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[1.4.5] Explosives+ [PR V3.9!][Pre Release 5 1.4.5 December 2nd!]

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    Looking to cause a little* destruction? You've come to the right place.
    *a little = a LOT

    Problems? Suggestions?
    Or Post Them On This Thread

    Questions? Check out our website HERE
    Fifth Pre Release for 1.4.5 Now Available
    Click HERE to Download

    C4 Fixed, Predator Missile WILL RETURN
    Elephant Gun Now Less Glitchy!

    Main Download Link Will Continue To Support 1.2.5 Until Full Version Is Ready

    -Elephant gun does not have a targeting reticle-
    -Only certain bombs/items have been added back, this is not a bug, but a consequence of gradual development-


    Excellent Trailer By LoooksMinecraft


    Table of Contents

    :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt:

    Explosives+ currently includes...
    • Black Hole Bomb

    • The first black hole to ever truly be introduced to Minecraft, this bomb breaks all the rules. Similar to the Nova Bomb's "Black Hole Mode" it sucks in nearby blocks and destroys them. However, it does so with a slowly expanding black sphere (Yes, I brought spheres to Minecraft :D ) that devours blocks procedurally, gradually expanding until it reaches the limit set with the wrench. A very destructive and awesome to watch bomb.

      Pics and Vids of the Black Hole Bomb in Action:

      More to come!
    • Ballistic Missile Launcher

    • FINALLY the Ballistic Missile, which I have been working on for months, debuts. This baby has unlimited range, a highly advanced targeting system, several different modes of destruction and fusing, and once placed, can fire infinite missiles (I may fix this).After finding a suitable location (it requires 3*3*4 blocks of free space, it will delete any blocks in that area that are not other launchers) you can either input coordinates or you can click the button in the GUI to select targets manually. This awesome mode of target selection uses a top-down view of the map to select the coordinates to strike at. Use the arrow keys to navigate the target selector, shift and space to decrease and increase altitude, and press enter to select the target and fire the missile. If you select the "Phase Missile" option, the missile will be able to noclip through any thing in its way, only detonating when it reaches its target. The missile is accurate to 1 block in a 1500 block range, after that it slowly falls off, but this is Minecraft, not the missile. You can also change firing modes for it using the wrench. Go very big and uses multi-threading to avoid lag. It renders rather slowly because of this, but lag is entirely avoided.

      Crater and Missile Detail:

      The crater it leaves on the "Go Big" setting:
      (Before some moron accuses me of copying Nikolai, I wrote the algorithms for this myself, its actually more light-wieght than his is)

      The missile, as modeled by Skerp

    • Inverter Bomb **IMPROVED**

    • Quite truly one of the most cool bombs I have ever written, rather than absolutely destroying everything, this bomb is capable of de-assembling a village from the inside-out, floating the blocks up into the sky via anti-gravity, and reassembling the blocks at a designated ceiling height or at a set time. Very, very fun to use.

      Effects and Videos:

      A good video by GameChap that demonstrates its power:

    • Repulsion Beam **IMPROVED**

    • Out of all the new items for 3.3, this is probably my favorite. This weapon is basically a Nova Bomb without lag, that is in the form of a gun. These are actually probably the first really realistic explosions to ever be brought into Minecraft. Just point and right click to blow pretty much anything up. Hold down left control and right click to cause an explosion right on your position, much like a giant bubble of repulsion, this is just incredibly epic. **NEW** Now with unlimited range :D

      Here's a GIF

      :D And here's the block spread

    • Anti-Gravity Laser

    • *Texture is temporary, all credit to Scokeev9 for letting me use textures from the Ray Gun mod, texture artist was probably Sword_Frog, correct me if I'm wrong
      The Anti-Gravity Laser is a simple tool. Right click to turn it on, right click again to turn it off. Note that it is linked to the inverter bomb in certain settings and that what changes you make there will also apply to the anti-gravity laser. Try it and watch the genuine magic!
    • Configurator **NEW**

    • This brand new tool is not a bomb, but an advanced table that enables you to configure items by right clicking on it while wielding them. Though only a few items (such as the Stick of Dynamite) are currently set up to work with the Configurator, expect many more in future updates.

      Cool Feature:

      You can use this to disable those annoying sounds
    • Nova Bomb **REWRITTEN**

    • Similar to the Gravity Bomb from Minecraft Advanced Destruction, an old favorite of mine that stopped after 1.6.6 **NOW UPDATED AGAIN**, this bomb is incredibly awesome to play with. In this latest update, I have rewritten much of the system (with the help of Corosus) to decrease lag greatly. I implemented a new entity-control system, enabling you to limit the number of block-entities if need be, decreasing lag. And I increased the yield :D

      Truly breath-taking video of it in slow motion by Eric Fullerton

      Beautiful short of it using Sonic Ether Shaders, by Sevenedges, who did it just to show it could be done. This showcases the black hole mode perfectly

      Absolutely amazing video by the Yogscast, not actually on Explosives+ this time, but the Nova Bomb stars a lot in this video, making many appearances in conjunction with Minema. It truly shows the beauty of Nova Bombs in slow motion.


