Falling Ruins - a beautiful 4v4 RFW jungle map

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    Falling Ruins is a beautiful 4v4 RFW map set in a lush jungle featuring a unique crossover section. This map was made with tournament level play in mind. There are no easy pass arounds or short cuts. Be prepared to work as a team if you want to make it to the end of the map to place your wools and claim victory!

    Spawn Platform:

    First Dungeon:

    Crossover and Second Dungeon:

    Inside Second Dungeon:

    Third Dungeon:

    Victory Monument:

    This map was made by (me) Honney and TomShar. Feel free to let me know what you think.

    Download it at mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?a6es99k5niw8l5x

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    Good job Hunney looks great
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    looks great!
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    Falling Ruins Changelog:

    Fixed bedrock holes all around 1st wool dungeon

    Replaced all iron fence with obsidian at 3rd wool room

    Replaced all but corner fences with obsidian at 3rd wool diamond pick box

    Replaced iron blocks with TNT down ladders in start area

    Added 7 redstone ore above TNT down ladders in start area

    Added a diamond pick to box outside 1st wool room

    Removed 2 cave spider spawners in 1st wool dungeon

    Added 3 bows and 6 stacks of arrows to box outside 1st wool room

    Added 3 iron swords to box outside 1st wool room

    Added 3 stacks of torches to box outside 1st wool room

    Added 3 beds to first supply hut area

    Fixed a shaved tree top leaf section

    Changed iron armor in 2nd wool dungeon to prot 1 leather set

    Removed bows and arrows from 2nd wool dungeon

    Fix derpy water at start drop down pool

    Changed all biomes to jungle

    Removed chunks generating in distance

    Changed buttons to levers at start area

    Fixed redstone at start area

    Changed some blocks to obsidian at the victory monument for cannoning protection

    Configured for AutoRef

    Sumo ring wired for RMCT3 style sumo

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