[1.6.4] [Forge] Dungeon Mobs (Latest: More Bugfixes) [v3.0.5]

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    Dungeon Mobs [v3.0.5]
    MC Version: 1.6.4
    Last Update: 14-06-17
    Requirements: Forge (1.6.4-
    Download: Download (Mirror)

    Mods Supported
    Biomes O' Plenty, ExtraBiomesXL, Highlands

    Default Block IDs Used
    500, 501

    Dungeon Mobs is intended to be a more dangerous analogue to Mo' Creatures. Instead of providing new animals that liven up the overworld and improve ambiance, this mod introduces a variety of new hostile mobs, all of which hate you.

    However, it's not just enough that they hate you. Each of the mobs in this mod presents a different challenge, requiring you to think tactically about how to surmount the difficulty they pose. While the old stand-by of "hit it with your sword" may work for some, that may not always be the best - or even viable - solution.

    An overview of the mobs (with pictures and descriptions for each) follows.


    Hope you like fire. And lava. And things that turn stone into lava.

    This is a thoqqua.

    Thoqquas are unusual creatures, more elemental entity composed of raw earth and flame than normal living creature. Thoqquas are incredibly sensitive to invasion into what they perceive as their territory, and will seek out and remove such threats with flame.

    In addition to their overly sensitive nature, thoqquas are dangerous even with their mere presence: thoqquas burrow through all but the densest of materials, transforming stone into magma with but a touch of the incredibly intense cone of flame that serves as their head. While this transmogrified lava will eventually revert back to its original form, while it transitions it becomes a form of stone known as "magma rock," which radiates intense heat and can release the lava trapped in its core if disturbed.

    Blade Trap

    It will catch you, and it will hurt.

    This is a blade trap.

    A relatively uncommon device found in the secret places of the world, the blade trap is aptly named: it is a trap, and it is bladed.

    When an overly-curious individual should wander near it, the blade trap springs to life, flinging itself towards the intruder with incredible speed. Once it reaches a safe place - or perhaps just runs into a wall - it powers down, turning back into an inert block, lying in wait for more prey.

    Do note that you cannot construct these devices of mayhem: they "naturally" "spawn" in the world, but only in locations that are clearly built by intelligent hands. You can place these objects if you are in creative mode (look under the combat tab, naturally), and these devices will ignore players in creative mode.


    He may not have majesty, but he certainly has spineties.

    This is a manticore (do note that these manticores cannot fly).

    Ill-tempered cousins of lions and other such large predatory cats, manticores possess innumerable spines, which serve as their primary means of attack. When angered - or even just hungry - they are able to launch a volley of spines at their prey.

    Of course, unlike humanoids - or similarly-shaped undead - that seem only able to handle shooting one piece of ammunition at a time, the manticore is well aware of its biological advantage, and leverages it as best it can: its volley, while aimed, is not just aimed at its target, but at the area surrounding its target.

    The hunter has been temporarily removed while its code is revamped.

    His name is Wilhelm. And those are his dogs.

    Not all villagers are peaceful, and not all choose a sedentary lifestyle of milling about and trading with random adventurers. Some are called to another path, and the hunter is one such individual.

    Iron golems protect villages, that is true, but they are big, slow, and easily out-witted, only defending the grounds of the village itself. The hunter is more active: an avenger, if you will, whose purpose in life is to hunt down those who have harmed his people and enact revenge.

    If you have harmed members of a village, they may send a hunter after you. Encountered in the wilderness, or sometimes even in the cavernous depths, the hunter's prey is you, and they will not stop until you are dead.

    Of course, villagers know that they tend to be somewhat outmatched by the adventuring type, and so hunters often train a pack of hounds to assist them in their trek. When the hunter spots you, or if you attack the hunter, his hounds will immediately assist him in bringing you down.

    If you have not harmed any villagers in your life, then the hunter will simply pass you by - he is not interested in you, but in someone else. Of course, if you choose to pick a fight, the hunter is more than willing to oblige.

    Note: The hunter does, from time to time, seem to cause a "leaking worlds" problem. I've narrowed it down sufficiently that it doesn't happen that often, but it can happen. This can potentially cause excessive lag, so be on the lookout.


    See that guy on the left? That's going to be you.

    This is a cockatrice.

    Born of a yolkless egg, cockatrices are vile creatures of rude temperament. They are particularly well-known for their ability to turn their prey into stone - an unfortunate effect for those who venture into their lairs. While their bite is mostly harmless, there is always a chance that one nip will turn you into inert stone, along with all your gear.

    Of course, should you manage to return to the site of your untimely transformation, perhaps you will find your petrified self and be able to free your items from your past incarnation.


    Bet you can't find just one!

    Lizalfos are lizardmen who wield swords and dwell in the depths. They will always appear in a twinned pair, never singly, and each pair acts roughly in tandem.