    • BiomeBuster **REWRITTEN**

    • The BiomeBuster, the most powerful explosive EVER to be detonated in minecraft. ONCE AGAIN, I have reclaimed this title thanks to some black magic through which the BiomeBuster can now destroy ENTIRE biomes in one explosion. Theoretically, it can destroy upwards of 64 million blocks (You'll need a very high powered computer though for that). Practically however, this CAUSES NO LAG. This is thanks to the power of multi-threading and the powerful coding skills of GenuineSounds, who generously allowed me to modify and incorporate his as-yet unreleased API. And yes, the classic explosion is still in there, right click with Flint and Steel to get it.
    • Video by GameChap, showing why the BiomeBuster is not to be trifled with:

      Info on the Old Explosion (Right Click with Flint and Steel)

      5% of the time this thing is detonated It may crash your game. With this in mind, set graphics to fast, render to small, and try to detonate it in a desert or plains biome, where it will not cause leaf-decay to stack up behind it. When you detonate it, Your game will freeze. However, this is temporary and ought to last about 30-45 seconds, depending on how good your computer is. True to its name, this bomb is capable of destroying entire biomes, and puts the scatterbomb to shame.






    • Genesis Bomb

    • At first glance, the Genesis Bomb seems rather unassuming. Nothing could be further from the truth. Meet the first weapon capable of regenerating the entire world to the original state it had when it was created. No buildings (that you built), no massive craters, just innocent nature and villages. So now you can blow it all up again!

      **WARNING** The Genesis Bomb will regenerate worlds based on the current terrain generator. Do not use on old worlds from prior versions unless you want to lose that terrain forever (that is, if the terrain generator has been changed. Check the wiki for info on changes to Minecraft itself. The Genesis Bomb does not affect the player, only terrain, therefore you will not lose any of your items. When the bomb is activated, the massive lag caused by the bombs put into it rips a hole in the minecraft fabric of space-time, causing dimensional reversal, resetting the world. **The Genesis Bomb does not actually lag the game at all, this is a joke**

      To use the Genesis Bomb, simply place it in the world, mindful of its spatial requirements, and then right click it with Blaze Rods to add the containment arms to the base. The fifth time it is right-clicked a dialogue comes up asking for confirmation of activation. Choose wisely. Additionally, if right clicked with the wrench, you can edit the time it takes to detonate. Setting the time to negative one has produced interesting results before...

      Video of Genesis Bomb by GameChap:

      The Genesis Bomb in Action

    • Mind Control Helmet **IMPROVED**

    • A truly unprecedented step in modding, this piece of technology allows the player to take over and directly control any living entity (mobs). And no, it does not work on the Ender-Dragon (yet). As it is a brand new piece of tech, it is fairly buggy, and may cause your Minecraft to experience short "seizures" - If this happens, simply press "Enter" to return to the player viewpoint OR quit and reload the world if that fails. The player does not move while entity is under their control, although the entity will move as if it were in the same conditions the player is in (e.g. on ice). Why is this in an explosives mod, you may ask? Because when you right click with the helmet active, it explodes, making whatever entity you take over an unmarked, personally controlled suicide bomber.

      Video of what happens when villagers are placed under the control of GameChap and what can go wrong with the explosive charge...

      Pictures From the Viewpoint of the Mobs

      Viewpoint of villager looking at player

      Viewpoint of murderous cow.
    • Suicide Vest

    • One of the most advanced contraptions to ever grace the minecraft modding scene, this unprecedented device allows you to place explosive vests on any and all entities in the game. This means mobs, minecarts, even yourself. To place a vest on an entity, simply right click that entity with the vest. Then, when you are ready, Shift + Right Click while equipping the detonator to cause all explosive vests to detonate, killing their host and damaging the surrounding area. Additionally, these vests can be worn as armor by the player, detonated by right clicking when equipping the detonator (which will also explode all C4s).

      Pictures of the Suicide Vest in Use

      Player preparing to bring an end to this village.

      An example of the retexturing it causes in animals.

      The player wearing a suicide vest, with detonator in hand.
    • AC-130

    • One of the most complex weapon platforms I have ever written, the AC-130 is a work of art. To use it, simply aim at one point, right click, and then choose three other points and right click on each of them as well. The path between points determines how the AC-130 flies and it will fly until it reaches the starting point again. The red light here marks the start and the green lights mark the other three points. Once in the AC-130, I recommend you turn off clouds, and then press "Z" to switch guns. The three guns available are the 105mm, with a reload time of 5 seconds, the 40mm, with a reload time of 1 second, and the 25mm, with no reload time at all. Once you are done destroying the world, you can either wait for the pathing to complete, or you can press "Return" or "Enter" and exit it immediately. Uses actual projectiles and sounds! This makes for an even better experience! You can change altitude with Up/Down Arrows. **NEW** You asked for it, so here it is, a 3D model (different one is also available for Stealth Bomber)

      A picture of the light beacons that mark its path AND VIDEOS

    • TNT Rain

    • As stated by the Yogscast in their review TNT RAINNNNNNNNN. But really, this is incredibly devastating. You see, its not really TNT. Its nukes textured to look like TNT. And its very destructive. May be more destructive than BiomeBuster in some cases. Someone suggested this to me, send me a PM and I'll put your name here (and where I can find the original post).

      A picture of the crater it makes

    • Stealth Bomber

    • The Stealth Bomber, initially revealed to the public in the beautiful mod review the Yogscast did on me, is now fully complete and available. You will notice that the bomber does not always look right, but this is an unavoidable bug of the render type I am currently using. It may be fixed in the future, but for now there will be cases where you bomber is pointing one way, but traveling the other. Fortunately this does not interfere with its function and it works perfectly. If you want to get it so that it always looks good, have it fly from left to right across your screen. But besides that, this is one of the most devastating weapons ever unleashed on Minecraft, able to carpet bomb a massive area with two clicks of the mouse. The green light marks your starting point, the red is where it finishes. Inspired by Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Happy destruction :D
    • Valkyrie Rocket

    • By popular request, I have added the Valkyrie Rocket from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Its operation is pretty similar to the Predator Missile, but rather than going straight down, it can go any direction except straight up or down. Just use the mouse to control it, to cause it to explode mid-air left click, to activate the boost, right click.**NEW** Better hitbox means fewer premature detonations!

