BedRock Mod 1.4.7

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    This is a very interesting mod. A little overpowered, but the tools are so expensive it is alright
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    Nice MOD =D

    This my Video:

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    Nice mod! Like others, I think a million uses is a bit OP (perhaps 20-50,000 instead?) even given the expensive recipe.

    Though my biggest concern is, as others have stated, accidentally placing a block of Bedrock. Then it's stuck there.
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    What if you combine it with Everlasting Tools mod? THAT WOULD BE SO COOL! INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!! I'm on fire right now.
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    Cool Mod great recipes for making a bedrock but can u plz update this mod to 1.5.2 or 1.6.2 i really enjoyed this mod.
    i give this mod a 9/10 also here BEDROCK for the :opblock: awesome mod! :D
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    It Should take 50 seconds to mine it and it would be great if this can be on 1.7.2
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