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[1.1] [SSP/SMP] ExtraBiomes (V1.51) (Discontinued)

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    ExtraBiomesXL for Minecraft 1.2.3+ is here!

    Want an awesome texture pack that fully supports ExtraBiomes, and continuously updates for new versions of Minecraft? Use GeruDokuRPG!

    Also, use this mod. Now. You won't regret it.

    Download V1.51 for Minecraft 1.1
    Recommended for most users. Requires ModLoader.

    Download ExtraBiomes Classic for Minecraft 1.1
    No new blocks, trees, and certain biomes. Designed to feel like vanilla Minecraft. No ModLoader needed.

    Download for Minecraft Server 1.1 (SMP)
    SMP version for minecraft-server.jar, clients require an ExtraBiomes installation. No new trees, blocks, and certain biomes, yet.

    ExtraBiomes adds far more interest to your Minecraft world by adding 22 new biomes. Most of these biomes consist of their own special flowers, soils, and trees. This mod features:
    22 new biomes,
    New flowers, soils, and trees,
    New terrain noise generation system for much more varied and epic terrain, and caves,
    An alternative version called "Classic" which adds no new blocks, trees, and certain biomes,

    It has been downloaded over 25,000 times, viewed an estimate of over 150,000 times on YouTube, and seen on iPodMail, iJevin, CavemanFilms, and ChimneySwift11.

    If you wish to share, and discuss world seeds found using ExtraBiomes, please do so here

    For texture pack artists, here's a chart put together by HarpSeal which demonstrates the position of biomes within the .png color charts. It's not nearly as accurate as it should be, but it should at least give you something to work off of. Soon, ExtraBiomes should have custom Green Hills color charts. But this is pretty good for now.

    And a quick note of thanks:
    Special thanks to TDWP_FTW for constantly beta testing, adding ExtraBiomes support for his texture pack, and giving so much feedback and suggestions. ExtraBiomes would not be the way it is today without him.

    Another thank you to BlacksWhites for his ideas and feedback. You can thank him/her for the Wastelands!

    I'd also like to thank everyone who shared ideas, helped with bugs, asked me for modpack permission, and stole and took credit for ExtraBiomes. I'm humbled and joyous with what my little project has become. Thank you.

    I know ExtraBiomes isn't nearly popular enough to have a special thanks section complete with me moronically thanking everyone for "what my little project has become", because it really hasn't become all that much. I'm just perfectly content with what it is, and would like to credit some. :)

    Note for modpack creators, I am not currently accepting requests for modpack inclusion. Sorry.


    iPodMail's 10/10 review

    ChimneySwift11's birthday special video, including ExtraBiomes

    iJevin's 10/10 review

    CavemanFilms Review

    SirDerpingtons' showcase. The first video for ExtraBiomes!

    PhobicBus' showcase video

    LP series by MunchingOrange (awesome name, dude!)

    Gorgeous lets play that uses a ridiculous amount of mods, including ExtraBiomes.

    A detailed video showcasing the new biomes of V1.5.

    A quick humorous video showcasing the new terrain of V1.5 very nicely.

    No clue what he's saying, but a very good showcase nonetheless!

    Once again, foreign language. But he does quite a good job at showcasing all the biomes. If you stick around until around 4:50, he'll show how to install it!

    In this quick spoken video, you'll be shown the Mountain Ridge biome, and a (really!) fast look on how to install it.


    Snowy stone landscape with pine trees scattered about. Not available in Classic.

    Autumn Woods
    Somewhat flat with frequent mild hills and mountains. Red, yellow, orange, and brown trees.

    Autumn Woods (Alternative)
    Somewhat flat with frequent mild hills and mountains.

    Birch Forest
    Mostly flat, with occasional bumps in the terrain. The only natural tree that grows here is Birch!

    Forested Hills
    Same terrain generation code as Notch's Extreme Hills biome, but really lush.

    Forested Islands
    Oceans as of now SUCK. Now there's a variation of islands that don't suck!

    One of the most beloved biomes in the mod, the Glaciers are mountainous, frozen, lifeless, and awesome.

    Green Hills
    Reminiscent of the good old days in alpha, the Green Hills have a modest amount of trees, beautiful rolling hills, and special orange and white flowers. Green Hills is an unintentional Sonic reference. I've never heard of the Green Hills Zone before.

    Green Hills (Alternative)
    Reminiscent of the good old days in alpha, the Green Hills have a modest amount of trees, and beautiful rolling hills.

    Green Swamp
    Taller trees, hydrangeas, cattails, and no hideous hard-coded dark colors.

    Green Swamp (Alternative)
    Basically a copy/paste of Notch's swamps, but without the hideous hard-coded dark colors.

