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[Alpha] Aether II - Genesis of the Void (Fixed launcher, improved performance!)

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    The Aether II is current in its alpha stage and is very buggy. As such, we recommend that you refrain from filming reviews and "let's plays" until we reach full release. If you choose to, please mention that the mod is currently in alpha and report any bugs to our GitHub. Thank you!

    After over a year of work, Gilded Games is proud to present...

    The Aether II, a Gilded Games collaboration.
    Join the community at www.AetherII.com.

    What is the Aether?

    Aether 1 was one of the largest and most popular Minecraft mods of its time. With the Aether II, we aim to recreate that same amazing experience but with a fleshed-out sense of quality. The mod includes amazing features such as our advanced party system, our vastly redesigned dungeons, and much, much more. Aether II is designed to be the polar opposite of the Nether, a grand realm of floating islands in the sky with dark secrets beneath. Getting to the Aether is easy -- a 4x5 glowstone portal (just like the Nether portal!) and a little water will open the path to the skies. Discover new unique mobs and items in this vast and beautiful world.

    Why are there so many bugs?

    The Aether II is currently in an open alpha development stage, meaning the mod is highly unstable in some areas. Don't fret, though, we will soon be releasing our first beta update, complete with tons of fixes, improved systems, new biomes, mobs, items, and more.


    New Ores, Items, and Armor

    While exploring the Aether you'll come across a variety of new ores, such as Ambrosium and Gravitite. Search and discover each new ore and unlock its secrets!

    The Aether II is also accompanied by sevreal new sets of armor each accompanied by its own special ability. A full set of Neptune armor, for example will allow you to walk across the depths of the ocean with ease, and a full set of Valkyrie armor will allow you to fly! Getting your hands on these mythic sets won't be easy, though. Fight and defeat dungeons, and if all else false, try your luck at using some Continuum!

    Dungeons and the Party System

    One of the most revolutionary additions to the Aether II is our advanced dungeon and party system, allowing you to team up with friends to tackle some of the Aether's most difficult (and rewarding) challenges together. Explore the newly designed Slider's Labyrinth, a reimagination of the original Aether's bronze dungeon, and fight the realms darkest and most dangerous foes.

    Once you've assembled your party, have the party leader simply right click the dungeon's entrance, queue up, and enter the depths of the labyrinth. Dungeons regenerate their loot, enemies, and bosses after a party leaves, ensuring everyone gets a shot, not just whoever finds it first.

    While the original Aether's dungeons only took up a small area, the Aether II's Slider Labyrinth occupies entire islands, meaning you'll have no shortage of loot to grab, enemies to fight, or chambers to explore! Each dungeon contains five minibosses that must be defeated before gaining access to the final boss, the Slider.

    Mutiplayer (Finally!)

    How are you going to conquere dungeons with your friends without having a way to meet up? The Aether II is built on the Minecraft Forge API, allowing an easy way to create and manage Aether multiplayer servers! Minecraft Wiki provides a simple tutorial on how to get your own server up and running.

    But if you don't want the hassle, just hit the "Official Aether Server" button on the main menu. We've got an awesome server set up by the awesome team at CraftNode Hosting complete with an myraid plugins and an awesome community to help you get started!

    The Aether II Launcher

    We know installing mods can be difficult, so we're proud to present the Aether II Launcher! All it takes it logging in with your typical Minecraft credentials, choosing what version you want, and hitting play. The launcher will install everything you need to a new folder, .aether, so you can still easily manage all of your Aether II files. Launcher not working for you? Make sure you're running on an updated version of Java 7, and if you're still having issues, you can grab the files for a manual installation below.

    Download the launcher (requires Java 7): Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3
    Manually Installing the Aether II: www.AetherII.com/download

    Donations (and perks!)

    Donating to the Aether II will unlock the Donator menu in your inventory, allowing access to several exclusive skins for your capes and Moas. Donating directly supports the developers so we can continue work on bringing the mod closer to release. Hit the button below, type in your username and the amount you wish to donate, and PayPal will take you through the rest. Any donation supports us, so any donation will unlock the textures!

    Donator perks will not appear until our next BETA update as the current version of the Aether cannot pull the donator list from our servers. Please refrain from donating until the next update is out. For those who have donated during this period: do not fear, your perks will still be activated next update. This is explained in more detail on our FAQ.

    Keep up with Development

    Get the Latest News

    Our Community Site: www.AetherII.com
    Our Facebook: Facebook.com/AetherMod
    Our Twitter: @DevAether
    Our Subreddit: /r/TheAether

    Follow the Team

    Kingbdogz, Lead Developer: Twitter and Twitch
    Jaryt23, Developer: Twitter and Twitch
    Emile van Krieken, Developer and Composer: Twitter and Soundcloud
    Oscar Payn, Designer: Twitter and DeviantArt
    Dark3304, Designer: DeviantArt
    Brandon Potts, Community Manager: Twitter and AetherII.com

    Coming soon...

    New biomes, new mobs, hundreds of new blocks and items...
    Learn more about Mutation here.

    Full Credits

    Developers: Brandon "Kingbdogz" Pearce, Jaryt Bustard, and Emile van Krieken
    Art and Design: Oscar Payn and Elijah "Dark" Brown
    Music Composition: Emile van Krieken (Grab the Aether soundtrack here!)
    Community Manager: Brandon Potts

    Additional Compositions: Noisestorm, Moorziey, AetherAudio
    Retired Team Members: Cafaxo, Saspiron, Liberty, Flan, _303, Risugami, Tundmatu, Kodaichi
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    YES!!! So excited!!! Giving this baby a good downloadin'!
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    We took a long time to do this, thanks for being patient everyone!
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    you guys are ­ing amazing gold star and 10000000000 aether coins for you.
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    Fantastic news!

    ...but that's just like, my opinion, man.
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    Nice, great job!
    Am I streaming?
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    It's here!!! I hope you'll like it, everyone :)

    I made the Aether mod soundtrack! Check it out here: http://emilevankriek...oundtrack-music
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    Nice waiting for it for so long
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    After 3 months off waiting, the only mod i like has been released
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    Nice, glad it is finally out thank you for all your hard work on the mod can't wait to play it.

    Edit- found some bugs: skyroot planks are called skyroot chest, also there are some problems with shift clicking items.
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    I have to give this link to my friends, it cant be helped.
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    Sweet, Cant wait to try!

    I would like to see this! ^^
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    I wet myself.
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    Congrats on releasing at last. I've been looking forward to this for such a long time.
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    YES! Been following the development since it started. Congrats on getting out the release!
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    Epic! I've been following the development for a while :DI'm looking forward to see if I can help you guys out with that server lag!I made a short review / tutorial for the Aether 2.The tutorial goes over the client installation and server!
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    I just can't hide it
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    Yes!!!!! cant wait for it to be 1.5.2 so i can install along with all my other mods. I have a ton. Hopefully it is. if not i will play this on its own.
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