    Lizalfos carry a shield-like device, with which they are quite adept and able to block incoming projectiles. The lizalfos is not a creature that can be engaged at range. Lizalfos are also quite agile, able to leap high distances, and - much like cats - always land well and on their feet, never taking damage from a fall.

    Due to their ability to work in pairs, a lizalfos that is badly wounded will flee combat rather than risk death, allowing its twin to take over the fighting while it licks its wounds and recovers. While fleeing, a lizalfos becomes exceptionally fast, and will flee even faster if wounded yet further. Once its wounds have healed, or if its twin sees fit to flee, it will rejoin the fray.

    Upon defeat, a lizalfos will sometimes drop its sword, which is usually of significant quality.


    Now you see him, but in a few moments, you'll either not see him, or see five of him.

    This is a rakshasa.

    Rakshasas are an unusual breed of creature, which deals deep within the darkness of the world. Though unrelated, they get along relatively well with illithids, and you may stumble across them plotting together.

    Rakshasas are powerful spellcasters, capable of many tricks, including invisibility and the ability to make illusory copies of themselves. They are masters of using arcane energy to harm their foes, and prefer to fight at a distance.

    Being spellcasters, rakshasas occasionally carry tomes of power with them. While not useful by themselves, they can be used to imbue powerful magics into weapons, armor, or tools.

    Hell Hound

    He's cute, I suppose... until he breathes fire.

    This is a hell hound.

    In essence, a hell hound is the demonic relative to the common wolf. Unlike natural wolves, however, hell hounds are malevolent, and are not interested in being your friend - only in spreading fire, an interest they pursue readily by breathing forth bursts of flame. Even their bite itself is enough to set creatures on fire.

    Hell hounds can be found in the overworld, albeit rarely. They are significantly more common in the fiery pits of the Nether from whence they spawn, where their natural affinity for the inferno puts them right at home.


    He's a cultured creature, with a taste for delicacies. He only wants to eat your brain...

    This is an illithid, also known as a mind flayer.

    Their physical attacks are not very strong, but as they attack you, they latch their tentacles onto your head, and when all four are attached, they extract your brain, killing you instantly. In the meantime, their mental powers keep you constantly slowed, allowing them to catch up to you with no problem.

    And if you think that bringing your little dogs and cats to the party will help you, you would be rather wrong. As illithids are only interested in eating human brains, they have another use for such simple-minded creatures: turning them on their masters. Illithids will take a few moments before dealing with you to dominate the minds of your animal companions, turning the tide against you. Of course, their control over them is based upon their mind, so if you kill the illithid, your not-so-faithful friends will return to your side.

    Important: Due to the way tamed animals save their data, any animals that are dominated will stay that way if you close the game - or it crashes - while around an illithid. This is being worked on, but I can't say how long it will take. Engage illithids with pets along at your own risk!


    An overgrown sonar-using lizard. Probably trouble.

    This is a destrachan.

    Do not be fooled their somewhat unorthodox appearance or garish colors: the destrachan is a fearsome predator of the depths. Their mastery of their sonar capabilities is such that they can produce the frequencies required to shatter glass, crumble stone, and dissolve metal with little to no difficulty.

    When hunting, they can modulate their vocal frequency so as to disrupt the very air itself, resulting in a shockwave of explosions as the water in the air is instantaneously boiled by way of resonant frequency. When pressed, destrachans resort to their claws rather than their sonic attacks, and while not as deadly as their harmonics, they can still rend flesh with relative ease.

    As a side effect of having such destructive powers, destrachans themselves are highly resistant to kinetic force: explosions will do little to faze them.

    Cave Fisher

    A cross between a spider and a lobster, and aptly named...

    This is a cave fisher.

    The cave fisher dwells in the darkness, and unlike their cousins - spiders - they don't tread onto the surface. While they share the ability to climb, cave fishers also sport a number of abilities beyond those of the common spider.

    Cave fishers will hurl webs at their targets, ensnaring them and making them easier prey for the fisher to catch. They also have the ability to grab their targets from a distance and reel them in to within striking distance - hence the clever name, "cave fisher."


    Big, mean, and green. Also: hungry.

    This is a troll.

    Trolls are fairly normal when it comes to their combat tactics - they mostly just smack you until you stop moving. What distinguishes trolls is their extreme hatred of sunlight, rapid regenerative abilities, and hunger.

    Trolls will spawn in caves even in the highest mountains, but only if they are incredibly dark - far darker than even normal monsters can spawn in. Trolls will flee sunlight to the best of their ability, and will be slowed while in sunlight... and also gradually turn to stone. While they are mostly harmless in daylight, they are incredibly dangerous in darkness, where their regeneration will make even the most dangerous of weapons nigh-useless against them. Only one thing is known to overcome their regeneration: fire.


    Sure, it's got teeth. But the eyes are the thing to watch out for.

    This is a beholder.