      The new targeting overlay that I was finally able to code in:

    • Stick of Dynamite

    • This is pretty self explanatory. You craft it then you throw it. And it goes boom!
    • Volcano

    • This is the first explosively eruptive volcano brought to minecraft, and the 3rd time a volcano has been included in any mod. IT IS EPIC. Using the tactics developed for the Nova Bomb, this block generates a volcanic cone (Gen code by Areus) and then erupts, showering the landscape with lava. WARNING - WILL BURN EVERYTHING YOU LOVE INTO ASH, DO NOT USE ON YOUR FAVORITE MAP
    • Predator MissileThis Predator Missile, much like the one found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or 3, launches from above. Using the mouse, you guide it down to crash into the ground, where it explodes. Right click for a boost :D **Thanks to Skerp for the initial coding (really, most of the coding)** **NOW WITH NEW TARGETING RETICLE****NEW** It now has a red square overlay for mobs that are targeted! This makes it look SUPER EPIC :D
    • Elephant GunIntroducing the new scope, also available for numerous other items, this gun currently only effects terrain. However, the terrain it does effect, it punches a massive hole in. Just aim, click, and GO BOOM! **NEW** Now uses actual projectiles, meaning it has infinite range!
    • Picture of the Scope

    • Wrench **IMPROVED**

    • A dramatic improvement on the mod's mediocre config, this introduces in-game real-time configuration options. While wielding the wrench, simply right click any block from Explosives+ to bring up a GUI that allows you to alter values like Fuse Length, Explosion Radius, and Explosion Size in-game. Also, click "MOAR Destruction" to allow explosions to destroy bedrock and obsidian :D
      **NEW** Right click the sky to open a general config
      Example of one of the GUIs

    • The Boom Stick and the Hell Stick

    • Similar to the Elephant Gun, but they are only available through cheating or creative. This is because they are fully automatic. Point, hold down right click, and watch as your world is utterly and completely destroyed beyond all recognition. Use the wrench to change the Hell Stick Block Output, by right clicking the side of a Napalm Bomb.


      That was one click. Imagine a hundred :tnt: :tnt: :tnt:
    • Hydrogen Bomb **IMPROVED**

    • The Hydrogen Bomb. Not very different from all the other nukes, but it's a tad bit more powerful. 2.5 times as powerful as a Nuke, and half as powerful as a MegaNuke. Doesn't cost very much to make, but still highly explosive. **NEW** The explosion now throws blocks out much like a Nova Bomb, but without the massive lag.

    • Laser Guided Airstrikes

    • By popular request, I've added these. They are just as powerful as the 1.5 Airstrikes, but they are much easier to use. Simply craft a laser designator, right click and hold it while it charges, aim at what you want to launch an airstrike against, and release. Then your target will be destroyed by 9 nukes falling out of the sky. **NEW** Press Z while holding this to zoom in and view the airstrike progress bar.


    • Glassing Rays
    • I've actually considered making this into its own separate mod, but I decided that since its main purpose is destruction, that I'd bundle it in with this. This weapon is a minecraft version of the massive Plasma Lances used by the Covenant in Halo to glass the surfaces of captured worlds. This weapon, when activated in any of its three forms (Precise, Beam, and Lance) calls down a column of plasma that glasses, explodes, boils, and melts the minecraft terrain. There are certain materials that are affected in special ways, but I'm not gonna tell you how. Props to anyone who can find the secrets and a place in this post (include the effect and a picture). The destruction is quite a sight! Currently I'm in talks with the maker of the Halo Mod to implement this in his mod and help me improve it for mine, but in its current version, it is fully functional and works great. Happy Mass-Destruction!

      Affects, and who discovered them

      Water (Only thing I'm letting you know)

    • C4 **IMPROVED**

    • C4 and Detonator. You can place C4 on all 6 sides of a block, as seen in this image. Then, you craft a detonator, right click it, and all the C4 you have placed will blow up immediately, with no delay. There is no maximum range, as long as the chunks are still loaded, the explosion will occur. It has an explosion 2.5 times greater than TNT. However, it does not drop any items on detonation. BUT IT SURE IS FUN AS HELL!!! **NEW** Now you can use C4 as a blasting cap, placing it on a bomb will only set that bomb off, no extra explosion. The C4 acts as a remote detonator in this usage.


    • Nuclear Airstrikes **NOW MORE POWERFUL**

    • Airstrike Beacon and Beacon-Placer. When you right click with this item, it places a beacon, and becomes the "Call In Airstrike" item. When you right click again, you call in an airstrike on the position of the beacon, raining down 9 25 nukes HYDROGEN BOMBS upon your target. It makes quite a crater! Only one use per item though. But it's worth it :D


    • Nuke **IMPROVED**

    • Has an explosion 5 times greater than TNT. Nukes do not drop any items on detonation, which means less lag.

