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Poll: Should the fly mod be made into another mod(it won't require x-r

Should the fly mod be made into another mod(it won't require x-r - Single Choice

  • No 28%
  • Yes 72%

This poll has ended as of 5/15/2014 5:50:09 PM

Poll: Should the better coordinates function be made into another mod?

Should the better coordinates function be made into another mod? - Single Choice

  • No 58.6%
  • Yes 41.4%

This poll has ended as of 5/15/2014 5:50:09 PM

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    cant wait! love this mod.. use it on my brothers server mainly for flying around about half a block high. confuses the crap out of him lol
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    Mod is updated for 1.2.5!
    If you find a bug/glitch PM me.


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    Does it notify the server that it is being used?
    U Mad Bro?
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    i opened up my .minecraft folder, deleted META-INF and just drag and dropped the new files from 1.2.5 (without fly) Into my .minecraft folder (which i was running 1.2.4 mc with your mod) But there are a few problems,,, 1.2.5 has coordinates in the top right, no biggie, but can you toggle them?

    1.2.4 also had left-ctrl + X to select which block you wanted to show/hide. - how do I access this feature now?

    what happened to cave finder - "v"
    and "c" - make people darker, then make map brighter,

    Im enjoying the mod so far! But i really wish to know how to toggle the blocks that are hidden/shown.

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    how can i get the version for 1.1?
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    Quote from Sarkos

    Sigh, this mod's main purpose is purely for cheating on Multiplayer servers. Using an X-ray to obtain items in a single player world is not in any way, shape or form legit. If you need to get better items in Single player either use Creative Mode or install the TooManyItems mod.

    I wish they would stop allowing the development of this mod on this forum, because it EASILY ruins a PvP environment.

    With TMI you could just get the ideas faster and with less work. At least with x-ray ya gonna dig to it first while with TMI it gives you everything you want.
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    Does this work on multiplayer? I've downloaded and it was on sp and it worked. But what about in the server's i play? I run a mc server and it didn't show up at all. What's the deal?
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    can you add button customization because x is my drop buton and i have to chane it every time i use this one
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    Ive got a bug... i was flying around when all of a sudden i landed and died due to fall damage! pls fix?
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    i cant seem to fly in creative mode anymore. is this part of the mod?
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    I LOVE THIS MOD.Not just only the x ray function but I love fly function.It's was very easy to fly,only tab space and you fly :D (zombe mod must press a key to fly up/down,that not easy for me :unsure: ) .Can you make a cave-finder? Some server run an Anti-X ray plugin.I might found a ores in cave,so please make it :steve_tearful: .
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    You should make a FAQ for this mod, lots of these posts are restated questions from newbies. I could help if you want. :P
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    I keep getting fog. Anyone else getting it?
    I can't seem to get the night lite to work either. I press "L" but nothing happens.
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    No offense to the mod-maker, but this mod makes SMP servers and their economies :Lava: rap.
    Please don't go giving me the BS about getting an anti-xray plugin either. For servers without a good few gigs of ram, an anti-xray plugin ( that works) Can lag the server up quite badly.

    What ever happened to the days when we were REAL and TRUE miners, instead of cheating scoundrels? I remember when people didn't walk about with sets of diamond on, AND then tens more sets in their chests.

    Go ahead :) Download this mod. And watch as the many admins around the world strike you down with the banhammer. Cmonnnn, typing /ban is fun.
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    Whining about how you don't like the mod isn't going to stop people from using it. You're just wasting your time typing a reply.
    If they use the mod, then ban them or whatever you do to get them off your server. It obviously doesn't take that much effort if you think "typing /ban is fun". Ban them and carry on.

    I honestly barely use this mod, but it can be useful sometimes. Just downloaded it the other day. I used it to make a railway from my house to my mine, and I used it to look for the torches I had placed in my mine so I didn't dig off-course.
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    A few awesome things that I would love to be added would be:
    Player Finder
    Speed Moving
    Speed Break

    This is my favorite mod!
    Quote from Gutchovsk »
    You cant Explode without dieing, ask a Taliban
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    The fly function in the mod seems to be extremely glitchy. If you turn of the fly function, it activates it on both survival and creative making it pretty annoying if you're trying to build something and then trying to test it back on survival mode.
    Secondly, fall damage isn't disabled when in fly mode which leads to pretty frustrating deaths.
    And finally, the "no fly" version of the mod has fly.
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    how do you actually work it in game? i put the mod into my .minecraft folder, now what?
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    can i post this mod on planet minecraft ??????????
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    Quote from lewiscm08

    can i post this mod on planet minecraft ??????????
    No it's against their rules(They do not allow cheating mods i dunno why).Their rules might have changed since december but my post got removed.

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