    Capable of flight, these beasts stalk the deep parts of the world. While most other creatures are dangerous only if you get within reach of their claws, the beholder is a ranged monster, shooting bolts of magical power.

    If an eye ray should strike you, you will be subject to all manner of horrible effects. Each ray is different, applying different effects - some will simply damage you outright, some will poison you, others will slow you. Regardless of the primary qualities of the ray, it will always remove enchantments from some of your items.

    Even if an eye ray should miss you, it can still prove dangerous - if an eye ray strikes ground, it will explode.

    Hook Horror

    Those claws aren't just for show.

    This is a hook horror.

    Despite the ridiculousness of only having claws for hands, the hook horror is a dangerous foe. It is quite adept with its hooks, capable of quickly eviscerating flesh and rending armor, and - against creatures that wield items - capable of ripping things right out of your hands. Enchanted armor may be better able to hold itself together against this creature's onslaught.

    It will also occasionally - and without warning - whip itself into a frenzy, barraging its target with a flurry of claws.

    Umber Hulk

    "But GW," you say, "that's a picture of a model in Techne! That's not a screenshot!"
    "Well," says I, "you'll see why I did that, soon enough."

    This is an umber hulk.

    Three words exemplify the umber hulk: big, nasty, and scary. Rarely spawning in the depths of the world, this is not a foe to be underestimated.

    Fortunately they are rather slow. But that is their only weakness: they are incredibly tough and ridiculously resilient, immune to fire, and hit like a sledgehammer. Only the best-geared of adventurers should attempt to do battle with these beasts - to engage them otherwise is folly.


    Looks harmless enough, ya? And sure, it's harmless...

    This is a shrieker.

    By itself, the shrieker is completely and utterly harmless. You can walk right up to one, and it won't even attack you! They don't move, and while they might shake a bit, they're not intelligent in the least.

    However, shriekers aren't named ironically. When exposed to light, or when attacked or otherwise jostled by a creature, the shrieker emits an ear-piercingly loud trill, which attracts the attention of nearby creatures - making them appear suddenly by the shrieker, without warning.

    One way to think about a shrieker is that it is basically a living mob spawner... that can spawn any hostile mob (native to the overworld), and can summon a fairly large group at a time.


    Like a zombie. But worse.

    This is a ghoul.

    In essence, the ghoul is another undead thing, similar in nature to zombies. Compared to zombies, however, ghouls are tougher, faster, and more dangerous: when you are struck by a ghoul, you are almost entirely paralyzed for a few moments. That might not be so bad if there is just the one ghoul, but if there are more... well, that will probably not end so well.

    However, unlike zombies, you won't find ghouls on the surface. While they burn up in sunlight just like all other undead, they are only found underground (no higher than 60 blocks above bedrock).

    The ghoul texture is based on the Painterly Pack's zombie skin.

    Rust Monster

    He just wants to be your friend. Especially if you have iron...

    This is a rust monster.

    Rust monsters are denizens of the underground that feed on metals, both ferrous and precious, though they prefer ferrous metals. You won't see them outside (usually), and they will only appear near veins of their preferred meals, even if they're not exposed. In this way, having these creatures around might actually be somewhat helpful, as they can lead you to iron and gold veins you might've otherwise missed. Also, like most other hostile mobs, rust monsters do not spawn in well-lit areas.

    These creatures are not particularly interested in you, unless you happen to be wearing, wielding, or just carrying metal somewhere on your person, at which point they will attack you viciously (or if you attack them first). Not only do they attack you, but they will also do severe damage to iron or gold items on your person - and if you hit them with an iron or gold weapon or tool, it will damage that item incredibly more than it would normally.

    If you get caught in a situation with a rust monster and would prefer to retreat than engage in combat, you can drop items it likes to eat to draw its attention away from your metallic hide. Dropping an iron ingot might not be fun, but if it saves you oodles of durability on your iron armor and weapons, it might be a worthwhile sacrifice. Of course, once you attack the rust monster yourself, it suddenly is more interested in making you dead than eating whatever you happen to drop... and, of course, once you're dead, you drop everything in your inventory. So the rust monster will gleefully consume every last bit of metal you had on you before you manage to get back to where you died.

    • Install Forge.
    • Download the .zip file from the link at the header of this post.
    • Put the .zip into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
    • Done.

    Previous Versions

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    Project Zulu
    Mo Creatures
    Twilight Forest
    Witches & More
    Weeping Angels
    Coral Reef
    Walled City Generator
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    Russian (?)