    • Napalm

    • Before/After


    • Precision TNT

    • Seeing as all this one does is drop 100% of the destroyed blocks, it doesn't make any sense to post a before/after shot. Beware, this one actually causes more lag than the nukes! <_<
    • MegaNuke ****NOW WITH MUSHROOM CLOUD****

    • Causes a MASSIVE explosion that creates a massive crater, and kills everything within a few hundred meters that is not in cover. I highly recommend using C4 to detonate this one, just so you can make sure you're in an obsidian bunker when this thing goes off. **NEW** Thanks to Zorm who offered me the code for fallout from his Zormium mod. Now all Animals will be poisoned to the point that its really easy to kill them. Drink milk to cure yourself of the poison, before it gets you! Also, it heals the undead :( **NEW** Has mushroom cloud, white flash


      ALSO BEFORE, just looks really cool:

      Vidoe by GameChap detailing its destructive power
    • Sticky TNT

    • Seeing as this is just like regular TNT, but unaffected by gravity, I'm not gonna bother with a before/after pic on this one either. Sticky TNT, when activated, does not fall - that is all it does different from regular. WHEN THIS BOMB IS ACTIVATED, THE TNT ENTITY DOES NOT FALL LIKE SAND. THAT IS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE
    WATCH OUT FOR THE NUCLEAR CREEPERS **NOW MORE POWERFUL** (super rare, but still...NUCLEAR CREEPERS) **TO ENABLE HIM** Right click on a regular creeper with the wrench to open the setting menu for the Nuclear Creeper
    Nuclear Creepers ARE disabled by default, just FYI

    The Nuclear Creeper pays GameChap and Bertie a visit...


    Black Hole Bomb

    Missile Launcher

    Inverter Bomb

    Repulsion Beam

    Anti-Gravity Laser


    Genesis Bomb

    Mind Control Helmet

    Suicide Vest


    TNT Rain --> Those are Hydrogen Bombs

    Stealth Bomber

    Valkyrie Missile

    Stick of Dynamite


    Predator Missile

    Switching back from the Valkyrie Missile

    Elephant Gun


    Nova Bomb

    BiomeBuster --> That's a dragon egg

    Alternate Recipe for Creating More After the First One

    Hydrogen Bomb

    Laser Designator

    Precision Plasma Beam

    How to switch beam-types (sizes) (shapeless recipes)



    Beacon Yes, it really is that expensive to make. Its more powerful than the MegaNuke in sheer crater size.

    Napalm (You don't lose the buckets)


    Precise TNT

    Sticky TNT (the recipe is shapeless, you don't need a crafting table for it)

    MegaNuke (the block in the middle is diamond, the ring is nukes)


    The config file allows you to change many things. So many, that I'm not going to list them all, but you should be able to figure them out. For bigger explosions, that affect more blocks, I recommend increasing Explosive_Size, Explosive_Radius, and Enabling Enhanced Explosions. Hopefully, this will produce explosions that are more to your liking. Also, by playing with the config for napalm output, you can change the block id that napalm replaces other blocks with (in one of the photos up there, I changed it to Diamond Block!) **IMPROVED** In-game config, right click a block with a wrench to access many options! **IMPROVED** Right click a creeper to open the Nuclear Creeper options menu ***NEW** Fixed config for Block/Item IDs, Created Config GUI so that if you right click wrench in open sky, you get a general options config window.

    YOGSCAST! Love you guys, video is amazing! Thanks a trillion! :iapprove:

    And part 2 (SO AWESOME!)

    And the wait is over! Part 3!!!!!

    The Yogscast decided to do a featurette on my mind control helmet! Thanks guys, it was you who inspired me to make Suicide Vests, which led to this helmet! :D

    This great interview by BeardedManitee both showcases many older features of the mod, but it also features ME! Yah, we set up a server and they interviewed me. The version we were using was a little out of date, fair warning.

    This series of reviews by AntVenom showcases my mod as of v3.0.1 in its entirity. For an up-to-date total review, you won't find a better series. This is the first episode

    This video by ipodmail beautifully shows off the new Genesis Bomb (please note that it can be crafted, see section above). Great job!

    A first-rate motion picture by GameChap! Jolly good show old boy!

    ExplodingTNT takes my BiomeBusters and his CPU to the extreme in this video, where he detonates 50 of them! Check out his channel for more videos with my mod in it.

    Besides the below set, ExplodingTNT often feature components of my mods in his videos. Also, Natrification has started a Let's Play with an interesting twist of the objective being to build a BiomeBuster and destroy the world. You can watch Episode 3, as of June 9th, his latest, here Props to you!

    More Videos

    Foreign Language Videos

    This video, by Andruli, also known as TheCraftinator, is in German. Review for those of you whose English isn't very good.

    English Videos

    This great video by vzgamerz shows off the entire mod in 3 episodes, each very interesting and well done:

    This great cinematic shows off the Nova Bomb in all its slo-mo glory!

    This splendid video showcases a list of Don'ts with Explosives+, making n00b spotting that much easier!

    This video masterfully shows off many of the new items and bombs, demonstrating their abilities and finally showing what the configurator can do:

    This great video, by the relatively unknown StanNLassasin, shows off the features of the 3.3 Update EXTREMELY well, great job dude :)

    This beautifully destructive video by AntVenom :D shows off just how horribly destructive the nukes can be. Lag spike FTW!

    AntVenom again shows off the destructive power of my mod, using the custom config to destroy Obsidian and Bedrock. A good video for anyone interested in Minecraft explosives.

    This well done video by ChazOffTopic showcases the new features added in 3.0.1 very well. Great job :D

    A short video by iPodmail reviewing the predator missile. 9/10!

    This trailer by me showcases the 3.0 pre release, going into detail concerning many of the features. Remember, some of these may have changed.

    This 4th Video by Piedudeaus shows the awesome power of the weapons found in the 2.7 Update. Thanks to him for getting it out so quick! Also, love the didgeridoo

    This other video by GameChap showcases the BiomeBuster, and correctly reveals the backstory behind it. You see, Herobrine has an answer to Notch's challenge...and it's bad...