    Ice Mountains
    Contrary to popular belief, the Ice Mountains have no ice whatsoever. The Ice Mountains were made by Notch, but never allowed to generate 'cause he stinks.

    Mini Jungle
    Arguably the most popular biome, the Mini Jungle is packed with tall grass, vines, waterlilys, mushrooms, and dark green water!

    Flat, filled with flowers and flowing grass, the Meadow is an awesome place to punch a pig.

    Mountainous Desert
    Notch Deserts are the ugliest, flattest, most boring biome in the game. Now, they're only ugly and boring!

    Mountain Ridge
    High rocky red mountains with rivers carving canyons throughout. Not available in Classic.

    Taiga Mountains
    Just like a normal Taiga, but with towering mountains and snow! :)

    Designed to resemble the Rainforests from pre-1.8. They're overgrown with ferns, green grass, big trees, and mountains. Awesome!

    Yellow, flat, grassy, and populated with Acacia trees.

    Savanna (Alternative)
    Yellow, flat, and grassy, the Savanna kinda sucks to spawn in, but sure provides some magnificent scenery.

    No Notch tall grass, but LOTS of short and cover grass.

    Shrubland (Alternative)
    As misleading as it sounds, the Shrubland has a 0% chance of spawning any shrubs! They were designed to be like the Shrublands from pre-1.8.

    Snow Forest
    One thing Minecraft has always lacked, actual snowed forests, with normal trees. ExtraBiomes fixes that!

    Temperate Rainforest
    Massive Fir trees, large mountains, and dark forest floors. I'd say the Temperate Rainforest is my favourite. :) Not available in Classic.

    Temperate Rainforest Snow
    The same as the Temperate Rainforest, but double the epic with snow. Not available in Classic.

    The original idea came from WhitesBlacks, thanks! They're dry, barren, and ridden with cracked sand... Fun!

    Wasteland (Alternative)
    The original idea came from BlacksWhites, thanks! They're dry, barren, and ridden with sandstone... Fun!

    Feels like a vanilla biome. Yellow grass and foliage, quite pleasing. Not available in Classic.


    Included biomes in a nutshell:

    Alps (N/A in Classic),
    Autumn Woods,
    Birch Forest,
    Forested Hills,
    Forested Islands,
    Green Hills,
    Green Swamp,
    Ice Mountains,
    Mini Jungle,
    Mountain Desert,
    Mountain Ridge (N/A in Classic),
    Mountain Taiga,
    Snow Forest,
    Temperate Rainforest (N/A in Classic),
    Temperate Rainforest Snow (N/A in Classic),
    Woodlands (N/A in Classic).

    Warning: This will 'scramble' your worlds biomes, causing a massive climactic shift. It won't affect your seed, but it will the biomes. This is recommended for new worlds only. Removing the mod, though, will restore your world to normal.

    Yes, these are compatible with Strongholds, villages, wolfs, ect.

    Modloader not required.

    ExtraBiomes was, and is developed using the Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP). Without it, I'm 92% sure that this mod wouldn't exist. Please follow Searge (founder of the MCP project) on his Twitter @SeargeDP. He shares a lot of development news and awesome stuff there. Plus, if he gets 1000 followers, he will begin to release versions of MCP for Minecraft weekly snapshots. This will make WAY MORE mods update faster, and be usable on the awesome snapshots. Please, if you love Minecraft, mods, and the support of awesome people, follow him! You wouldn't just be helping me, but tons of other mods, like the water shader mod, GLSL shaders mod, and many more.

    Make saplings for custom trees.
    Create a fertilizer that can grow my custom grasses.
    Enable texture pack artists to develop custom colors for Green Hills.
    Add items and blocks to creative inventory. Next update.

    Download V1.51 for Minecraft 1.1
    Recommended for most users. Requires ModLoader.

    Download ExtraBiomes Classic for Minecraft 1.1
    No new blocks, trees, and certain biomes. Designed to feel like vanilla Minecraft. No ModLoader needed.

    Download for Minecraft Server 1.1 (SMP)
    SMP version for minecraft-server.jar, clients require an ExtraBiomes installation. No new trees, blocks, and certain biomes, yet.

    Previous versions

    Texture Pack Support

    These are a list of texture packs (that I'm aware of) that support ExtraBiomes officially, and unofficially.

    GeruDokuRPG by TDWP_FTW
    Unofficial Isabella Mod Support Center by ScottKillen
    Unofficial Summerfields support by CuddleWoozle (rename texture folder to "extrabiomes")


    This is a list of blocks and their corresponding ID's:

    mod_CoverGrass: 150
    mod_CrackedSand: 151
    mod_DeadGrass: 152
    mod_DeadGrassY: 153
    mod_DeadTallGrass: 154
    mod_LeavesBrown: 155
    mod_LeavesOrange: 156
    mod_LeavesRed: 157
    mod_LeavesYellow: 158
    mod_ShortGrass: 159
    mod_RedRock: 160
    mod_CatTail: 161
    mod_Hydrangea: 162
    mod_BrownGrass: 163
    mod_BrownGrassShort: 164
    mod_OrangeFlower: 165
    mod_WhiteFlower: 166
    mod_PurpleFlower: 167

    Q & A

    Q: Does this modify/remove existing biomes?
    A: No. ExtraBiomes does not edit the default biomes included with Minecraft.