    + Why should I install this mod?
    Because challenges are fun.
    Vanilla mobs are well and good, but they are too few, insufficiently varied, and do not pose too much of a threat. After you have slain your hundredth zombie, are you really that scared of them anymore? Not particularly.
    These mobs are designed to be more challenging. Each has a different core ability that differentiates it from the others - hook horrors disarm, cave fishers reel you in, ghouls slow you - and thus each presents a different sort of challenge than normal mob. Some, like the troll, require an almost entirely different set of tactics than what you may normally resort to. Preparation and situational awareness when spelunking become more important than ever, and the deeper you go, the more dangerous the denizens become.
    + Is this mod SMP compatible?
    Yep! But with a caveat: I do not actually have access to an SMP server on which to test this mod. While I can test on a LAN, I have no way to test in a live SMP environment. As such, it is always entirely possible that this mod will break in all sorts of fun and interesting ways. The only way I can learn about those problems is if you tell me about them and include the full error log from the crash. Try to tell me as much about the situation as you can - the more you tell me, the easier and faster I can find the problem and fix it.
    And yes, I am aware that I can "fake" a server. If you think that this at all compares to testing in a live SMP environment, I have a bridge to sell you.
    + Where/when/how often do these mobs spawn?
    Almost every mob in this mod has the same spawn requirements as normal hostile mobs - that is, they only spawn in darkness. In addition, however, these mobs generally have other requirements, too: none can spawn on a block open to the sky, many can only spawn under a certain depth, and some have special requirements (such as the rust monster).
    + How tough is the $mob?
    I am not going to answer questions like that! The descriptions of each mob, and similarly the links in each description, should be more than enough to help you get a feel for their capabilities. If I do answer this question in-thread, it will be only in generalities. However, I will say that almost every mob here is significantly tougher than vanilla mobs. Do not be caught unprepared!
    + Why are there mentions of a meteor in this thread?
    My very first mod was a meteor mod, back in beta 1.3. Since then, several others have written far better meteor mods than mine, so I abandoned it, but have kept the thread. There are no meteors in this mod, and I do not plan on changing that.
    + Why are the mobs not functioning right in the videos?
    Almost all the mobs abilities check whether or not their target is in creative mode, and if they are, they do not use their ability. This even goes for if you attack them - they still will not use their specials if you are in creative. For some, like the illithid, their AI is such that if you are in creative, they will never actually attack you.
    If someone does a review of this mod and attempts to demonstrate a mobs ability while in creative, please feel free to mock them.
    + Why is $option not in the config file?
    Because file I/O and I have a troubled history.
    More seriously, the config file is a relatively new addition, and I am still working out its kinks. Some aspects of this mod - such as relative mob difficulty - will probably never be modifiable through the config file: while you may want to disable things like the beholders disenchanting items, or similar things, I feel that doing so would greatly disrupt game balance.
    Other options, such as changing a mobs drops or simply disabling a mob from spawning at all, are planned for inclusion.
    + Why don't these mobs spawn in Biomes o Plenty biomes?
    BoP does some unusual things with its initialization, such that it is impossible to guarantee that my mobs will spawn in BoP biomes. The best bet to ensure that they cooperate is to install Dungeon Mobs after Biomes o' Plenty, but even that is not a guaranteed fix. The search for a more confident fix is currently under way.
    + Why do these mobs not spawn, or spawn in unusual ways, in conjunction with Mo' Creatures?
    Mo Creatures implements another mod called Custom Mob Spawner, which greatly modifies how and when mobs spawn. As such, the interactions between this mod and Mo Creatures seems wildly unpredictable. Adding the Mob Spawn Configuration mod seems to either amplify the problem or correct it to some degree. At this time, there is some amount of effort being put into understanding the interactions between this mod and those mods, and an attempt to make Dungeon Mobs play nicely with all of them is being worked on.
    + Can I use this mod in my modpack?
    Yes, but keep reading. Please ensure that you credit me when you do so. Also, you may not link to my mod using an adfly link, nor may you use this mod in a modpack that you link to via an adfly link. Anyone found in violation of these terms of use will be yelled at angrily via email and berated publically by me until the violation is removed.
    + Why did you copy $sound from $mod?
    Simple answer is that I did not.
    All of the sounds in this mod - aside from mods taken from games that have actual sound, such as the lizalfos - are hand-crafted by me. The source files for the sounds are taken from various free sound clip sites across the 'net. If a particular sound sounds similar to one from another mod, that's probably because we used the same sound from the same source.
    If you don't believe me regarding the modifications I make to the sounds, feel free to investigate the precise sounds using something like Audacity. It should be plain as day that my sounds have been modified in some fashion. If you don't understand how to do that, then you don't really have any business questioning my sounds.
    Given that I'm getting pretty damn tired of being accused of theft all the time, I will now consider the matter closed. If you are asking this question in this thread after March 22, 2013 (the date on which this question was added to the FAQ), then I will assume you have not read this FAQ or are just trolling, and as such, I will put you on my ignore list. Hope you don't run into any problems! If you've stuck around to read this, then congrats - but seriously, accuse me of theft and you'll go on my ignore list.

