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[TOOL] Cyborg's Tools - MCNostalgia 1.0.4

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    Thank you for this, Cyborg.
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    Can you add 1.8.1, cause I want to play Deep Space etc., but I need 1.8.1?
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    gona play infdev now, lalalalalala (singing)

    EDIT: 53 MB in patches!!! wtf!!!
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    Me want indate ver <_< :angry: :blink: :SSSS: :lol: :huh: :tnt: :o :D B) Waite is it in date? <_< :angry: :blink: :SSSS: :lol: :huh: :tnt: :o :D B) NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM.
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    From what I understand about binary difference packages, it only keeps the differences between two .jar files, am I right? Saying that noting the differences between two .jar files is illegal would make a lot of this site illegal. The Forum updates about changes in the game(indirectly, the .jar files), so if you consider noting the differences between two different versions of the game in a binary difference file illegal and "redistributing the game" then using deductive logic, you could infer that this whole forum, which also notes the updates in the game, would be technically illegal.
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    no 1.8.1? :sad.gif:
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    Hey everyone, fyi, he got permission from MOJANG to do this. Also, just calm the hell down all you "oooooh he's redistributing .jars" people, I have experience with Java, and I know that it would be very difficult to do anything with the patch files. Just also wanted to say thanks to Cyborg for making this, one of my favorite things to ever come out of

    Cheerz, KoNaBoYo912
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    can you put the version of minecraft its for in the thread name please?
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    MCNostalgia says:
    MCNostalgia v1.0.4 Patcher
    Patching b1.8.1 to b1.8
    ERROR: Checksum failed. Your minecraft.jar cannot be patched.
    sing a fresh, unmodified copy of Minecraft.
    Press ENTER to continue...
    My Minecraft version is 1.0.0.
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    There is not beta 1.8.1 zip :sad.gif:
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    What's python?
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    Quote from epicoolguy64

    What's python?

    *facepalm* it's a coding language like java...

    BTW: This is amazing!!! Thank you Cyborg!!!
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    We need 1.0.0 Patcher.
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    I have a problem with MCNostalgia:

    Whenever i try to patch my minecraft, it just say that my minecraft file cannot be patched, and that i should make sure that im using a fresh, unmodded minecraft, but the wierd part is that no matter if i delete all minecraft files and then redownload, or i update my minecraft, it just repeats, its like i have a mod, that wont go away. I dont know what to do, but i hope that somebody will help me

    Thanks in advance :smile.gif:
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    @TheJackal It's because CyborgDragon hasn't updated MCNostalgia for 1.0.0 yet, we're all in the same boat. Either download a 1.8.1 release and patch that (try Google) or wait for MCNostalgia to be updated.
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    [for page 1]

    ok look 4 gods sake this IS NOT FRIKING ILLEGAL. He HAS NOT redistributed ANY of the original base classes, he is just using a porgram to CHANGE THEM. This is no different from, say the Single Player Commands automatic installer. If it was illegal the page would be taken down or locked by now. So everyone just CHILL OUT and get over it.
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    Law freaks versus computer geeks. Abso-****ing-lutely beautiful. [This was meant for the page 1 argument, so sorry if this is more offensive than it wouldve been then.]
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    I Am running the fresh unmodified version of minecraft but i can't get it to work. I've tried it 3 times now and i still can't.
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    Quick question: If i downgrade to Beta 1.2_02 for a certain server, is it possible to reset it back to the latest version for the other times?
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    Quote from CyborgDragon

    If you read my post, I said I know giving out jars is illegal, however, I am offering an alternative and asking peoples' opinions of said alternative. The alternative being binary difference patches.

    I feel so sorry for you having to say so many times to so many people who can't read that you are not giving out jars!! Great work on the tool though. It's just the thing I needed.
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