    This beautifully done reveiw by SCMowns2 showcases every feature in the 2.5 version of this mod. AT LAST! Someone explains the wrench, properly explaining what it is for and how to use it. As this video also includes a brilliant installation tutorial (n00b proof) I have also included it in the installation section. Great job! :D

    When we moved to the new format on the forums, all my video links got deleted. Can someone find this one for me? (+) if you do

    This amazingly detailed review by TheWaffleGalaxy shows off all of the features of Explosives+ in a highly entertaining manner. I certainly enjoyed it, and part of me wonders why he isn't employed by Old Spice. Yes, his voice really is THAT smooth. :P

    This great review by piedudeaus showcases the mod very well in a four-part series. I highly recommend you watch it and I have linked to the first video in the playlist. Enjoy!

    This review by PixelatedChaos showcases the mod quite well, despite his getting the name wrong :P All jokes aside, it is a good review and features mainly the weapons

    These two videos by MinecraftModify once again show off all the features of Explosives+, in all their destructive glory! Good job :)

    This first video by GameChap showcases the Predator Missile and the Airstrike. Quite good.

    This review by JKapFilms showcases a few of the features of Explosives+ quite nicely, though he does get the names wrong a bit :P Recipes are a few sections back for those of you who missed them

    A well done video by PhobicBus. His earlier video does a good job of demonstrating the features of this mod, and this one continues that tradition, adding an addendum for 2.5. Good job!

    This excellent review by MinecraftScorpion (Thescorpi0n on the forums) shows every feature available in this mod. By building up to the BiomeBuster, he manages to create anticipation of the most massive single explosive ever unleashed on minecraft. He even mentions the config! B) He couldn't post it himself on this thread (for a few days as of now) due to some overzealous mod, but all I can say is: GREAT JOB! :D

    A second review of Explosives+ hosted by ExplodingTNT. Gotta love the guy. Also by iJordan1811, who once again, forgets that you cannot put redstone torches on leaves :P
    Besides that, this is a very good video, though it does not mention the config. Please keep in mind that the size of every explosive seen here can be made much larger :)

    This is a special by ExplodingTNT on the BiomeBuster

    This is a special by ExplodingTNT on the Nova Bomb

    PhobicBus does a great job in this video of demonstrating all of the features of my mod, from the earliest nukes, to the latest airstrikes. He also shows how to craft these items, so if you're confused, just watch this video. And he is the first person to ever really accurately demonstrate Sticky TNT. Great job man!

    Many thanks to ExplodingTNT for hosting this great video on his channel and iJordan1811 for making it. He really does a great job of showing off all the new features I added in the 1.5 update, though the Nuclear Creeper is not featured in this episode, as ExplodingTNT himself is doing a future mod spotlight involving said Creeper. It was actually his idea for a nuclear creeper, so I credit him with inspiring me to create it.
    Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy!

    Also, thanks to buildcrew, we have this great mod spotlight made under his youtube name, Darkorbitrulz. He did a damn good job of showing off the power of all the explosives, and once again, the MegaNuke wreaked havoc on more than just the terrain! *In most cases, unless you have other apps running in the background, the MegaNuke will not negatively affect your game, except for a temporary short period of lag, during the actual explosion. The fire that comes after however...I recommend against detonating it in forests just for that one reason.*


    Murayama has done pretty much every texture in this mod, except for nuke, meganuke, napalm, stickyTNT, preciseTNT, Hydrogen Bombs, and BiomeBusters - He helps me a lot :) and provides me with incredibly intricate and detailed textures. Without him, I would not be at this level. Thanks a million man!

    Special thanks to EVERYONE at the Yogscast, especially Simon, Lewis, and Hannah, for making not one, not two, but Three extraordinarily great videos about my mod, then praising it, and possibly even starting a spin-off phenomena (TNT RAINNNNNN If anyone wants to make a music video about that, PM me, I'll give you the PreRelease). Its thanks to you guys that I have gone from just scraping 10,000 downloads last Sunday to 50,000 downloads today. Couldn't have done it without you. **ADDITIONALLY** Thanks for the idea for suicide vests ;)

    Thanks to Vazkii for his mod update manager, now incorporated into Explosives+ Forum post HERE

    Thanks to Calclavia for helping me with the Metadata and the Rendering of the metadata for entities, also for helping with the new sound system (will be implemented 3.4.5
    Thanks to Azanor and chicken_bones for letting me use their lightning code. Chicken_bones (Not Enough Items) created it, and Azanor (of Thaumcraft fame) improved it.
    The initial idea and coding for C4 comes from Pluto011, but unfortunately, his code was not compatible with ModLoader, so I couldn't use it. Many thanks to his inspiration and helpfulness on this project though.
    ? Thanks to Skerp for doing the initial, and most difficult, coding for the Predator Missile
    and to TurboSlow for helping me fix a few problems with the overlay (not completely implemented, bugfix needed)
    Thanks to NikolaiTheEpicGenius for the initial coding on the GUIs and inspiration on a better C4 system - You should check out his mod MoreExplosives, its fully compatible with mine
    Thanks to bluestorm96 for the water movement code
    Thanks to TFCxAddict for help with particles on the mushroom cloud (and Nikolai again)
    Thanks to Jsn_man for porting it to SMP
    Thanks to Stewiecraft for helping with a little block entity problem
    Thanks to Chronosmith for helping me out with the RayTracing for the Laser Designator
    Thanks to Robinton for the help with item stacking (not yet implemented, will be with next update)
    Thanks to jamioflan for some help with the raytracing as well
    Thanks to TheMorgeh for his help with projectiles
    Thanks to Zorm for his amazing fallout code: his mod
    And many, many thanks to mantis.88 for walking me through the difficulties I encountered while coding C4. Without his help, C4 and Airstrikes simply would not have happened.
    Thanks a million to GenuineSounds for permitting me to use and modify his unreleased API for Multi-threading
    And finally, thanks to everyone who has downloaded this!