    Bugfix: Some.
    + Illithids properly remove helmets.
    + Illithids properly insta-kill under their normal circumstances for doing so.
    + Cave fishers no longer throw webs at targets they cannot see.
    Bugfix: Many.
    + Block textures now function properly.
    + Rakshasa images should no longer crash.
    + Rust Monster item-seeking behavior should no longer crash.
    + Blocks converted to lava by thoqquas will now follow progression to magma rock even if the parent thoqqua is despawned or killed.
    + Beholder eye rays now cause additional effects based on game difficulty.
    + Shriekers now summon additional mobs based on game difficulty.
    + Blade trap now generate during world generation, and do not spawn like mobs.
    + Blade trap generation is no longer ridiculous.
    Bugfix: Many.
    + Fixed various sound-related issues for many mobs.
    + Dungeon Mobs should continue to follow their spawn restrictions when Mob Spawner Controls is installed (in addition to the modifications from MSC).
    + Blade trap spawns should no longer be ridiculous.
    + Lizalfos should now spawn their twin when spawned from a shrieker.
    + Rakshasa magic missiles no longer cause crashes.
    + Beholder eye rays now work properly.
    + Rust monster occasional targeting issues resolved.
    Blade traps now have an upper bound on spawn height.
    Bugfix: Duplicate methods in rust monster render file removed.
    Update: Minecraft v1.6.4
    Bugfix: Trolls should now regenerate properly.
    v2.6.0 (FINAL RELEASE: Minecraft v1.5.2)
    New mob: thoqqua.
    Bugfix: Cave fishers now generate webs properly.
    Blade traps now have a spawn egg.
    Beholders should no longer take explosion damage from their own eye rays.
    Bugfix: Bad manticore, stop taking null pointers.
    Bugfix: Mob spawner issues have been resolved.
    Cockatrices now drop feathers.
    Added configuration file.
    New mob: blade trap.
    Bugfix: Destrachan targeting problems have (hopefully) been resolved.
    Hell hounds should now breathe fire more regularly.
    Update: Minecraft v1.5.2
    Bugfix: Some.
    + Rust monsters targeting problem has been hopefully resolved.
    + Lizalfos propensity for lag has been reduced.
    + Trolls should now regenerate properly.
    + All mob seek ranges are now based on difficulty level.
    v2.3.2 (FINAL RELEASE: Minecraft v1.5.1)
    Bugfix: Petrified entities should behave properly.
    Bugfix: Illithids should now properly interact with helmets.
    Hunter temporarily dummied out due to technical difficulties.
    Bugfix: The "exploding cockatrice" problem has been resolved.
    Bugfix: Permanent solution to "leaking worlds" found and implemented for lizalfos.
    New mob: manticore.
    Cave fisher web generation has hopefully been fixed.
    Cave fisher potential contribution to "leaking worlds" problem has been removed.
    Update: Minecraft v1.5.1
    v2.1.0 (FINAL RELEASE: Minecraft v1.5)
    New mob: hunter.
    Bugfix: Lizalfos should no longer cause excessive lag.
    Bugfix: Lizalfos should no longer make hurt sounds when falling.
    Bugfix: Rakshasa ranged attack range has been fixed.
    Bugfix: Destrachan ranged attack range has been fixed.
    Bugfix: Beholder eye rays no longer crash the game.
    Update: Minecraft v1.5
    Bugfix: Many.
    + Cockatrice hit box has been adjusted.
    + Cockatrice will no longer petrify players in creative.
    + Player statues should no longer have NBT issues when saving data.
    + Lizalfos no longer make fall sounds after falling.
    + Cave fisher no longer fishes for players in creative.
    + Umber hulk hit box has been adjusted.
    + Shrieker no longer causes damage.
    v1.11.3.Fc (FINAL RELEASE: Minecraft v1.4.6/v1.4.7)
    Bugfix: Cockatrices should stop being dumb.
    Bugfix: Lizalfos no longer causes leaked worlds.
    Bugfix: The "exploding cockatrice" problem has been resolved.
    Bugfix: Many.
    + Cockatrice hit box has been adjusted.
    + Cockatrice will no longer petrify players in creative.
    + Player statues should no longer have NBT issues when saving data.
    + Lizalfos no longer make fall sounds after falling.
    + Lizalfos should no longer cause excessive lag.
    + Cave fisher no longer fishes for players in creative.
    + Cave fisher web generation has hopefully been fixed.
    + Cave fisher potential contribution to "leaking worlds" problem has been removed.
    + Umber hulk hit box has been adjusted.
    + Shrieker no longer causes damage.
    Bugfix: Shriekers should no longer suffer entity creation problems related to entity IDs.
    Bugfix: Beholders should no longer spawn in inappropriate locations.
    Minor code maintenance in preparation for future expanded mod support.
