [*:20sjqv6b]Model code generation! (Only codes the model! Animation, AI, interfacing, etc. is up to you to code)

    New in This Update
      [*:20sjqv6b]Mac GUI fixed

    Download the latest version here: Version 1.1
    Download the latest source code here: Version 1.1 source

    Previous Supported Versions
    In case I broke anything in the latest update:
    v1.0 -- Program -- Source

    Install Instructions
    Download, unzip, and run. It's as simple as that. Unless you get an UnsatisfiedLinkError or something to that extent. If you do, follow these steps:
      [*:20sjqv6b]Download and install Java3D to your computer (this includes setting it to your class/library paths!). Make a note of the installer you used.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Run the program via the command terminal (CMD on windows, Shell/Bash on Linux/Macs) with the '-osdetect' parameter (something to this extent: 'java -jar MCModeler.jar -osdetect')
      [*:20sjqv6b]Provide the information given to you in the popup. This will help me add compatibility for your operating system. Here's an example of how to format it:
      Java OS name: windows 7
      Java arch name: x86
      Java3D install: j3d-1_5_2-windows-i586.exe
      Error readout:
      *stacktrace of the error*

    What does it all mean?!?!
    Let me explain the fields and buttons:
    Box List Manipulators
        [*:20sjqv6b]The name of the new box you want to add. Please keep this name a valid Java identifier, as this is what the code generator uses as the identifiers for the boxes in the code it generates.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Add New Box (Button)
        [*:20sjqv6b]Adds a new box with the name specified in the Name field.
        [*:20sjqv6b]A list of the boxes in your model.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Delete box (Button)
        [*:20sjqv6b]Deletes the selected box (This is irreversable! Careful!).
      [*:20sjqv6b]Rename box (Button)
        [*:20sjqv6b]Renames the selected box to the name of your choice (asks you for a new name, doesn't use the Name field).

    Texture Manipulators
      [*:20sjqv6b]Texture URL
        [*:20sjqv6b]The URL of the texture you want to apply to the model.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Browse (Button)
        [*:20sjqv6b]Lets you select an image to use for the texture. Does not load the texture but simply puts the texture's location into the Texture URL field.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Load (Button)
        [*:20sjqv6b]Loads the texture specified by the Texture URL field.

    Selected Box Values
    **Note that with the following fields you need to press Enter to finalize your change.
      [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y/Z size
        [*:20sjqv6b]Specify the size of this box in pixels.
      [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y/Z center
        [*:20sjqv6b]Specify how many pixels the rotational center of the box should be from the geometric center of the box. This is the point around which the box rotates.
      [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y/Z offset
        [*:20sjqv6b]Specify how many pixels the box should be from the center of the model.
      [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y/Z rotation
        [*:20sjqv6b]Specify to what angle the box should rotate to, in degrees. Note that the rotations are applied in Z-Y-X order.
      [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y Texture Offsets
        [*:20sjqv6b]Specify the offset of this particular box's texture within the texture image, in pixels from the top left corner of the image.

    File Menu
    I won't explain the generic ones. :SSSS:
      [*:20sjqv6b]Generate Code
        [*:20sjqv6b]Generates the model code and puts it in the file specified.

    Edit Menu
    Copy/Cut/Paste are self-explanatory. (They also only work with boxes. :SSSS:)

    View Menu
      [*:20sjqv6b]Display XY/YZ/ZX grid
        [*:20sjqv6b]These are guides to help you build your model. You can turn them on or off here.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Display center point
        [*:20sjqv6b]This option tells the previewer whether or not to draw the center point of the box.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Display unselected boxes as...
        [*:20sjqv6b]This option tells the previewer how to draw boxes you aren't currently working with. The options are self-explanatory, but keep in mind that you cannot mouse-select unselected boxes if this option is set to 'Invisible'.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Reload texture file
        [*:20sjqv6b]If you've made changes to your texture file, this reloads them and reapplies them to your model.

    View Controls
    View controls are pretty natural:
      [*:20sjqv6b]Left-click on a box to select that box.
      [*:20sjqv6b]Left-click and drag to rotate your view of the model
      [*:20sjqv6b]Scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

    Upcoming Features
    Features I plan to add in the near future:
      [*:20sjqv6b]Undo/Redo buttons
      [*:20sjqv6b]Mirror texture option, which mirrors the texture on a box. Notch uses this on arms/legs.
    Suggestions are welcome!

    Current Known Issues
    If you notice any problems, please make sure to let me know! I'll add it to the list.
      [*:20sjqv6b]When you add new boxes to the previewer, it overlaps menus that should appear over it. Resizing the window even the slightest seems to fix this until you add the next box.
      [*:20sjqv6b]There are no undo/redo buttons, so if you make a mistake, you'll have to manually undo it.
      [*:20sjqv6b]In generating code, the Y/Z rotations may need to be negated to work with Notch's code. The same goes with all X values.

    Change Log
      [*:20sjqv6b]Mac GUI fixed
    v1.0 -- First Release

    I cant open it, there are always errors and i have java 3d for windows please help.
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    Pretty cool! Keep working on this please!
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    Could smeone help me? Im having issues installing the stupid java3d thingy. This is what i get when i run the program after installing java3d for windows 7:
    java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:nojd3core-ogl in java.library.path
    at java.lang/ClassLoader.loadLibrary(Unknown Source) ..........
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    HOLY ****!!! This program finally helped me understand the modeling stuff!!! It was a buch of ******** until I used this thing.
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    will you be adding animation soon?
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    Thanks for making this tool! :smile.gif:
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    i was wondering if someone could post a human model, made in MCMODELER, just for a template...
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    I'm a modder
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    Quote from TerranLolMaps


    That's what I get for referring you? :wink.gif:
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    I got an error...

    I am running Ubuntu Linux, umm, I updated my Java yesterday, so I assume it's the newest version :tongue.gif:
    I couldn't copy/paste the error, so here's a picture!

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