[1.6.2] [ADV/RPG] Amidst the Clouds

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    I'm not sure if you know this but I didn't get a relic from the desert shrine, I'm don't know if it's intentional or not.
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    Hallo xD so I got this BIG!!!! problem in my return to the village Whitefall I kick to Ven and well I have my dog and imagine the rest xD so the problem is THE DOG KILL VEN so I was wondering if someone has a solution to respawn Ven without reset the map because I have to much advance in the history so please someone help me
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    Hey! This map has been awesome so far :)

    I have a let's play up on youtube guys! check it out!



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    Hi Guys!

    If any of you are looking for a guide/walkthrou gh or just for fun video's about this map! Join me in solving the mysteries that this map beholds!
    I'm new to YouTube but i'm having lots of fun making these vids and I hope i can share the fun with you guys!

    The link to the YouTube playlist is here!
    I'll try and upload video's every day!
    Thanks mxcop13 and everyone who helped him build this awesome looking map!!
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    Make a second one make a second one! I <3 this map! =3
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    Dude the villagers at the start just keep wandering away. I can't find them anymore. Can they fall of the map or something?
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    Sorry this is so late, I'm not sure if you even are on here anymore. But HOLY MOOSHROOM, this map is amazing!
    For one, it's absolutely gorgeous, but still simple, and not one of those show-offy "let's make everything out of stairs and fences" massive ridiculous maps. It was also very Minecrafty and original.
    Next, what a storyline! Hot dang! And the dialogue (especially from Ven) is very well-done and unique. It's really hard to get obsessed with a Minecraft story, but this one entranced me! And furthermore, it wasn't over-the-top-ridiculose, and stuck to the basic Minecraft story/time period.
    You also put great effort into the shops, hidden treasure, and challanges. There are very few issues considering its complexity.
    I was a bit disappointed by the end. I think the boss fell into the void and died...but if not, just breaking some glowstone was a bit anit-climatic. I would have recommended it blowing you up, but then having your respawn point in some sort of glass box above a duplicate version of the map, but with happy, repaired villages.
    You are WAY under-appreciated for this.
    Good job. Make more maps.
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    Just started playing!! I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! i've started doing a Lets Play also!! I'm so excited to do the next episode!!
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    How long does this take?
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