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[1.2.5] The Better Animations Collection

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    Sweet mod :D LOVE the creepers and endermen.

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    I love this mod I really do, but for some reason Bending Knees Please makes Minecraft crash in rare occasions if your running both Humans+ and Minecraft Comes Alive since the Human AI's in Humans plus don't bend at the knees and it switches your Character model back to male in MCA
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    Sky sent me!
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    Quote from KodaichiZero

    woot, finally got the popular star to off-center my title graphic!

    by KodaichiZero

    Video by da_moe. A great mod trailer that shows off almost everything the mod had to offer as of the time it was made.

    Video by LooksMinecraft. A really nifty, straight-to-the point quick video.

    Video by JKapGaming, an excellent review that even shows off the bending knees!

    More Videos:
    Video by SkyDoesMinecraft, a remake because it just had to be done!

    Video by Thescorpi0n, very nice presentation and shows all features of V1.

    Video by Minecrafter1912, made in German for the more Deutsch of us fellows.

    What This Mod Does:
      This mod aims to improve the atmosphere of Minecraft by changing the in-game models to allow for better animations and subtle effects. It aims to give a more realistic effect to parts of the game that can benefit from it, like simulating physics and making model parts move that don't normally move.

      Unlike most mods, this one allows you to mix and match the files within. Each file does a specific thing, which is listed in the features section. If you don't like a feature, don't install it. Just be careful, all of these files overwrite base classes, so you may need to revert to a clean minecraft.jar to uninstall them.

      This is also an ongoing mod, which means that new content is constantly getting added. New content will normally show up in the extras section, so check there first.

    Wiggly Ghast Tentacles - acm.class
      Divides ghast tentacles into parts and makes them wiggle realistically, like those tentacles monsters you always see at the movies. Makes them a little more scary, but ultimately nicer to look at.
    Squiggly Squid Tentacles - qw.class
      Gives a jellyfish-like effect to the swimming animation of squids. Also makes their tentacles flow more while moving. However, does not fix the jerkiness glitch which still exists in all versions of the game.
    Fluffy Wolf Tails - sx.class
      Changes wolf tails to be fluffier and flowier, wagging realistically while they stand and run. There's an alternate version of this file in the extras section that gives wolves normal sized tails but still the same animation.
    Flowy Ocelot Tails - mu.class
      Takes away the stick tails of the current ocelots and gives them something nicer instead. Fully animated flowing tails that move while they stand or run, and even curl around their bodies when they sit.
    Oinky Pigs - dl.class
      A very subtle animation, makes a pig's snout move when it oinks. It only moves up and down one pixel, so it may be hard to see, but it's there. Just a little bit more life for your livestock.
    Wobbly Cow Udders - ze.class
      A highly requested feature (I swear!), this makes the udders on cows wobble around when they walk. Even affects baby cattle for some reason. Also makes their udders have nipples, but if you're sensitive to that kind of thing, there's a nipple-less version in the extras section.
    Bucka Bucka - ahp.class
      What animal makes that noise? Chickens, of course. This one makes chicken beaks open and close when they cluck, and their heads move back and forth when they strut, just like the real deal.
    Wiggly Villager Noses - vb.class
      A subtle change, this makes villagers wiggle their big noses every once in a while! Since they don't talk yet, they wiggle wiggle instead. It's a small change, but I always get a kick out of it.
    Wiggly Iron Golem Noses - te.class
      Exactly the same as above, except for iron golems! What's left to say?
    Liquidy Slime Nuclei - ads.class
      A pleasing visual change, this makes the insides of slimes flow around like liquid. They splish-splosh about even more when they jump. The eyes, the mouth, and the core itself all move independently.
    Magma Cube Burgers - sy.class
      Adds a custom death animation to magma cubes, which causes their bodies to form into a pile of steamy, delicious hamburger patties when they die. Unfortunately, you can't eat them because they're way too hot.
    Spider Knees - nf.class
      A truly stunning visual addition. Spiders now finally have the knees they've always dreamed of. Also affects cave spiders.
    Zombie Animations - wr.class
      This one's pretty simple, but it doesn't show up in SMP. It adds an attack animation to zombies so they will flail their arms at whoever they're attacking. As an added bonus, a small percentage of zombies will have a limped leg, making them a bit closer to the walking dead we're used to seeing.