    Q: Will ExtraBiomes permanently destroy my world?
    A: No. Any damage brought to your world is self inflicted (by you), and will be classified as destruction by incompetence.

    Q: Why is my good old forest all yellow and stuff?
    A: Because ExtraBiomes adds more world generational content, the seeds will have a different affect than the normal vanilla Minecraft generation. Your seed looks a certain way under default MC, and a different way under ExtraBiomes.

    Q: You wrecked my biomes forever. I hate you.
    A: Don't be an idiot. Remove ExtraBiomes, and your world will be just fine. It'll be like nothing ever happened. But if you generated new terrain, the blocks will remain in place.

    Q: Will ExtraBiomes give newly generated chunks those ugly cliffs?
    A: Yes. This is normal, and cannot be avoided. I recommend the use of ExtraBiomes on new worlds only.

    Q: Will ExtraBiomes lower Minecraft's FPS?
    A: It depends on the biome. Jungles can be laggy, but most other ones are fine.

    Q: Does ExtraBiomes work on Bukkit?
    A: No. Please help.

    Q: Are any external mods required for ExtraBiomes to function?
    A: ExtraBiomes requires ModLoader to function, but not ExtraBiomes Classic.

    Q: What mods is ExtraBiomes incompatible with?
    A: Not many. Almost every mod I've ever used works without problem when installed along with ExtraBiomes. If you ever do have compatibility issues, please try the alternative version.

    Q: What is different from the main download, and alternative download?
    A: The alternative version does not contain ferns. This will be fixed when Minecraft 1.2 comes out, and an alternative download would no longer be required. Thus, the alternative download would be discontinued.

    Q: Will you ever make any other mods besides ExtraBiomes?
    A: Yeah.


    *Fixed flower drops. Those who already have flowers in your inventory, please place them, and pick them back up to refresh their inventory icons.
    *Gave every new biome a .setColor attribute.
    *Removed Orange Flowers from Autumn Woods.

    *Added Alps, Woodlands, Temperate Rainforest, Temperate Rainforest Snow, and Mountain Ridge.
    *Added Fir Trees to Temperate Rainforest's.
    *Added a brand new terrain generation system for much more varied and epic landscapes, and caves.
    *Converted to Modloader.
    *Added Cracked Sand blocks to the Wasteland.
    *Added Short Grass, and Cover Grass to add more subtle deatil to grass blocks.
    *Added brown, red, yellow, and orange leaves to Autumn Woods.
    *Added Dead Tall Grass, Dead Grass, and Dead Yellow Grass to the Wasteland.
    *Added Hydrangeas, Cattails, and taller trees in Green Swamps.
    *Added orange and white flowers to Green Hills.
    *Added purple flowers and Acacia trees to Savanna's.
    *Tweaked existing biomes.
    *Renamed Jungle to "Mini Jungle" in preparation for Jens' Jungles.
    *Shrubland's are packed full of Short Grass, and Cover Grass.
    *Cattail's have a small chance of dropping wheat.
    *Added natural Watermelon generation. Though I haven't seen any yet. I think it's broke. :P
    *Cleaned some code.
    *Cleaned download archive.

    V1.41 SMP
    *Increased amount of trees in Green Hills.
    *Exited SMP version from BETA status.

    V1.41 Alt T
    *Added a new edition of ExtraBiomes that doesn't edit foliage colors in the Autumn Woods, and Green Hills. Use if experiencing texture pack oddities.

    V1.41 SSP
    *Added new foliage colors to make Autumn Woods yellower, and Green Hills greener.
    *Increased number of trees in Green Hills to more accurately represent alpha Minecraft.
    *Wasteland water is now brown.

    V1.4 SMP
    *Updated for Minecraft server 1.1.

    V1.4 SSP Alt

    *Updated for Minecraft 1.1.

    V1.4 SSP

    *Added support for Minecraft version 1.1
    *Ferns can now drop functional fern blocks when harvested with shears (they have no name, I know).
    *Removed beaches, 'cause Jens brought 'em back!

    V1.2.2 SSP Alt

    *Added a alternative version without edited block files for increased compatibility with other mods.