    Bugfix: Statues should no longer move.
    Bugfix: Troll ghosts should no longer haunt your nightmares.
    Bugfix: Beholder block disintegration should function properly.
    Cockatrice have been added to potential mob spawner spawns.
    Cockatrice spawning depth has been adjusted.
    Cockatrice animations have been improved.
    Players will hear a "turn to stone" sound upon being petrified.
    New mob: cockatrice.
    Bugfix: Attempted to resolve problem of mobs not spawning in SMP.
    Bugfix: Rakshasa y u no work?
    Bugfix: Mob spawners y u no work?
    Bugfix: Another attempt at resolving concurrent modification issues with rakshasa.
    New mob: lizalfos.
    Mod Support: Highlands.
    Bugfix: Mobs attempting to spawn near mob spawners should no longer crash.
    Bugfix (?): Removed potential for rakshasa concurrent modification error.
    Beholder received minor graphical fix.
    New mob: rakshasa.
    Dungeon mobs should no longer be able to spawn near mob spawners not of their type.
    Illithids now save some data (but not domination data - still forthcoming).
    Bugfix: Destrachan sound waves should no longer collide with arrows.
    Bugfix: Beholder eye rays should no longer collide with arrows.
    Hell hounds will now spawn anywhere in the nether.
    Illithids will now socialize with each other.
    Beholders received an animation upgrade.
    Hell hounds will now save their data appropriately.
    Hell hound fire and smoke particle generation will occur regardless of fire placement (to show area of breath attack).
    Hell hound fire breath will now destroy water blocks.
    Hell hound sounds timed somewhat better.
    New mob: hell hound.
    Illithid domination behavior slightly modified and improved.
    Illithids rate of mind blasting is now dependent on game difficulty.
    Illithid animation now reflects "grappling."
    Shriekers can now spawn illithids.
    New mob: illithid.
    Mob spawners can now potentially spawn all dungeon mobs other than shriekers.
    Mob spawners for dungeon mobs will ignore the mobs height requirements for spawning.
    Cave fishers will spawn webs at their targets location (if they have one), rather than around them constantly.
    Trolls now have a "turn to stone" sound.
    Beholders should now face you when firing an eye ray.
    Shriekers will now spawn dungeon mobs of all types (other than themselves), regardless of height, but will still not spawn them on the surface.
    Bugfix: API implementation should now function properly.
    Destrachans animations have been updated.
    Destrachan harmonics attack has been tweaked.
    Cave fishers will now hunt bats.
    Beholder eye rays will have no effect on players in creative mode.
    Beholders will now attack targets that attack them.
    Umber hulks will not cause status effects to players in creative mode.
    Shriekers should deal no damage, and will be nonresponsive to players in creative mode.
    New mob: destrachan.
    Bugfix: ExtraBiomesXL support should now function properly.
    Bugfix: Cave fisher behavior was still a bit off, should be good now.
    Bugfix: Mod interfacing should no longer cause problems if you lack the mods being interfaced.
    Bugfix: Cave fishers now behave appropriately.
    Bugfix: Seriously, SMP should be fine now, kthx.
    Mod Support: Biomes O Plenty.
    Bugfix: SMP sound problems have been resolved.
    Mod Support: ExtraBiomesXL.
    Fixed potential issue in SMP regarding cave fishers.
    Cave fishers now save their data appropriately.
    New mob: cave fisher.
    Bugfix: Modified eye ray behavior to hopefully disable poor interaction with arrows and thrown entities.
    Beholders have had their rate of fire reduced.
    Beholders disenchant chance has been modified to take into account game difficulty.
    New mob: troll.
    Bugfix: Again, potential bugfix for issues in SMP.
    Beholders now have drops.
    Bigger mobs now have a separate step sound.
    Potentially fixed some potential problems involving sound in SMP.
    New mob: beholder.
    Hook horror shadow is now more reasonably sized.
    Hook horrors have more drops.
    Shriekers now die if the block under them is removed.
    Cleaned up entity registration code.
    Bugfix: Shriekers will no longer enter an infinite loop when attempting to spawn mobs.
    New mob: hook horror.
    Umber hulk now has drops.
    New mob: umber hulk.
    Rust monster model changed slightly.
    Rust monster is now animated.
    Shrieker spawn rate adjusted (lower).
    Shrieker now responds correctly to light.
    Shrieker mob spawns no longer spawn in walls and floors.
    Ghoul spawn rate adjusted (lower).
    Initial release.