    Have fun :)
    But don't go too this B)

    Download HERE

    Download the SERVER Client HERE

    To install it, unzip and follow the README. If no mods folder exists, then create one, and put the .jar in it.
    If you're having trouble with that, you can try Skydaz's Auto Installer which will install all necessary mods for you (Windows only though).

    If you really like my mod, a donation really helps me keep my fingers on the keyboard creating new content. To all who do, you will be included in this list!
    ~Pheenixm :D

    List of Donators In Order of Occurence
    • terdy10234 - $5 & First Donator :)
    • GummyBEarsonfire (Mikal McClendon) - $10 :D
    • Hsi Kevin - $5
    • Shelley Franchini - $15 :D


    If you are impatient, and can't stand to help me make money on this, you can use this direct link. You monster.

    Many thanks to Jsn_man, whose hard work has ported Explosives+ to SMP at last. You will need to use his client version and server version to get Explosives+ to work, so be aware that he is still using version 3.3. It will work with 1.2.5 though, so happy bombing! Also, not sure if AudioMod and ModLoader are actually necessary, I think he's a little out of the loop on Forge absorbing them, so let me know if they actually are necessary.

    Server Installation Tutorial

    You can see his thread here

    REQUIRES Forge
    Using ModLoader may cause conflicts, recommend you just install the latest build of Forge. It does ModLoader's functions entirely now.

    Installation Tutorials

    For mac, though this WILL WORK ON ALL OPERATING SYSTEMS - NOT APPLICABLE FOR THE NEW .JAR BASED SYSTEM, JUST PUT EXPLOSIVES+ v3.4.jar in the mods folder. Use this method to install ModLoader and Forge API

    And this one is specifically for windows, special thanks to SCMowns2 for this n00b proof tutorial. Go to about 11:15 for the tutorial part, or click this link

    - See http://minecraftforg...board,35.0.html for more info
    - READ THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL POST BEFORE YOU MAKE A POST ABOUT YOUR PROBLEM. 90% of the time, the answer to your question is already listed here

    -Consider Googling "Minecraft Error Logs" if the below MCPatcher method doesn't work for you. Please, use your head.
    - If you have a problem not listed here, like your client is crashing on startup, first get MCPatcher. Then, run it and click "test minecraft." When Minecraft crashes, copy and paste the error log that shows up in the MINECRAFT window, not the log that MCPatcher itself displays. Also, try to find your ModLoader error logs as well, and paste them too. They are available in your root minecraft directory. To keep your posts short, try to use spoiler tags. Like so:

    Known Conflicts:
    None known, let me know if you find one. Rei's Minimap however does conflict with certain features of Forge this mod uses, so tell him to make the super simple bug fix I sent him.

    Texture Pack Support
    Crawfish has helpfully provided support for the Faithful Texture Pack, with the download for Explosives+ available HERE

    Support for the Simply Simple Texture Pack may be found HERE

    Old Downloads

    Give me some more ideas!
    Naturally Generated Volcanos that explode when you approach them
    Improve Gun
    Add armor plating

    Change Log

    Version 1.2.5

    Update 3.4
    -Rewrote entire block system to use much fewer Block IDs, now only uses IDs 201-206 :D
    -Added Black Hole Bomb
    -Fixed Issue With Dispensers
    -Made C4 act as a blasting cap, only activating the bomb it is placed on unless it isn't placed on a bomb, in which case it detonates as normal
    -Improved Missile Launcher GUI
    -Set Annoying Sounds to be Disabled By Default
    -Improved Repulsion Beam Range, Added Zoom
    -Rewrote Hydrogen Bomb Explosion
    -Added EMP to MegaNuke, damages redstone circuits
    -Various Small Tweaks and Bug Fixes
    -Incorporated Vazkii's Mod Updater to inform people of updates

    Update 3.3
    -Refined Mind Control Coding
    -No Longer Requires ModLoaderMP or Depends on It
    -Added Missile Launcher
    -Added Inverter Bomb
    -Added Repulsion Beam
    -Added Anti-Gravity Laser
    -Added Configurator
    -Expanded Nova Bomb GUI, Added New Options
    -Rewrote Nova Bomb
    -Rewrote Biome Buster
    -Implemented Multi-Threading
    -Wrote New Explosion Algorithms for BiomeBuster and Ballistic Missile
    -Added a 3D model for both the AC-130 AND the Stealth Bomber
    -Refined Rendering of Falling/Rising Blocks to be Less Laggy and More Realistic
    -Made Stick of Dynamite Configurable Using Configurator
    - Added New "Force Grenade" Mode to It
    -Added Better Tool-tips for Some Items
    -Added New Sounds for MegaNuke Explosion, Elephant Gun, and BiomeBuster
    -Compressed Launch Airstrike and Beacon Items Into One Item Using Meta-Data
    -Added Recoil to Elephant Gun when Zoomed In: Will Be Configurable in the Future
    -Fixed Bug that Caused Game to Crash if you Didn't Install Sounds At All (Trying to use sounds without adding the new sounds will still cause a crash)
    -Fixed Aggravating Bug that Caused Screen to Constantly Display AC-130 HUD if You Exited the Level While Piloting an AC-130. I have not, and most likely cannot, fix this same bug that will occur if you kill yourself with the AC-130. Bug fix for that is to restart Minecraft.

