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    Two words....EEE, ERR
  • #62's ButtonPusher... showing support! oh, and I spammed everyone on facebook with a link to the video and a link to this page! It's subs like us who wanna push you guys up that steep hill you're climbing, we got your back guys!
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    Quote from YouAlwaysWin

    I have been advised that some people may experience crashes because the map is large and requires a lot of RAM. I don't know if this is the exact reason why is crashes for some, but it is one cause. I will put a disclaimer on the description for the map download.
    Yes it's a 64 bit java and up your ram type of fix there... crash report says so plain as day
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    Can't wait to start this map. EEE ERR
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    EEE ERR!!
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    you guys are awesome!! eee errr :Bacon: :SSSS:
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    I think i lost :)
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    awesome guys! will be playing these maps with my kids.. we will be looking forward to more maps and vids.. keep up the awesome work, gunns, meaty, and the YAW build team
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    Hello again!! Well. I tried playing the map on both our pcs and we can play alone on the map just crashes or anything, but when either of us tries to log in on LAN whoever is not hosting the map immediately crashes. So... Im assuming my RAM is fine my memory is fine we are updated, we both have 64 bit java etc and we can each play on our own Jujubee copy maps alone with no problems. I am assuming it has something to do with LAN? Anyone else having this problem? Oh and we can play the maps in both 1.3 and 1.4 so I dunno what the deuce is going on . So sad I wanted to play with my daughter . Oh well maybe someone else can figure it out?
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    Thank-you for the map download! I can hardly wait to put this up on our home server for my grandson, (just turned 4 and he's been a big hero of yours since he was three), to follow along on as he watches your video. When I mean you two are his heros, I mean - H E R O S in caps. He talks like you, talks about you all day. Yesterday my daughter asked me, "Mom, what is Meaty?" He kept on talking about Meaty to her when she came home from work; he was excited because I found him a Meaty skin he's been nagging about for two days. This summer, (he was 3 then), I overheard a conversation between Mom and son, "Using those words is not nice. We don't say that about people." "No, Mom. Dumb and Dumber! They were.." "Sweetheart, we don't use those words, they are not nice!" "Mom! Dumber and Dumber on YouTube!" I had to step in there and explain - once I stopped laughing.

    P.S. He wants Grandpa to change his skin to BrotherGunns, and me, Grandma - I'm to be Brother Gunn's wife...and we are to play together....oh dear, just realized this map download will start the nag to find a BrotherGunns skin for Grandpa..."hehehehehe" My character looks feminine, so he's okay with that - let us hope...(Mailace - you've got a very young follower!)
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    Quote from OriginalReDux

    what an amazing post u have there kind sir / miss. for now i shall be your friend (:

    Haha I'm just saying the truth lol ;)
    (I'm a sir)

    In that you shall be mine as well :lol: (friend)
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    Quote from Special_K27

    Hey i just downloaded this and in your playthrough the creeper enviroment damage is off and i was wondering how to do that for myself =]

    I didn't notice if anyone replied. Usually, if you have cheats enabled, and are in 1.4 of minecraft just type "/gamerule mobGriefing false" (without the quotes - need the backslash to bring up the command line). If you see something saying the gamerule was updated, you were successful. To check if you are not sure, just type "/gamerule mobGriefing" and it will show the rule with it's current setting, (true or false).

    If you can't change the gamerule - it says not authorized or something, then open your game to Lan, (you don't have to be on a network to do this), and one of the settings options when opening your game to Lan is to Allow Cheats. Make sure you select that option, and then you should be able to use the gamerule command in your game.
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    NEW Christmas Tree Challenge map is now available. Happy holidays everyone, from YouAlwaysWin
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    I love YouAlwaysWin. I've been watching Dumb & Dumber since the first video of it back in NGT. You guys have a great channel going & deserve millions of subscribers. Hopefully, some day you guys can check out my server. It's a 24/7 with about 10k views on the server fourm post.
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    hey meaty and brothergunns there is a chest on the house that you start it in above your rooms it has bacon in it will you plz on your next video go up there and show people were it is and may the eee err always be with you
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    Uploading christmas challenge soon! Will post here along with part 1 of jujubee!
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    Just finished playing the new Christmas Map and it was a lot fun. I did spawn in with random items but not in creative mode. Merry Christmas GUNNS & Meaty
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    I have been subscribed to you guys since the beginning, and even before that. Around the time I got Minecraft myself, I looked up videos on Youtube and yours struck me at once. You two are the funniest Minecrafters on Youtube, hands down. You are the only Youtube channel I watch EVERY video of, and enjoy it. Thank you for bringing me so much joy and laughter for the past years. Ee err.
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    Here is my first episode of jujubee

    First episode of Minecraft christmas tree challenge
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    I have been a meathead since the start!. EEE ERR!!
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