[adv] Deep Space Turtle Chase! Updated for 1.1

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    GR-7 Security Division

    Begin Orders Transmission
    Hello Professor Tagonist.

    You are being sent to the mining station beyond Tarsus 3 to locate and apprehend wanted criminal Dr. Earl S. Testudine. Due to the nature of his crimes he is considered armed and dangerous, and any force you deem necessary may be used against him.

    The mining station is sparsely populated and only capable of supporting a few conscious workers at a time. If Testudine is not awake when you arrive, enter cryogenic stasis until he is next scheduled to awaken.

    Your operative contact in the region is Captain Schmidt, he will coordinate with you on this and have further instructions.

    End Transmission

    Deep Space Turtle Chase is an adventure and puzzle game that uses Minecraft’s engine as a creative “blank slate” -- members and friends of The Voxel Box have spent more than three months shaping it into something extraordinary, and we think you’ll agree... it was totally worth the wait!

    The map is available for both single player and online co-op with up to four players. You’re able to fully explore the entire space setting, solve challenging puzzles set throughout space, and experience some of the finest Minecraft architecture you’ve ever seen.

    Here’s a sneak peek:

    What started as a cool idea from CaptainSparklez for a space themed Minecraft adventure map using our original Deep Space texture pack has evolved into a whole ‘nother beast. Using the client mod MAtmos the game now has evented music and sounds, taking it to a new level of immersion with an awesomely spacey ambiance.

    Combine that with an all-star cast of Minecraft geeks doing voice narration, customized soundscapes that will take you into orbit, PhD-level redstone engineering, and the collective talent of artists that call The Voxel Box home — and you’ve got something that isn’t just an adventure map.

    It’s something special, and to experience it as intended you can’t just download it and stick it in your Minecraft folder. We’ve made it super easy to get up and running though!

    You’re just eight simple steps away from a painless game install:

    1) Backup your Minecraft data folder!
    2) Download the latest version here and extract the folder somewhere.
    3) Also download MCNostalgia and extract to the folder.
    4) Open Minecraft, go to options, then force update to get a clean Minecraft.jar
    5) Following the steps on the MCNostagia page Downgrade your minecraft version to Minecraft Beta 1.8.1.
    6) Use the .exe (for windows) or .jar (for linux/mac) in the Deep Space Turtle Chase installer to modify your client
    7) Open Minecraft again, select the Deep Space Turtle Chase texture pack
    8) Go to Single Player, select the map, and enjoy!

    Keep in mind that the map is designed to be a true adventure game!

    You will need to be alert and observant of your surroundings and be prepared to explore the vastness of space and alien worlds to progress. If you're expecting "do this look at that now do this" style gameplay, you're going to be disappointed and probably won't enjoy Deep Space Turtle Chase very much.

    If you've got a good eye for detail, an eager and curious inner explorer, aren't afraid of challenging puzzles and pitfalls (and the greater sense of accomplishment conquering them gives you), and you have a sense of humor -- this map will probably be the most fun you've had with Minecraft in a long time.

    What are the rules?
    Set your difficulty to Peaceful, don't destroy or place anything but the green Power Plugs (redstone torches)... and remember your training!

    GR-7 Security Division

    Good luck, and have fun!


    Update 10/18: We released DSTC v1.2 last night with a few changes, Among them:
    All beds are now working as intended! (Some beds are broken in the ares on purpose, this is not a bug.)
    Turrets outside the digsite will now arm when master unlock code is entered
    and I fixed the lava-run tube and lava-jump course underground to be less rage-inducing!

    Update 10/17: We released DSTC v1.1 last night, tons of bugs have been squashed. If you're still having trouble after downloading the new version, please let us know.

    The crash on game start bug may be caused by Minecraft freaking out about player position being inside a block. It doesn't happen for everyone, and doesn't happen if you stay still until the cryopod melts and releases you.

    All issues with custom sounds for Mac clients should be resolved now. Please make sure you're using the latest version (the installer now works for all platforms).

    If you still can't play, this may work (thanks yiker!):
    When you force updates in Minecraft, the Soundfiles aren't extracted at first, you have to trigger them once, until they can be found in your .minecraft/resources Folder. If they aren't triggered and you run the installer, triggering a sound will let Minecraft try to extract a sound, which probably interferes with the mods and lets it crash.

    To prevent this, after forcing an update in Minecraft you have to run around in any normal vanilla map and trigger all the different sounds, for walking on different materials swimming etc. After that, you can run the installer and it will not crash.

    Crashed while trying to play this on your hacked, unpaid client? That's too bad.

    If all else fails, you can download the vanilla DSTC package and extract the world file and texture pack into your Minecraft folder. It's way better with the mods, though!

    If you really must play DSTC using a 1.0.0 or 1.1 client use this updated vanilla version: Deep Space Turtle Chase Vanilla v1.2.1.

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    Want updates as they happen?
    Follow us on Twitter for news about DSTC, future map releases, and lots more!

    Subscribe to our Youtube channel, too!
    There's some behind the scenes footage and playthroughs coming soon!

    Who made all this, anyway?
    DSTC is a product of the heroic efforts of many, many people.
    Full credits are here, but there's spoilers!

    There's an awesome credit roll at the end of the game, too :smile.gif:
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    Cool! Can't wait to try it!
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    l'altri 619
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    doing a lets play!
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    Stay classy, VoxelBox. Always love ya.
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    Can you smell that?

    That's the smell of Win.
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    Homepage crashed! Why didn't you prepare for this? Its a few hundred thousands at the same time guys..
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    I got to the point where you're on the narrow bridge next to the wall and there are pistons pushing you off. I'm stuck after that... I dunno where to go!
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    Looks fun!
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    GASP! *speechless* I can't say how long i've waited for this! :laugh.gif:
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    Awesome map!
    I am glad to help out on it!
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    TEXTURE PACK please!!
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    I can open the map just fine, but when I try to open my inventory, punch something or play in fullscreen, my game crashes... Any help?
    The same happen with any of my other saves.
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    Looks like the poor mediafire link couldn't withstand the horde of downloaders....
    Stupid signatures being outdated and stuff D;
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    Wtf?!?! When I go into the world its just a plain normal world. Grass, trees, flowers... Where am I supposed to go to?

    EDIT: WTF! About 228 users r reading this!!! omg!
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    big download but awesome :biggrin.gif:
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    It keeps crashing when i enter :sad.gif: i enter for a few seconds then suddenly everything stops :/
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    "The contents of this file cannot be extracted with this program." Help?
    I'm using a Mac, and the program I use to extract things is Unarchiver. Please help, I really want to play this :C
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    Please make a .zip for all of us mac users! :sad.gif:
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