    Update 3.0.1
    -Refined Mind Control Coding
    -Ported to 1.2.5

    Version 1.2.4

    Update 3.0
    -Added Genesis Bomb
    -Added Mind Control Helmet
    -Added Suicide Vest
    -Fixed ID Config so that Item/Block IDs can now be properly changed
    -Added General Options Menu Accessible Through Wrench
    -Generally Improved Gameplay Immensely, VAST amount of bugfixes
    -Added Nuclear Creeper Spawn Eggs
    -Added Mushroom Clouds to MegaNukes
    -Added White Flash to MegaNuke
    -Improved Sounds
    -Expanded Red Squares to AC-130
    -Expanded AC-130 Control System
    -Refined Detonator
    -Ported to 1.2.4
    -Invisible Back-Update --> Fixed compatibility issues with PlayerAPI

    Version 1.2.3

    Update 2.8
    -Added Red Squares that appear over all mobs when a predator missile is activated
    -Replaced RayTracing method in Elephant Gun and AC-130 with a better projectile entity method
    -Vastly improved C4
    -Improved Valkyrie Rockets so that the hitbox works better
    -Improved Predator Missiles so that they have a model (also Valkyrie Rockets, but their model is invisible)
    -Fixed a bug on the AC-130 that could allow to you to accidentally kill yourself
    -Made Nuclear Creepers drop Nukes
    -Updated to 1.2.3

    Version 1.1

    Update 2.7
    -Added Nuclear Creeper Config
    -Fixed Bug that Let Predator Missile Fly into the Void
    -Fixed Bug with Volcano Eruptions
    -Added AC-130
    -Added Stealth Bomber
    -Added Various New Recipes
    -Added Targeting Reticle for Missiles
    -Added TNT Rain
    -Added Valkyrie Rocket
    -Added Stick of Dynamite
    -Refined Boom Stick Coding
    -Refined Nuclear Creeper Coding
    -Added Most Blocks to Creative

    Update 2.5
    -Added In-game, Dynamic Config
    -Ported to Forge
    -Refined Nova Bombs
    -Refined BiomeBusters
    -Fixed a conflict with Plastic Craft (BlockC4 is now Block_C4)
    -Added Boom Stick
    -Added Hell Stick
    -Added Volcanos
    -Added Scope Interface
    -Added Predator Missile
    -Added Wrench
    -Added Elephant Gun

    Version 1.00

    Update 2.0
    -Added Nova Bomb
    -Added Config :)
    -Allowed Config to change pretty much everything, so this represents a major overhaul

    Update 1.9
    -Added Laser Designators
    -Added BiomeBusters
    -Added Hydrogen Bomb
    -Added Glassing Rays
    -Added config file (currently non-functioning)
    -Improved Airstrikes
    -Improved Napalm

    Update v1.5
    -Added C4 and Detonators
    -Added Nuclear Creepers (and worse, CHARGED Nuclear Creepers)
    -Added Nuclear Airstrikes
    -Little Known Fact: C4 can be used as a remote detonator for nearly any explosive. Just attach the C4 to the explosive you want to detonate, move to a safe distance, and detonate.


    Code: Copy and paste this into your signature


    This banner courtesy of Murayama

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    This second animated GIF banner also by Murayama

    Code: Copy and paste this into your signature


    If you have any requests, ideas, or problems concerning my mods, please let me know.

    ENJOY! :D

    Download Landmarks:
    :tnt: 10 :tnt:
    :tnt: 50 :tnt:
    :tnt: 100 :tnt:
    :tnt: 250 :tnt:
    :tnt: 500 :tnt:
    :tnt: 1000 :tnt:
    :tnt: 2500 :tnt:
    :tnt: 5000 :tnt:
    :tnt: 7500 :tnt:
    :tnt: 10000 :tnt:
    :tnt: 25000 :tnt:
    :tnt: 50000!!! :tnt:
    :tnt: 75000 :tnt:
    :tnt: 100,000!!! :tnt:
    :tnt: 150,000! :tnt:
    :tnt: 200,000!!! :tnt:
    :tnt: 250,000!!!!!! :tnt:
    :tnt: 500,000!!!!!!!! :tnt: HALF MILLION?! OMG YOU PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!
    :tnt: 750,000!!!!!!!!!! :tnt: DAYUMMMMM

    Don't rehost my stuff on money-making links, my All Rights Reserved Copyright should make that clear. If you want to rehost my mod, send me a PM and we can discuss it.

    Thanks :D

    Copyright © 2011 - 2012 Pheenixm,
    All Rights Reserved
    Contact: [email protected]
    Explosives+TM 2012

    Follow me on Twitter @ExplosivesPlus
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    i tried this.... my world just got nearer to bedrock :/ nice mod btw
  • #3
    Quote from Aegis3423

    i tried this.... my world just got nearer to bedrock :/ nice mod btw

    What do you mean you tried this? The mod? I can assure you that it cannot change the height of your world, no matter what. Perhaps you were using another mod without knowing it?
    Or do you mean that you tried modding it?

    Either way, thanks for the positive review :)
    Last edited by Pheenixm: 3/14/2012 8:28:32 PM
  • #4
    I made a mod review of the falling leaves mod! I am uploading this with my ideas because there are some that I was suprized about.
    Does this count as a signature?
  • #5
    Quote from Pheenixm

    What do you mean you tried this? The mod? I can assure you that it cannot change the height of your world, no matter what. Perhaps you were using another mod without knowing it?
    Or do you mean that you tried modding it?