    V1.3 SMP

    *Added a SMP (survival multiplayer) version of ExtraBiomes

    V1.2.2 SSP

    *Made Glaciers have a top layer of snow blocks, and a secondary layer of ice.
    *Added a biomeDecorator.generateFluid = false; attribute to the Wasteland, although it doesn't appear to do anything.

    V1.2.1 SSP

    *Disabled fern block drops (they still have a chance of dropping seeds)
    *Enabled villages to generate in Shrublands, and Birch Forests.

    V1.2 SSP

    *Made Glaciers filled with ice and gravel, as opposed to the earlier versions made of entirely stone.
    *Re-added ferns, which can now spawn in Rainforests and Jungles.
    *Added beaches.
    *Added a "Wasteland" biome, which is basically a flat sandstone filled land.
    *Added Swamp trees in the Jungle to add diversity and vines.
    *Increased chances of a big tree generating in Rainforest biomes.
    *Increased Tall Grass levels in Rainforests.
    *Made Rainforests a tad more mountainous.
    *Made Rainforests slightly greener.

    V1.1 SSP

    *Added README-Installation.txt with instructions for Mac and Windows computers.

    If you enjoy ExtraBiomes, and would like to help support it (and me), please copy/paste one of these banners in your signature!



    Banner by the awesome KensukeNL:

    ExtraBiomes by MisterFiber is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
    Based on a work at
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    remember when i existed lol probably not
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    Looks cool, I am gonna check it out. I really appreciate you making this, this was really needed. +1.

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    this is really awesome, especially for a first post.

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    Excellent ideas and it seems done pretty well. I don't suppose you plan to work in a server version do you? Anything to spice up the boring terrain of 1.0! Is it possible to rework the old beach code back into mix as part of your mod?
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    Quote from RichardErickson

    Excellent ideas and it seems done pretty well. I don't suppose you plan to work in a server version do you? Anything to spice up the boring terrain of 1.0! Is it possible to rework the old beach code back into mix as part of your mod?

    I'm going to attempt making a server version of ExtraBiomes when I have the time, but no guaranties on it's success.
    remember when i existed lol probably not
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    This mod must of taken a lot of time and work on it... good job you just got a download plus some diamonds :biggrin.gif: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :iapprove:
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    Nice mod! Will most likely download :smile.gif:
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    The terrain isnt dull with this mod! +1!

    Ill be downloading asap.
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    Starting work on a video demo.

    My youtube channel full of good times!
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    Tried out this mod on a new world and took a little tour. I don't think I've seen all the new biomes included in this mod yet but the ones I've seen look great in Minecraft and look like they belong in the regular game. Nice to see more color and variety added to the world and the diversity helps make it feel more like an actual world being created. :Diamond: and a +1 for this.
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    Quote from Wild42Card

    Nice mod downloading NOW and +1 u deserve this :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: EDIT: took some sc all I could find in one hour real time :sad.gif: screenshots
    Snow ForestJungle MeadowBirch ForestGreen SwampAutumn WoodsIce Mountains?again ...last one!Just A SC of the world :biggrin.gif:

    Meh dragons if you wanna see em grown up then click em!

    Thanks for posting those screens, I really enjoyed 'em! :biggrin.gif:
    Quote from paull105

    Starting work on a video demo.

    Can't wait! :biggrin.gif:
    remember when i existed lol probably not
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    Looks amazing! Can't wait to try it!
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    It doesnt mess with the existing biomes, does it?

    I really like the idea, but in the screenshots the glacier really look messed up.

    Anyway, great mod! +1


    Is it easy to change the height of the trees? I love the "bigtrees" mod, and the idea of taller trees that realy look like real life.
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    omg ive always wanted a mod for this but all the other ones are look nothin compared to this! 1+ for you :wink.gif: by the way could you PLEASE bring back beaches, i never got to see one and they look really cool, even if you just copied the code from on of the old codes (i think 1.7.3 was the latest one, but yer whenever the beaches were still in the game). then this mod would be even better.
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    Amazing, in a world which you had explored a lot the biomes were repetative! This is what I've been looking for. Shouldn't the Glacier be made from Ice? Still Amazing!
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    Great mod! Amazing landscapes as you can see in the video. Feel free to use it in the first post if you like.
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    My youtube channel full of good times!
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    Updated to V1.1 to include installation tutorials for Mac and Windows. It really should've had that in the first place.
    remember when i existed lol probably not
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    Holy **** this is awesome :smile.gif:

    Like the edition of Glacier.
    Just on that note, could you add more to it?
    Say 3 layers of ice and 1 layer of snow?

    But apart from that, its awesome
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    I'm going to download a 1.7.3 version of MCP, and try to convert over the beaches. No excitement please, this may fail horribly.
    remember when i existed lol probably not
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    For the poll, it would be useful to know what sorts of things you would plan to add.

    Expanding boundaries since 2011.
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