DartCraft Beta 0.2.20

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    Updated to version 0.1.07. Several bugfixes and added some more uses for Milk Cans/Capsules. (Detaills in the changelog.)
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    By far, one of the greatest additions to my FTB world. Thanks Bluedart, your mod is unique and well put into the bunch of mods I love.
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    Quote from ScorpioDan

    *****Mod Review out :)
    Embed in OP please? Went in the best depth possible :D

    If you read in the Video embed, it says to PM him the video, not spam his thread.
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    Could you perhaps add a config option to disable the flight particles? It's a bit annoying in my creative world.
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    Updated to version 0.1.08. For starters flight particles now spawn at your feet, are disabled in creative mode by default and are fully-configurable in DartCraft's config file. Force Rods are now directly upgradable and a custom enemy has been added. All beware the Ender Tot! Details in the changelog.
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    Updated to version 0.1.10. Force Bricks are now recolorable to any of 16 colors with IC2 painters, slabs and stairs can now be crafted from Force Wood and all colors of Force Bricks, and the "Rod of Return" has been added. See the changelog and modified first post for details.
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    I like this Mod
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    Nice mod, I have a question, what is the line of code I would need to put inside my try/catch phrase to make a custom pulverizer recipe for my mod. I can't find anything on the internet after googling. So I am coming here sir awesome mod maker! I assume it would be similar to the sawmill recipe you have just pulverizer-style. Thank you! (I want to be able to implement TE so I can pulverize my ores, and get more than 1 dust from it!)
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    Great job on the mod, Bluedart. I'm having fun messing around with it. Also, nice touch on the cross mod compatibility as well. It's nice to see little perks for using it in conjunction with other mods.

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    Leenixx found a bug that requires IC2 to be installed for DartCraft Beta 0.1.10 or Minecraft will crash. Information has been added to the first post and development is already underway for a 1.5.1 release. There is no ETA as much of DartCraft must be re-factored, but I will keep you posted.
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    Updated to Beta 0.1.11 and Minecraft 1.5.1. Had to rework a great many things, but it's finally done. While I was at it I added Force Belts, Item Cards, the Force Mitts and enhanced the vanilla Speed Potion effect in an interesting way. For a complete list of additions please consult the changelog.
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    great mod
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    Could you add a dropbox link becuase for some reason my antivirus blocked mediafire and it doesn't want to work with me. :/
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    I get a black screen after the Mojang screen :(
    I only have Forge installed with DartCraft.
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    Congrats on Dire's spotlight, good luck. Grabbing to check out, possibly add to my personal pack. Great work!
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    Really cool mod, the Direarmy is coming ;)
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    It was great to have played with you before, and got a chance to betatest dartcraft together :)

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    Hey, this looks like a really cool mod already!
    Just found kinda a bug: dartcraft.cfg generates in /minecraft launcher/config instead of /config on a client, all fine on a server.
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    My favorite thing in the whole mod if the sound a grinding pickaxe makes. I think it's from an old game called Blockland. It reminds me of all of the memories!
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    Dire has sent us to download! I cannot resist!
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