    _303 - for being a generally helpful fellow.
    ZeuX and r4wk - for writing Techne.
    Zorn_Taov - for assistance in cleaning up my entity registration code.
    r4wk - for assistance in finding the elusive bug that was plaguing SMP.
    Wreckage - for being incredibly helpful in reporting SMP-related bugs.
    Crudedragos - for being helpful in figuring out the "leaking worlds" problem.
    DraxisWuf - for assistance in resolving the "exploding cockatrice" issue.
    MohawkyMagoo - for being a generally helpful fellow.
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    Tested. Meteor spawn, ore spawn after crash works well. No unusual lag occurred so far.
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    Quote from DigitalPrince »
    Tested. Meteor spawn, ore spawn after crash works well. No unusual lag occurred so far.

    Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know.
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    Quote from GnomeWorks »
    Ethereal's original mod also included an options file, the code for which is still included here but commented out for the time being, as I am usually utterly baffled by file I/O in Java and it seemed to not want to work while I was working on the mod.

    Woudnt this help?
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    Quote from DigitalPrince »
    Tested. Meteor spawn, ore spawn after crash works well. No unusual lag occurred so far.

    OMG your avatar hypnotized me for like 5 minuets! im not even kidding XD any way this mod looks cool. :iapprove:
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    Quote from NeoWorm »
    Quote from GnomeWorks »
    Ethereal's original mod also included an options file, the code for which is still included here but commented out for the time being, as I am usually utterly baffled by file I/O in Java and it seemed to not want to work while I was working on the mod.

    Woudnt this help?

    I don't believe so.

    Really it's just a matter of me sitting down and screwing with the code enough to get it to work. I presume Ethereal had it functioning before, so it shouldn't take too much work to do so. The main reason I left it out for now is because file I/O and I have a bad history, and since it wasn't strictly necessary to make the mod function, I left it for the next revision.

    I imagine I'll do it in the next couple days if I don't find something else to work on.
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    Meteorite v2.1 is live.

    Options file is a go. I have no idea where it shows up, but it'll be somewhere in the MC file structure.

    Instructions for modifying it, and what all the fields do, are included in the readme.

    Also noticed that meteors never seem to start things on fire. I will look into this at some point in the future. I also thought today about bringing the meteor summoning item back in, if only so that people can see that this mod is functioning as intended (since meteor spawning is relatively rare, if you go by default settings).
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    this is source file...
    class file plz
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    Quote from Ellute »
    this is source file...
    class file plz

    Sorry about that, missed that step.

    Should be fixed now.
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    awesome mod! thx



    edit: meteorite can not explode on the water
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    Meteorite v2.2 is live.

    Meteorites should now die in water, and explode if you've got explosions turned on. Meteorites that die in water will *not* spawn ore blocks.

    I also looked closer at the options file generation and reading, and apparently there were a number of places where it had a manual entry of the version number rather than referencing the string, so that's been fixed. The options file shouldn't reset every time you load the game now (pretty sure that's what it was doing, anyway).

    There is also a new option in the options file, lunarRocks. Default is false; if you set it to true, it will cause meteorites to not spawn during the day.

    == Edit ==
    Meteorite v2.2.1 is live.

    I apparently broke a few things with the v2.2 update, which have been fixed.

    Also another option in the options file, maxMeteors, which allows you to control how many meteorites will spawn at a given time. This is only really useful if you set meteorRarity relatively low; if it is low, then you will probably see multiple meteorites (up to maxMeteors) spawn at once.

    Obviously this has a ridiculously high potential to cause massive amounts of lag. Mess with these numbers at your own risk.
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    v2.2 crashes for me
    Mods loaded: 47
    ModLoader Beta 1.3_01v5
    mod_ArrowCount 1.3_01
    mod_AutoForest Beta 1.3_01
    mod_BattleTower 1.3_01v2
    mod_BrighterRedstoneTorches v1.07 for Beta 1.3_01
    mod_Builders 0.53 Beta 1.2_02
    mod_Catgirl Beta 1.3_01v1
    mod_ContagiousBlock Contagious Block: v1.2 [Minecraft Version: Beta 1.3_01]
    mod_CrystalClearWaters v3.01 for Beta 1.3_01
    mod_Dragon Test Model
    mod_Elevator 1.2.4
    mod_FancyGoldapples 1.3_01
    mod_Flymob Beta 1.3_01
    mod_Gatherer mod_Gatherer version 0.3
    mod_HumansPlus 1.3_01  v1.7
    mod_IndustrialCraft 4.21
    mod_KodasCreepers 1.3_01v2
    mod_LightSensor Beta 1.3_01
    mod_Minegunner b1.3_01v1
    mod_mocreatures v2.8.1 (MC 1.3_01)
    mod_modtest 1
    mod_monkeys Minecraft Version: 1.3_01 Mod Version: 2
    mod_MoreCreepsAndWeirdos 1.3_01v1.81
    mod_NodeGenerator 1.3_01
    mod_NodeLightStick 1.3_01
    mod_NodePack 1.3_01
    mod_PinkSlime 1.3_01v1
    mod_PlasticCraft v1.4.1 (for b1.3_01)
    mod_RecipeBook Beta 1.3_01v2
    mod_RubberConvert 1.3_01, Mod Version 1
    mod_Ruins v5
    mod_Shelf Beta 1.3_01
    mod_Somnia 1.3_01 v4
    mod_Stackables Beta 1.3_01
    mod_throw_slime 1
    mod_Tooltip r3
    mod_Tortoise 1.3.2
    mod_WorldGenExpanded WorldGen Expanded 1.1
    mod_ZanMinimap 1.3_01 - v0.9.7c
    mod_Troll 1.1
    mod_SulfurOre GunPowder Ore V1.5
    mod_Dwarf Beta 1.2_02
    mod_Orc Beta 1.2_02
    mod_Goblin Beta 1.2_02
    mod_FireBolt Beta 1.2_02
    mod_RogueWizard Beta 1.2_02
    mod_Knighta Beta 1.2_02
          Minecraft has crashed!      
    Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem.
    If you wish to report this, please copy this entire text and email it to [email protected]
    Please include a description of what you did when the error occured.
    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 51dab8ad --------
    Generated 31.03.11 1:07
    Minecraft: Minecraft Beta 1.3_01
    OS: Windows XP (amd64) version 5.2
    Java: 1.6.0_23, Sun Microsystems Inc.
    VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Sun Microsystems Inc.
    LWJGL: 2.4.2
    [failed to get system properties (java.lang.NullPointerException)]
    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "true"
    	at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unknown Source)
    	at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
    	at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
    	at mod_meteorite.parseArray(mod_meteorite.java:182)
    	at mod_meteorite.readOptions(mod_meteorite.java:150)
    	at mod_meteorite.<init>(mod_meteorite.java:55)
    	at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
    	at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    	at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    	at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    	at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Unknown Source)
    	at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    	at ModLoader.addMod(ModLoader.java:165)
    	at ModLoader.readFromClassPath(ModLoader.java:649)
    	at ModLoader.init(ModLoader.java:520)
    	at ModLoader.AddAllRecipes(ModLoader.java:72)
    	at fr.<init>(fr.java:25)
    	at fr.<clinit>(fr.java:9)
    	at ZMod.initialize(ZMod.java:447)
    	at k.<init>(k.java:16)
    	at net.minecraft.client.MinecraftApplet.init(SourceFile:34)
    	at net.minecraft.Launcher.replace(Launcher.java:143)
    	at net.minecraft.Launcher$1.run(Launcher.java:87)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 92a927a1 ----------

