Need Custom Texture Pack for Map Idea

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    After seeing a greyscale texture pack I thought of an idea for an adventure map. However, I need some blocks in the texture pack greyscale (black and white) and some blocks colour.

    Can somebody tell me how to make this texture pack or offer their expertise to my project?


    What's the idea???

    The Hero awakes in a grey world, nothing in colour. At first, it plays like a survival map, until they find a monument to complete (CTM). Each time they complete a different challenge, they gain access to more colour they can use to build in the grey world. For example, you'll find saplings that plant full colour trees or dye to colour your clothes.

    I've done a map before, if you are curious go here.
    Gumby or SpellJam, take your pick.
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    Technically this is a bump, but I will only do it once because this topic vanished 30 minutes after its creation the other day.
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    Would it have to be an original pack, or just a greyscaled version of the default?
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    Just a greyscale of the original would work well enough.
    Gumby or SpellJam, take your pick.
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    Do you know which blocks you would need to remain colored?
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    I can make a list later on this week. Are you able to greyscale the original texture pack?
    Gumby or SpellJam, take your pick.
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    I have a couple ideas, yes.
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    Okay, I do know what I need. However, I won't have a lot of time in the next couple weeks to do this (I'm getting super busy). So, samohj I'll send you a message in a couple weeks and see if you are still interested. I don't want you to do work and not see any results.
    Gumby or SpellJam, take your pick.
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