    Either way, thanks for the positive review :smile.gif:

    I think he means he made explosions.
    Thus making the world closer to bedrock.

    when i see mobs that i have no use for (this includes untamable / untamed wolfs and slimes of any size), i kill them with my sword
  • #6
    Quote from Shiny_Mudkip

    I think he means he made explosions.
    Thus making the world closer to bedrock.

    lol :tnt:
    Last edited by Pheenixm: 11/30/2011 7:00:16 PM
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    Because I am not a partner, I usually try to make my thumbnail the sign. didn't work out this time. :tongue.gif:
    Does this count as a signature?
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    Quote from TheBrainiac1mil

    Because I am not a partner, I usually try to make my thumbnail the sign. didn't work out this time. :tongue.gif:

    Thanks man!
    Based on your feedback, I have already modified the number of saplings dropped to a much smaller number. The whole leaf decay on the ground thing is much trickier however. The alternative to that is to have almost all blocks break while falling, except for a very few. Also, the noclip glitch you noticed with the entities is nothing special. Thats just what happens when a player becomes covered in blocks. Its similar to the effects of when sand falls on you, except leaves can't suffocate you. I can't really do anything about that part.

    Good job on the vid!
  • #9
    Quote from Pheenixm

    Thanks man!
    Based on your feedback, I have already modified the number of saplings dropped to a much smaller number. The whole leaf decay on the ground thing is much trickier however. The alternative to that is to have almost all blocks break while falling, except for a very few. Also, the noclip glitch you noticed with the entities is nothing special. Thats just what happens when a player becomes covered in blocks. Its similar to the effects of when sand falls on you, except leaves can't suffocate you. I can't really do anything about that part.

    Good job on the vid!

    Thank you!
    for the noclip thing, people can exploit that to find caves and stuff, maybe you can make it so you get the black overlay like when you get trapped by sand?
    Does this count as a signature?
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    Quote from TheBrainiac1mil

    Thank you!
    for the noclip thing, people can exploit that to find caves and stuff, maybe you can make it so you get the black overlay like when you get trapped by sand?

    I can look into that, but I'm afraid that may be a by-product of blocks being opaque (e.g. sand) and therefore able to suffocate you. We'll see how this goes, but this bug is present in release version minecraft, as you demonstrate in this video when you grow a tree, and the tree grows around you. I'll give it a shot, but expect a fixed-sapling/slow-falling leaf (to make it so fewer leaf blocks pile up) release before that.
  • #11
    I made a mod spotlight for your Explosives+ Mod, I hope you can put it on the post as a spoiler to show others if their still not sure what it is.
    Here's the video:
  • #12
    Quote from Daniel_115

    I made a mod spotlight for your Explosives+ Mod, I hope you can put it on the post as a spoiler to show others if their still not sure what it is.
    Here's the video:

    Good job man, I went ahead and did that. Quite truly, I'm amazed your graphics card didn't crash sooner with 50 MegaNukes :blink.gif:
  • #13
    Before/After 64 nukes happened:

    Last edited by gdscei: 12/4/2011 2:37:29 PM
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    Quote from gdscei

    Before/After 64 nukes happened:

    Yah, it'll do that. Just wait a few more days, and airstrike and C4 are on the way!
    The coding for them is finished, all I need now are the textures.
  • #15

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n must be positive
    	at java.util.Random.nextInt(Unknown Source)
    	at kb.a(SourceFile:13)
    	at yy.a(SourceFile:505)
    	at yy.b(SourceFile:497)
    	at ExplosionPreciseTNT.doExplosionB(
    	at EntityPreciseTNT.explode(
    	at EntityPreciseTNT.a(
    	at ry.a(SourceFile:1299)
    	at ry.f(SourceFile:1275)
    	at ry.m(SourceFile:1201)
    	at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(SourceFile:1589)
    	at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:705)
    	at Source)

    Only occurs when i blew up Sticky/precision TNT

    Also everytime i blow up a mega nuke (1-infinity) it blackscreens the damage IS done but its blackscreened
    Last edited by Lukario: 12/7/2011 10:25:50 AM
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    I like tnt
  • #19
    Quote from Lukario


    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n must be positive
    	at java.util.Random.nextInt(Unknown Source)
    	at kb.a(SourceFile:13)
    	at yy.a(SourceFile:505)
    	at yy.b(SourceFile:497)
    	at ExplosionPreciseTNT.doExplosionB(
    	at EntityPreciseTNT.explode(
    	at EntityPreciseTNT.a(
    	at ry.a(SourceFile:1299)
    	at ry.f(SourceFile:1275)
    	at ry.m(SourceFile:1201)
    	at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(SourceFile:1589)
    	at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:705)
    	at Source)

    Only occurs when i blew up Sticky/precision TNT

    Also everytime i blow up a mega nuke (1-infinity) it blackscreens the damage IS done but its blackscreened

    I'm not sure what might be causing the fast is your computer? And do you have OpenGL turned on?
  • #20
    Quote from Pheenixm

    I'm not sure what might be causing the fast is your computer? And do you have OpenGL turned on?

    My computer is slow on minecraft (Sony VAIO) And OpenGL is off.
  • #21
    Quote from Lukario

    My computer is slow on minecraft (Sony VAIO) And OpenGL is off.

    I think it has more to do with the java itself than with my mod...cause that error is caused by Random, which is a java argument. But either way, try setting your computer's graphics in minecraft to fast and set render distance to short. And update java. If that doesn't help, I don't know what the problem is. But I can honestly say, I've never had this particular error message.
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    I have an idea called Biggest TNT explosion ever with the MEGANUKE!!!!!!!
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