    Something about fire setting: if i set it to false, it says java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "false" ...

    Edit: nevermind, 2.2.1 works :smile.gif:
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    Alas, I too am getting the same error. ^
    'im not retarded and i have social skills and competence i may lack spelling but i could pwn u and ur horribal guild any day of the week' -Hasao0012
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    Meteorite v2.3 is live.

    Meteors now set nearby blocks on fire. This option can be controlled in two ways: if you set the "fire" option to false, they will not set fires; and if it is true, "fireSize" will control how much of an area around the ore-blocks generated by the meteor's explosion will catch fire.

    Meteors no longer replace obsidian or bedrock blocks when placing their ore-blocks after exploding.
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    Can someone upload a video of this before I download? :ohmy.gif:
  • #16
    Nice mod. I am working on a video right now :biggrin.gif:
  • #17
    Meteorite v2.4 is live.

    Audiomod is now an additional required mod.

    I have brought back the meteor summoner, primarily because I was interested in trying to get it to work. Various pointers on its construction and function (both code- and game-wise) are in the OP.

    There is a new option in the options file called meteorSummoner that controls whether or not you can make meteor summoners.

    Meteors now make a meteor sound when "living" and when hurt. This was done because with the summoner, you can be close enough to a meteor to hear the noise it makes.
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    Here is my first video. Sorry about the sound quality. I will fix that asap. I will also make a new video for the latest version and post that later today.

    Version 1:


    I may have done the youtube video brackets wrong... If the video doesnt work it can be found here:
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    meteor summoner eats sprite slot even if disabled in config.

    Quote from GnomeWorks »

    Those of you who recognize the name "Gygax" can now tremble in fear.

    This reminds me

  • #20
    Quote from monsoon300 »
    Here is my first video. Sorry about the sound quality. I will fix that asap. I will also make a new video for the latest version and post that later today.

    Cool cool.

    If you'd like, I can put the video you make for 2.4 in the OP. Should be a bit easier to give a demonstration of the mod when you can summon meteors at your leisure.

    In other news, I've decided that, unless 2.4 is breaking for folks, I think that's going to wind up being a stable release for awhile. I'm content with how it works and managed to do the few things with it that I wanted to learn how to do, so I'm moving on to a new project...

    Those of you who recognize the name "Gygax" can now tremble in fear.

    I've got the texture for this mob done (clearly), and I'm working on the model/rendering bit because frankly I hate that part and am absolutely rubbish when it comes to graphics coding, so I might as well get it out of the way first.

    After that comes the fun part of making it hate you.

    Quote from Sleeeper »
    meteor summoner eats sprite slot even if disabled in config.

    I figured that would happen.

    Unfortunately I'm not entirely sure how to get around that particular conundrum at the moment.

    I guess v2.4.1 will be coming if/when I figure that one out...
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