How to change minecraft directory folder?

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    Is there possibly a way to change the launcher so that it gets the file from a different folder? Eg. AppSupport/GandalfCraft rather than the usual AppSupport/minecraft.
    Btw I'm a Mac user so for all you Windowsers out there it's applicationdata/.minecraft or something.
    Off Topic: what's with the dot (.minecraft) anyway?

    Back on topic: I am modifying some things in minecraft including, splashes, textures, the narrative at the end of the game etc. and I also have my own modified launcher and I'm wondering if the two different launchers can get the files from different locations.

    So want Minecraft (launcher A) to get everything from AppSupport/minecraft an I want GandalfCraft (launcher B) to get everything from AppSupport/GandalfCraft
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    The easiest way of doing this is using Magic Launcher. You can select multiple configurations and choose different base folders.

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    Off Topic: what's with the dot (.minecraft) anyway?

    A dot before a directory name is the (somewhat depreciated) Unix way of hiding a folder.
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