    Extras: (install these AFTER installing the main mod package)

    Wobbly Creepers - gj.class
      This is the best custom animation in the entire collection. In fact, it's so good that it can't even be in the full mod, it has to be in the extras section. The file name itself says "good job" to me for making it. It's that awesome.
      Inspired by the TNT video by Captainsparklez.
    Regular Wolf Tails - sx.class
      Due to popular demand, here's an alternate version of the Fluffy Wolf Tails, which provides the same great animations without being fluffy. It's the same size of tail as usual.
    Wobbly Cow Teats Without Nipples - ze.class
      For the more sensitive folks, this makes cow udders wobble around as they walk without adding on the extra nipples. Kind of lame in my opinion, but what'cha gonna do?
    Bucka Bucka Extreme Remix Edition - ahp.class Wacky Waving Inflatible Arm Flailing Endermen - ud.class
      If an enderman is angry and it isn't holding a block, it will wave its arms around wildly while chasing its target. Suits their twisted nature very well. Doesn't show up in SMP for the same reason that they don't open their mouths normally.
    Animated Stick - dz.class
      This file makes a snowman's arm swing when it throws a snowball. Little known fact: all snowmen are left-handed. There are two bugs though: doesn't show up in SMP for the same reason as the zombies, and the arm might sometimes get stuck in the up position.
    Bending Knees, Please - xg.class
      Fine, since you asked so nicely. This one makes a player's knees bend when walking, running, sneaking, and sitting. Looks pretty fluid and nice. You'll like it, trust me. Also works on any other mobs that use the player model, such as zombies, zombie pigmen, and even some mobs from other mods. Does not come with elbows and NEVER WILL. Incompatible with Smart Moving and Improved First Person.
    Kneeling Sheep - dj.class + jm.class
      This one is pretty kneat. Building on the success of Bending Knees Please, this one makes sheep actually bend down to eat grass. It's no longer just their head lowering, their whole body lowers down to get a sweet sample of that succulent cellulose. Did I mention their KNEES bend too? (not when they walk, only when they kneel)
    Lie Down, Doggie - sx.class

    How To Install:
      This mod is quite simple to install, and can be done with multiple methods. This mod does not require ModLoader, but it still works with ModLoader anyway. It will not however be loaded from the /mods folder. The first step is to download the file using the download link below. If you have MagicLauncher, you can follow MagicLauncher's instructions to get it working fast. If you don't, then you'll need to get an archiving tool such as 7-zip or WinRAR, use it to extract all the files from the download zip, and then insert the extracted files into your Minecraft.jar. If you have problems, seek out an install tutorial for ModLoader, follow it, then install this mod the same way.

      All the files in the extras section should be installed the same way as the main download.


      Really cool sig banner made by pork101!

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    Quote from KodaichiZero

    Listen to this man, I've personally never used Magic Launcher and he seems to know a lot about it :P

    ALSO: I've heard from a pretty reliable source (a friend in real life who is a part of the EvilMinecraft team) that 3D Items was stolen from EvilMinecraft, so just know that you're using and promoting stolen code. Thanks.

    I just wan't to prove this out even if this is an old post but the mod was not stolen but it was actually re-written and thought to be stolen as 98% of the code was the same as Evil Minecraft's item rendering.Quin (mod maker) Didn't know he made a re write part of another mod so it was a complete mis-understanding and know it's considerd as a stand alone mod
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    Quote from yourtoast4

    Why quote the whole OP and say nothing?
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    Does it show in smp?
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    Knee bending only works for mobs not the player, just a minor thing.

    Seriously awesome mod so simple yet adds so much to the game :D
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    Quote from Mayhem21

    Knee bending only works for mobs not the player, just a minor thing.

    Seriously awesome mod so simple yet adds so much to the game :D
    o.o, I think theres something wrong with yours, mobs and players have bending knees for me
    I Support the Painterly Pack by rhodox. It can be seen here --> :3
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    Quote from blargh555

    Why quote the whole OP and say nothing?

    Answer = trols

    Quote from timlinktom

    Does it show in smp?

    Yes, but it is client side; only you can see the better animations
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    Creepers look so silly!
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    Dosnt work with mod loader!!!!!

    If you haven't seen a live pig... You haven't lived!!
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    This is the sort of thing they should add to vanilla, it's amazing!
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    optifine compatible?
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    Quote from spiderking1008

    optifine compatible?


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    make a death animation for skeletons so they collaps and change items to look like blocks but pickupable u can do the item thing by changing texture
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    Quote from pigman161

    Dosnt work with mod loader!!!!!

    Yes it does.
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    Sky Army!
    Very nice mod, really love it! :D
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