[1.4.2][Forge] Reas's Warfare

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    This post is very temporary and is subject to change!!

    "War doesn't determine who is right - only who is left..." Bertand Russel...

    "You can't say civilization doesn't advance... in every war they kill you in a new way..." Will Rogers

    War is something that humans have had since its dawn. It is a passing of time that we use for means of boredom. The excitement of risks, troubles, and conflict runs in our veins. Minecraft is no different, why build grand buildings if not to show the might of yourself? Why moderate servers to keep it stable if not for the griefers?Reas Warfare is a mod idea I came up with months ago. I haven't realized it until October when I finally built the underworks of it. I am now currently working on the actually modding of it. Why? To show a new way to PVP and conquer the lands of Minecraft. A new challenge awaits for us all and that there is REAS WARFARE.

    -5 new Shields to wear into combat for quick pace combat.-Ability for 2 hands to be used(though only secondaries are allowed for the second hand)-New Swords-God Swords-40 new Mobs-5 Temples to fight these new mobs along with 3 new dimensions-8 new Bosses-God Armor-New Guis-ETC.



    -Reas: Modder, Manager of project

    -Magna: Sprite Texture Artist, Model Texture Artist

    -GreatBlackDemon: Gui Artist
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    Pictures added and credits due
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    added many new features that are being tested and pics should go up tomorrow
    Updating currently aswell
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    can you make it so all weps can be dual wielded including other mods weps?
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    No some weapons are made to be dual wielded and others not. I do have an api or can add other mods weapons to my dual wielding api if the mod is suited. For the majority though, if i don't add it and the modder of the mod used doesn't implement it then its a dual handed weapon.
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